We write correctly: "Selfie" or "Self"

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Zodthko Lyudmila Anatolevna

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This word is a noun, and is used in the value "Self-portrait photo, usually removed on a mobile phone." With the meaning of the word, everything became clear. Will questions arise when writing a word? I think yes. So let's figure it out!

How correctly writes: "with еLFI "or" with эLFI "?

According to the spelling rate of the Russian language, the word studied is written as in the first version:


It is worth noting that this noun came to us from the English word. Selfie - Selfie

Spelling this word should be remembered!

Synonyms for the word:

Examples of suggestions with this word:

  • Let's do Selfie On my phone!
  • it Selfie I did not like.
  • Come out, I will do Selfie on the background of the sea.

Now it is very often you can hear the phrase "I made Self". This means that the girl photographed itself on the smartphone, the camera or something else. The new word appeared in our everyday life relatively recently. And so many are lost in guessing, as correctly writes in Russian this word - "Selfie" or "Self".

In fact, no one gives an accurate argued answer to this question. But before entering the disputes, we must remember that the word is a foreign one. It appeared from Self and means "himself." In English, the word selfie is written as Selfie, but to pronounce [Self], with an emphasis on the first syllable. Therefore, both options can be considered correct.

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The fashion on self-portraits support not only the fans of self-adhesive, and the manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets. Each year of the company produces devices with special features for Self lover. Mobile application developers are also not lagging behind. There are many programs that allow you to qualitatively refresh the photos in a matter of minutes and share them with friends.

Ahead of all comes Instagram - a special social network in which participants exchange their photos, most of them are made on the phone or tablet. The popularity of this network is growing every day, and with it and the number of people who make their own behavior. A lot of stars show business have accounts in this network and communicate through it with their fans.


If you want to make friends with your idol, there is nothing easier. Sign up on the site, subscribe to the updates of an interesting person to you, do beautiful Self and very soon he (or she) will notice you. However, do not forget about the culture of communication, because people will prepare not only in the photo, but also reportedly, which are written under them. In English, the word selfie is correctly written as Selfie, remember this when you sign a photo.