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How to tie a scarf-claw?

How to tie a scarf-claw?

The clamp is a special type of scarf. At first glance, this accessory may seem everyday, ordinary, but if you look closer, it becomes something big than just "rim" around the neck. Especially if you can easily tie it correctly.

The product, so attractive for fashion and fashionista, warms in the cold, serves as a trend accessory and provides comfort to its owner.

He is very loved by girls who are not accustomed in winter to wear caps. The scarf-clamp becomes not only a real rescue in the frost and strules, but also a bright addition of the image in the style of Casual. Let's figure it out why Snud (how to call him in the West) deserved such unprecedented popularity, and how should it be worn?


How to determine what we have exactly a clamp? The pipe-like design, similar to a large hood, or a scarf hanging rings - all this characteristics of the scene. This product has no end: its edges are sewn or fastened, so an impression of an oval created from all kinds of materials appears. Winter accessory can be of various sizes, tight or large, but its edges will never sweat down, separately from each other.

Scarf-clay can be worn not only on the neck, but put on the head, and in this its charm, as well as another key feature.

It is not necessary to spoil the hairstyle and blush to the public, removing the massive hat. If you want to create the effect of the volume around the neck, then you should choose a wide model in which you can turn several times. Snoo does not squeeze and does not lose, but he warm up very well.

It is very important to pay attention to the material from which the goods are made. The clamp is an accessory for any season. Recently, it began to wear not only in the cold, but also in the warm season, so that any onion becomes sharply and stylish. Most often, the "rim" from the material can be seen on our girls in winter, when you want to keep the highlight and stay beautiful, despite the huge outfits.

The universal accessory comes to all types of outerwear, be it a fur coat, down jacket or sports jacket. It all depends on the model of the scarf-clamp. Several varieties of the scend allow the charming sex representatives to create unique images and remain in the trend.

Many lovers of popular scarves are interested in ways to quickly and beautifully tie the clamp. And they, believe me, quite a few! Let's quickly find out which of the options it is for you.

Methods of tying

There is a decent number of methods that allow you to "hide" into a warm scarf. Various textures make it possible to play with a accessory, it is advantageous from the crowd. We will consider the simplest, but, at the same time, spectacular. With these ways, any reader can cope with the fashionable detail of the wardrobe.

  • The first option can be called classic. The slander does not need to wind it on the neck, let the scarf hang down. If you are the owner of a small "pipe", it will warm the neck during the cold weather. And long models like "Infinity" in this sense are useless, but they perfectly pull the silhouette, slim and add growth. The classic method is more suitable for clamps created from light fabrics that can be worn in the spring season.
  • The second method is called multi-layered. It is suitable for the owners of long sodov who want to attract attention. The procedure is uncomplicated: you need to wrap the scarf around the neck several times, as far as it allows its size. Small lumens are considered a highlight, so you should not delay your clamp too much. The accessory can, how to close the neck, and present it to the universal review.

Many girls try to turn the scarf three times, but this is not the only method like. Create a two-layer effect is a fairly interesting solution. The result is something resembles wearing long beads: the first oval focuses on the neck, while the second - hangs down.

  • Another curious option to tie a scarf-clamp - close your shoulders. This method is ideal for small, but wide sinds of woolen thread. To begin with, it is necessary to wear on the neck, and then slightly shake so that it simultaneously warmed the neckline area. Such a method is suitable for ladies with a "pear" figure, which want to balance the upper and lower part. Slender young ladies can also use this useful tip.

Please note that this method is suitable for long clamps. It is necessary to twist a slope slightly until it becomes the desired size, and then do those moves that are described above. You will have to tinker a little, but in the end you will get the original accessory.

  • The well-known and favorite method will tie a clamp - it is to wrap it several times around the neck, and put on the head on your head. If suddenly it becomes hot, the accessory can be quickly removed, demonstrating passersby a stylish hairstyle. It is very important here to trace so that the winding is not a tight, otherwise the scene will constantly crawl down and unwind.
  • An unusual option to wear a scarf without end and edge is a cross. First, it is necessary to lower the scene on the waist, twist once, forming a loop, and hang it on the neck. Scarf-clay becomes a bright accent and increases the chest, because it focuses on it. This method is suitable, rather, for light fabrics and warm times of the year, because it is difficult to do this with massive outerwear. The ounce method is also appropriate for a beach walk, when you can use a pareo instead of a scanty.

How is the usual scarf tie as a clamp?

If you have no trend new clothes available - this is not a problem at all! Instead of spending money on a purchase that may later do not like it, you can turn your favorite scarf into a popular clamp. It is very simple to make it, and to implement the task, it is not necessary to have the skills of the seamstress-cutter. It is enough to sew the ends of the finished product among themselves, and voila! You get a vicious circle that can be tied up with any of the ways described slightly above.

It is better to take a knitted, knitwear or even a chiffon scarf, in order to decorate your image with a new-fashioned detail.

