Clana creation costs 1 million silver units. To create a clan, you must have this amount on the account and you should not consist in another WORLD OF TANKS clan.

Clana Creating:

  1. Log in to the clan portal.
  2. On the page that opens, click "Create Clan".
  3. Specify the name and tag of the clan. Click "Create Clan". If you are logged in more than 10 minutes ago, you will need to re-enter your account password.

    If you see the message "The clan with such a name has already been registered" or "This tag is already already used" - you need to choose another name or another tag. When disbanding the clan, its name and tag "frozen", and they cannot be reused.

  4. From the account will be written off the cost of creating a clan. Cland creation may take some time. As soon as the clan is created, a corresponding notification will appear in the upper menu of the site.
  5. Congratulations, now you are the commander of the clan!

World of Tanks is a popular multiplayer game where you can unite with like-minded clans. The creation of the clan is not a minute matter because it will not work for free. In addition, you need to wait for the end of the check, only after which you can be called the owner of a personal clan.

But first things first. First, we will analyze the standard registration procedure and its cost, and then consider in detail some important points that need to be paid attention to.

How to create a clan

It is necessary to perform several actions according to the instructions to be the owner of its own clan:

  1. Complete authorization on the clan portal.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click on the desired game or in the center of the screen, click on the "Go" link, which is under the desired game.
  3. A window will open in which you want to click on the "Create Clan" button.
  4. Specify the name and tag of the clan.
  5. The value of the clan will be written off by account account.
  6. It remains only to wait for the completion of the check. Notification will be notified of the creation of the clan.

How much is the creation of the clan

In order to create your own clan, you must have a certain amount of silver on the account. Namely 1 million silver currency.

However, there are always workarounds. For example, creating a twink with the help of invite codes. How can this help? The fact is that the clans can be transmitted from the player to the player. And invite codes for WOT give a significant advantage in the form of gold and tanks . It is enough to play on twink, sell all the technique to accumulate a million silver, create your own clan and transfer it to possession of the main account. Ready.

Come up with a tag and the emblem of the clan

Many players experience difficulties with the creation of the clan at the stage of selection of the title and tag. It is necessary to simply show a little imagination to come up with a name that will reflect the character or hobby, and maybe it will just sound beautifully. Tagged the same.

The clan emblem is created by the founder of the clan and either illustrate the name of the clan, or does not. Well, if the rice of the emblem will be executed in specialized programs by type Photoshop, Corel Draw. But in the absence of knowledge in this matter, you can use the good old Paint.

It should be borne in mind that two standardized image sizes are required: 64x64 and 195x195 . The first size is intended to display the emblem on the technique and the global map. The other is on the player's menu, the clan card and on the Strejørone tab.

The image must be saved in .png format and can have either a transparent background or a background filled with color 100% in size.

It is worth paying attention to paragraph 12 of the rules of clans so that the emblem does not accidentally violate this item rules.

Requirements for tankers gained in the clan

Each clan as a separate state determines the minimum requirements for future allies. These requirements depend on the clan rating, as well as the statutes established by the commander.

The minimum number of battles player, the necessary technique of different levels, is the time of online and so on.

Prime Time Online

The clan commander determines the time when all players must be online. This is called the clan prime time. Often it is evening in the area of ​​19:00 - 23:00 Moscow time .

Program for connecting players (voice)

Being in contact with voice format is the most convenient way to coordinate the allies, suggest, report the location of the enemy, lead a team fight.

The question arises here which link will be more convenient, because there are a large number of different services that have such functionality.

Each PC user heard about Skype. A fairly common program that allows you to communicate both "TET-A-TET" and in the created conference to several people. The big minus Skype is that it is outdated, requires a good internet connection and does not have modern features to improve the voice.

Among the tankers are also popular services Raidcall and Teamspeak. It is possible to create virtual rooms here, as well as use the program with a bad connection.

However, modern gamers choose a new communication platform - Discord . Pluses here Mass: Creating individual servers, activation of the microphone by voice, noise reduction, individual voice setting of each interlocutor on the server, constantly updated interface, the ability to broadcast, as well as much more.

The choice of voice communication determines the quality of communication of all players in the clan, their collens and success.

The events in which the clan will participate

The created clan charter includes a requirement for a permanent visit to all clan events. These include workouts, regular battles, battles on the global map.

