Hello, dear visitors, in this article we will talk about such a date as the "Forest Mansion". In this danz, you can find unique mobs that can be seen in the mansion. You can also find a useful and rare drop. To lift this dance you will need to have good armor and weapons.

How to find a mansion?

To begin with, you will need to find a village where the "Cartographer" will be (you can click on it PKM and from above will be visible its level and profession). It is necessary for his sleeping, so that in the village there was a "Cartographic table", if it is not, then you can find ordinary inhabitants who do not yet sell goods and put this block near them. What does the "Table of Cartograph" and "Cartographer" can be seen on the screenshot below.

When you found a "cardograph", then it is necessary to raise its level (buy a product from him, to see what level he has now, you can see from above in the choice of goods), until it has a "forest researcher" in the goods. After you pumped his level and it has this card, then you need to buy it and take in your hand. As it will look like a merchant and where there is a resident level, you can see in the screenshot below.

When you bought a card and picked up a white point on the map (this is you) and after that, you will need to go towards, for example, if you are on the left side, then you need to run to the East (East) (right - to the West (West). From below - to the north (North). From above - south (South) to understand which way you look, you need to click on F3 and there will be "Facing" there and there will be information about where you are watching ). Also on the map will be a shaded region and no, shaded - this is water, and no - this is sushi. The map will also be visible and mansion itself. What a map looks like, and where the point with the mansion (the mansion is specified by the arrows), I also allocated the facing on the screenshot below.

After you understand which direction you need to run / fly / swim, then you need to go in this direction until the card starts drawing and the point will not turn into an arrow (as closer you will approach the temple, the more your point). Mansion is located in the Dark Forest. What a mansion looks like you can see on the screenshot below.

What mobes live in the "Forest Mansion"?

Forest Mansion is a house of different sizes with many rooms.

Also in it will be spawn unique mobs, which can be found in the mansion.

The first mob is the caller or caster. This is a hostile mob that will start to attack you, but it does not attack himself, and with the help of magic, he calls the jaws that will damage you. It has 24 lives (12 hearts). With his murder, it is possible to obtain: Emerald (0-1) and the Totem of immortality. What does this mob look like you can see in the screenshot below

The second mob is a champion. He is also hostile mobs and starts to attack you. It has 24 health (12 hearts). From it can fall: emerald (0-1), iron ax. You can see this mob in the screenshot below.

The third and last mob, which can be found in the mansion is the thrill, this mob calls the Caller to help in battle. It has 14 health (7 hearts). From this mob you can get an iron sword, but only if you have Char Mararia. What does this mob look like can be seen on the symbol below.

The Totem of Immortality, which falls from the Caller, protects you from death (thanks to him when all their lives will be rented, you will recover Kaka, then part of health and the effect of "Regeneration" II and "Absorption" II. After that it will disappear from your inventory . In order for him to work, you need to keep it in one of the hands (right or left). What does it look can be seen on the screenshot below.

On this, all the delights of the "Forest Mansion ends". I hope this article was useful to you.

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Despite the fact that minecraft has come out for a long time, its popularity is still continuing to grow. "Open sandbox" is the main key to the recognition and success of this simple game.

In today's article, we will tell you about how to find a forest mansion in the minecraft - an interesting addition, published with update 1.1 and attracted the attention of many fans. But first a little about the game itself

About the game

The main advantages of Minecraft are infinite features, mining of minerals and resources, the construction of unique objects and much more. In addition, the players are waiting for a variety of adventures and battles with dangerous mobs. The original version of the game is constantly complemented by all sorts of extensions: modifications, skins characters, new cards, plug-ins and other content.

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft

A cubic world can be called a visiting card "Miniskraft", even the heroes here consist of cubes! Every cube has its own texture, why the game looks even more interesting and more exciting.

The choice of players is given two modes: "construction" and "survival". The first mode is very simple and is a huge platform for creativity. Here you can enjoy the basic features that "minecraft" is rich in the construction of buildings. The name of the "survival" regime speaks for itself: the hero is trying to survive the day / night and not to become a victim of aggressive mobs.

Forest Mansion: Is it worth looking for it?

Forest mansion how to make minecraft

Explore this mysterious place, and you can get the main treasure - "Totem of Eternal Life." Is it worth explaining that the possession of this totem gives the most real immortality? One of this artifact is already enough so that all the players rushed to search for the mansion. Join them and you!

How to find a forest mansion in "minecraft"?

Version 1.1. He brought to the game a new interesting structure for the study, called the Forest Mansion (by the way, another name for this place is a hunting mansion). It is part of the large region "Dark Forest". We will share with you useful information on how to find a forest mansion in Minecraft Poe (or, differently, "Pocket Edition", English - Pocket Edition).

how to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

There are several ways:

  1. Create a world from a clean sheet and activate the use of cheats. Then enter the command / Locate-Mansion (Delete "-"), which will transmit the location coordinates of the mansion. Team TP- <Received Coordinates> He takes you directly to the place. This is the easiest way, and it is not aimed in search, but on how to make a forest mansion in Mininfest. You can also download the ready-made card with a mansion built on it from any thematic site.
  2. For the second way, you will need a map that is in the hands of a cardographer living in the village. The map shows the approximate area on which our mansion is located. Grab more supplies with you and go to a long and dangerous journey. After you have found a forest mansion in Mininfest, you will need to go inside and destroy the mob under the name "CALLY". After his death, the very "totem of eternal life" falls. Congratulations, you just became immortal!

In the minecraft ne forest mansions are in Bome called "Dark Forest". Forest mansions are very big homes (which can differ in size) with many rooms of different types:

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

  • Bedrooms (instead of ordinary beds in them there are large structures from wool),
  • dining
  • Cabinets,
  • rooms with large woolen statues of chicken, cats, as well as a champion holding a staff in his hand (probably this is the caller),
  • libraries
  • Rooms having stone structures like altars,
  • farms with pumpkins, watermelons and mushrooms,
  • Saplings room,
  • prisons
  • Warehouse with an abundance of empty chests,
  • battle arena
  • The hall in which the table is located with the selection of cards made from carpets,
  • Treasury having columns from wood trunks,
  • Treasury having lattices from the fence.

In the cabinets, corridors and bedrooms will be saved by chambers, and in the hall and in the dining room - the calves.

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne


In Minecraft, there are 2 types of treasury - with columns and with grilles. Treasure chests can also be detected in combat arons and bedrooms. Examples of treasury:

  • Hall with columns. The chest stands on the floor at the end of the hall.
  • Hall with grilles. The chest is above the entrance.
  • The bedroom in which there are 2 beds and booths. There is a staircase on the mezzanine, on which the chest and the third bed are worth.

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

How to find out the coordinates of the forest mansion in minecraft

Getting into the forest mansion is quite simple if you certainly know the coordinates of its location. If not, you will help simple commands.

To begin with, creating a new world, be sure to include cheats and enter the command / Locate Mansion. After that, we will see the coordinates of the nearest mansion -4808, 64, 10520

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

Now we can only teleport there! We enter the command with the coordinates / TP -4808 64 10520 and we are waiting for 15-20 seconds (depending on the power of your device)

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

And here he is handsome! Inside a lot of interesting, explore!

How to find a forest mansion in minecraft ne

Have a good game!