How to decorate the herring under the fur coat: interesting ideas, tips, photos

  • November 22, 2018
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Herring under a fur coat is a salad of salted fish and vegetables, which is very popular in Russia, as well as in the countries of the former USSR. Since mid-1970, such a dish has become traditional for the New Year's table.

Preparation options under a fur coat. Salad make from boiled vegetables, onions, as well as salt fish. All ingredients are squeezed by mayonnaise. In some cases, such a snack is filled with sour cream and add products such as boiled chicken eggs, sour-sweet apples, cucumbers, fresh green onions, greens, etc.

Classic option

To decorate the herring under a fur coat for the holiday can be different. However, most culinary teams prefer to serve such a dish guests in classic.

According to all the well-known herring prescription under a fur coat, sliced ​​by small pieces of fish fillet is laid out onto a flat plate, and then consistently coated with strata of boiled potatoes, finely chopped onion, boiled carrots, grated beets. At the same time, the last vegetable is necessarily placed on top.

So that the salad of salt fish was not dry, all the products are sequentially lubricated with mayonnaise. The last layer is squeezed by sauce especially abundantly.

Products for salad

How to decorate the herring under a fur coat if it was cooked in the classic version? Usually in such cases, the finished salad covers finely chopped greens. You can also use individual parsley leaves that are placed in the center of the snack.

Portion of dishes

How to decorate herring under a fur coat if the salad needs to be applied to the table in the portion? In this case, a special molding ring is usually used (about 8-9 centimeters diameter). It is put on the middle of a flat plate, and then fill. First, the ring is laying out a chopped herring, then chopped onions, boiled potatoes, carrots and beets. All vegetables are pre-rubbed on a large grater. Each layer of salad is abundantly lubricated with a mixture consisting of mayonnaise and sour cream.

Carefully tightening products, the molding ring is carefully cleaned. So that the snack becomes more attractive and satisfying, it is covered with a boiled egg, grated on a shallow grater. At the edges of the plate, you can lay out greens or one-piece arrow.

Portion salad

Fish Salad

How beautiful to decorate the herring under the fur coat? So that the snack turned out not only tasty, but also original, we recommend issuing it in the form of fish. To do this, it is necessary to use a large plate, as well as leave some boiled carrots and beets. If you cut vegetables with thin semi-bugs, they will serve excellent "scales", tail and fins.

So, before you beautifully decorate the herring under the fur coat (the photo of the dishes is below), you should correctly post the first layer. For this, the purified and finely chinned salted fillet is placed on a plate in the form of a large drop. It will be a kind of fish body.

Aligning the edge of the "sketch" with the help of a conventional spoon, alternately lay out the following layers: onions, potatoes and carrots.

Pretty smearing all the products with mayonnaise, they are covered finely grated beet. At the same time, it must close all the previous snack layers.

Lubricating the beets of sour cream or mayonnaise sauce, you can start decorating salad. For this use semi-windows of vegetables. Carrots and beets are placed on the body of the fish in such a way that they simulate the scales. Also from vegetables form fins and tail, laying out them in the appropriate place. By the way, a bunch of green onions is well suitable for this role.

Salad Fish

As for the eye, they are made from the circles of boiled quail eggs.

In the event that you know how to decorate the salad "under a fur coat" in the form of fish with the help of vegetables, but do not want to bother, cooks recommend to "draw" the scales with the help of mayonnaise. To do this, the sauce packs cut a corner and use it as a kind of cornet.

Routing snack

How to decorate herring under a fur coat to surprise all invited guests?

If you like to experiment, and are not afraid to move away from traditions, we recommend issuing a snack in the form of a roll. How to do it? This will require an ordinary food film. It is neatly placed on a flat surface, and then covered with a small layer of large beets with a small layer (so that the rectangular layer is obtained).

Two mayonnaise has a red vegetable, it is consistently lay out carrots, potatoes, onions and salty fish (purified and chopped). So that the roulet is a success, each subsequent layer makes less than the previous one by 1-1.5 centimeters.

After all the products are on the food film, proceed to the formation of the original snacks. For this, polyethylene edges are lifted and neatly combine fish-vegetable layer (large sides of the rectangle).

Herring under a Fur Coat

Having received a roll, it is carefully laying on flat and long dishes. At the same time, the seam salad is below.

How to decorate a herring under a fur cooked in the shape of a roll?

There are a huge quantity of such dishes. The roll can be simply covered with mayonnaise, decorate a figured with a chopped egg, greens, mugs of olives, semirings of fresh cucumber. Some hostesses are cut out of beet or carrots such shapes like a star or rose, and then put them on the roll along with the petals of parsley.

Ownkened salad

The traditional recipe for the salad "under the fur coat" provides for the use of vegetables, grated vegetables. However, in some cases, cooks prefer to shine ingredients with small cubes. How can you decorate the herring under the fur coat in this case? To do this, use a deep salad bowl, as the snack will be laid out not with layers, but in a mixed form.