Also, players must be spelled out the notification system requirements when the tankman cannot participate in the Clan events. The commander should competently register this issue.

Choose a deputy chairman

After the clan was created, the clan commander determines the positions of the players. Appointment for a position is additional responsibility for every fighter, additional responsibilities. High positions by type of deputy commander must be prescribed with special care, because they have a lot of powers, on which the success of the clan depends .

Discipline in the clan

The clan's charter should prescribe the norms of the behavior of the clan participants, their organization depends on the requirements of the commander. It is very important to maintain the discipline in the clan, because from how the participants are restrained, as anger show, which tone is talking to the rest, the effectiveness of the entire clan depends.

The results of creating a clan

Thus, collect silver for the creation of the clan is not the most difficult thing that is in this matter. Little just to create a clan, add people there, distribute positions and play. In order to get a command from the clan, it is necessary to work for a long time and hard.

It is necessary to register the charter of the clan, which participants will impeccably follow, need to follow the events, tasks. It is always necessary to be in touch, not only to require discipline from others, but also to become such . The clan is a team that can only exist together and only under the guidance of its commander. Good luck.

How to create a clan in world of tanks and what you need to know

The advantages of the game in the clan are obvious:

  • You can consist in the clan with friends,
  • You can land on the GK and earn tons of gold,
  • You can win in tournaments,
  • You can participate in clan events,
  • You can create a cybersport team,
  • Much.

To access all this, you just need to consist in the clan. But for some players this is not enough. So, how to create a clan in World of Tanks yourself?

How to create a wot clan

Two conditions must be completed for creating the clan. Firstly, You do not have to consist in another clan . Secondly, The account should be the amount of 1 million credits - It is so much that the foundation of his own clan is. If everything is in order, just follow the instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Wargaming clan portal and log in to your account.
  2. In the left side column, select World Of Tanks game
  3. Click on the "button" Create clan » Wot. clan portal
  4. Now you need to enter name и Tag of the future clan . Here is a Lifehak to select a tag: just throw out all the vowels out of the name. It turns out cool and understandable. Wot clan form
  5. Press the button again. Create clan " Ready!

After that you can Install the Clan emblem for 500 gold - Take this amount before creating.

Title Try to choose a catchy, bright, memorable. Of course, the name does the clan, but it will necessarily affect its development. The tag can be made from the consonants of the name or simply take the first 3-5 characters.

But how to be if you have no desire to spend on creating a clan 1000000 silver и 500 gold ? There is an exit.

How to create a clan for free in the world of tanks

It will take only 30 minutes of your time. The essence is as follows.

If you are an experienced player, then you probably know about invite codes and invite links WOT with bonuses for beginners. You also, most likely, you know that the clan can be transferred to another player. Have you already guessed what to do 😉?

  1. Select the invite code on the specified page.
  2. Create a new Wargaming account on invite link . When registering, specify Invite code . After entering the game, you will receive bonuses: Premium Account , Premium tank , gold и Loans .
  3. Next you need to learn, after which you are charged More than 1000 gold .
  4. After that, we sell all the property, and gold changes to loans. You must have more than 1 million silver. 500 gold leave for emblems .
  5. Now everything according to the instructions above: we go to the clan portal, authorized on twink, create a clan and load the emblem.
  6. We accept your main account in the clan and give him the right to possession. Twinkle from the clan leave. Ready!

If you already have an unnecessary twink in WOT, on which you can throw 1 million silver and 500 gold, then create another no need.

Is it worth creating a wot clan himself

Cland Management is a big responsibility. In the clan may consist up to 100 people And you respond to each of them. If you are a bad leader or fiercely feel about the point, then only in vain will spend time and resources. Without strong leadership clan is doomed. Just for this reason, 9 out of 10 clans in World of Tanks die in the embryo.

The clang management requires a lot of free time that is not all. You still need trusted faces - the closest entourage of the leader, which will be able to replace you. We need a voice connection that the clan could communicate. Ideal if the clan also has an official website with the forum. In short, the task is not for 12-year-old "sandstone".

If you are more than 20 years old, and you are a serious person with far-reaching plans, it is worth thinking about creating your own WORLD OF TANKS clan. Otherwise, it makes sense to join some good clan and enjoy the game with new friends.

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