So, to make an unusual snack with herring, such components like fish fillet, boiled carrots, potatoes and fresh onions, it is necessary to cut into cubes with sides of 1 centimeter. After that, they should be put in one container, twisted by mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. The resulting "Vinaigrette" is necessary to put a slide on a previously prepared deep salad bowl.

Dumbing products with a spoon, proceed to the preparation of boiled beets. It is clean and rubbed. Next, the red vegetable covers the entire "Vinaigrette", after which they lubricate it with mayonnaise.

Herring and Vinigret

Egg yolk yolves and solid cheese are used as decoration for such a dish. The products are rubbed on a shallow grater, and then mix and sprinkled ready salad.

Serve such a snack to the table is preferably only after a three-hour exposure in the refrigeration chamber. At the same time, the salad must be covered with a lid, otherwise, the cheese-egg decoration will dry.

other methods

How to decorate herring under a fur coat if her ingredients were chopped by cubes? In fact, there is a huge amount of decoration in such a snack. After all, with the help of the received "Vigret" you can give a salad with an absolutely any shape, be it heart, a star, a fish, a Christmas tree, head of Santa Claus, etc. As for the instruments of the decoration, it is used as a cornet with mayonnaise, mugs / semicircles Carrots, Rings of the Reflore Luke, grated cheese or eggs, green canned peas or corn, olives, olives, fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, etc.

Salad in the shape of sandwicher, photo

How to decorate herring under a fur coat in the shape of a sandwich? To do this, we need to stock fresh black bread. It is cut by slices with slices with a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, and then slightly dried in the oven.

As for the stuffing for the sandwich, it is done as follows: boiled carrots and beets are rubbed on a small grater, and then the clove of garlic missed through the press. Together with the Mayonnaise sauce products, they prevent them well and get a homogeneous mixture. Next, the aromatic vegetable mass is covered by all slices of black bread (about 1 centimeter thick), and on top of it are laid out on a small piece of herring fillets. If desired, such a snack dish is decorated with a ring of red bow, parsley leaves or dill branch.

Salad on bread

Beautiful snack in the form of roses

At first glance it seems that to make such a snack to the cook without proper experience is simply unrealistic. But it is not. To prepare a beautiful salad "under the fur coat" in the form of a red rose can even be able to make a regular mistress. To do this, you need a regular set of ingredients. All vegetables (except for the onion) are boiled in salt water, cleaned from the peel, and then rub on a large grater. As for Luke and Salt Fish, they are bold with cubes.

Also for decorating festive snacks will require foods such as fresh cucumber and fresh lettuce leaves.

Before designing dishes, disadvantages dishes for him. As it uses a conventional flat plate, on which the leaves of a coacher salad are laid.

To form a herring under the fur coat should be the same as usual. First lay out the fish, then the onions, carrots and potatoes. As for beets, it should be limited to it.

All listed ingredients are sequentially lubricated by mayonnaise. Next, they are covered with grated beets, which is pre-mixed with sour cream (in a separate container). It should be noted that a layer of red vegetable cannot be smoothed by a spoon. It should be loose. It is possible that this may require more beets than in the classic preparation.

As soon as the red vegetable covers the entire salad, proceed to his decoration. For this use semi-windows of fresh cucumber. They are sticking to the surface of the snacks so that they simulate rose petals. By the way, almost any mixed salad can be issued in a similar way.

Salada decoration

Let's summarize

As you can see, there are so many ways to decorate and form salad herring under a fur coat. Using simple and affordable products, as well as showing a maximum of fantasy, you will get both tasty and original dish.


Such a salad as a herring under a fur coat is present at each festive feast, and the most amazing thing that this salad never anniversary is boring for so much existence time.

The herring under a fur coat is the classic of our post-Soviet past and present, and each mistress has its own unique and original recipe for making herring under a fur coat.

And today, I want to share with you an interesting photo crying as you can decorate as beautifully and apply the Sledka Salad under the fur coat.


To be honest, until this time, the only possible decoration option for me was: to sprinkle with egg yolk salad, and a finely chopped green onion, but as it turned out, the skillful hostesses came up with a lot of various options for decorating this tasty salad, which are presented below.

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The decoration of salads is a delicate matter, and requires special inspiration and condition of the soul, and beautiful salads create a special atmosphere of the holiday.

No New Year's table in our country costs without a loved one with many dishes - "Selliers under a fur coat." Each hostess prepares this salad in its special recipe. And every year we all want to decorate our table and surprise guests. Today we picked up for you 30 options, as the original to decorate the "herring under a fur coat". Draw ideas and let your "Herring under a fur coat this year will be the most beautiful and tasty.

"Christmas tree"

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"Red Square"

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"Flower Fantasy"

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13 steep ideas, how to decorate the "necklace under a fur coat."

"Flower Field"

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Photo from the Internet

"Red Square"

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