The main thing is not to leave visible seams that are able to spoil the perfectly chosen outfit true fashionista. It is even more interesting - to decorate the place of connection of the ends so that it is convenient to shoot and wear your new accessory.

Using large buttons, beads, sewing hooks, buttons and other useful elements, you can make a clamp a real masterpiece of design art. At the exit you will receive the Hand-Made product, which is wildly popular for several seasons.

How to wear with outerwear?

With the onset of cold weather, I want to dress up to the side, and Painly Pain. In this case, the sind is the most correct solution for stylish girls. Considering the low temperature outside the window, it is better that the scarf-clamp was woolen or acrylic. Knitted products perfectly look at the top clothes, adding it a special charm. Most laryrship in winter prefer the jackets or down jackets, so the question is to properly combine the massive accessory with them.

A large binding plus bright, juicy tones - all this is suitable for the upper clothes of dark flowers. Black, dark blue, olive shades jackets will only benefit, if you combine them with scarves of red, coral, saturated-orange, brick, herbal or gentle blue tone. Dairy, boiled-white, cream, gentle-pink colors look good with beige, brown, gray down jackets.

Being close to the face, the snead of such shades gives the skin shining, healthy appearance and neutralizes a bright blush from the frost.

Clamps of pastel tones sometimes give an excessive pallor face, so they should be careful with them. It is best to select an accessory that looks contrast with the upper clothes. Then the image looks more effectively and winning.

The larger and the rougher mating, the more notice the girl becomes. If we are talking about a leather jacket, then the muffled colors, for example, gray, blur-blue, and also bright purple is exactly what the Harizm will emphasize. A free hanging scarf-clay will warm not only the shoulder belt, but also the area of ​​the neckline.

Wear an accessory best over the jacket. Otherwise, a few rings, accused around the neck, will not allow the zipper to go.

It is desirable that the outerwear is without a hood, because this item creates additional problems for the dressing of the sound and discomfort for the owner. As for the material from which the Infinity scarf is made, it should be dense or openwork. Each of them is beautifully draped into the chest, creates a volume, and also protects against frost.

Beautiful images

Creating a winning bow - a task not from the lungs. It is imperative to choose the right clothes so that the scarf-clamp did not make you a "bear". These images will help to assemble the outfit, in which every girl can feel at all!

  • Leggings and jeans-skins. It is they who perfectly play a massive sneody at the top. The legs of the slender girls will seem even longer, and the rifles of appetizing sizes will be able to balance the upper and lower part of their body, creating a competent proportion. Also leggings and narrow jeans perfectly focus on the clamp.

Shoes can be both low and on a heel. Nadiv Pullover, Jumper or Kuratu, a charming sex representative will achieve the desired and will look stunning.

  • Straight coats. Combining a scarf that does not have the end and edges, with a straight coat in the normcore style, you can create an ultra-trendy image for every day. Do not forget to wear sunglasses and grab the bag of solid form of a neutral shade. Rough shoes in a flat run - the right completion of a fashionable tribe.
  • Female image. The scarf-clamp perfectly harmonizes with a skirt or a dress. The length of the hem does not matter. The shade of the scene can repeat the colors on clothes, or contrast with them. Both options look original and creatively. And the shoes on a high stilette creates a certain seductive dissonance, which caresses the views of others to such a creative person.
  • Ease. Snulls from flowing fabric make the usual image in the style of Casual bright and unique. Nuting jeans made of light denim and a white t-shirt, do not forget to add a little firework. The scarf-clamp with a multi-colored print, or a saturated single-window accessory, will raise the mood and dispel accents in the image. You can also put on a strip product by creating a sea style that does not lose its relevance for several seasons.

As you were able to make sure, snead is the universal creation of designers. This accessory is suitable for women and men of any age, physique and colorage. Regardless of the style you stick, the scarf-claw will become a cool addition to the everyday image!

How beautifully tie a scarf-claw?

How beautifully tie a scarf-claw?

What is a scarf clamp

The clamp is a big warm lack of mating whose scarf, who are sewn ends. This accessory has a couple more names: Snud and scarf tube.

Scarf-Homut is an incredibly original, beautiful and stylish accessory. One of the signs of its versatility is that he combines at once two subjects - a scarf and a headdress. He perfectly retains in warmth as a head, neck and head. This accessory can be easily to wear in a few seconds and give a wint to your view. You can create a variety of images with a scarf-clamp. And most importantly - the clamp is a very warm accessory, which can perfectly protect the face and head into windy and cold weather due to a free style.

Another advantage of the free cut of this accessory, if you use it and as a headdress, is that it will not spoil your laying. For many of us, this is a very important feature. Each has occasions when the hairstyle was spoiled after removing the head removal. And with a minus weather, it will not even want to stay without a hat, even for the sake of maintaining neat styling.

Some models are equipped with buttons in order to wear them more comfortably, as well as adjust the girth level.

Very comfortable clamp for ladies, which have to drive around different places. Going to any room, you can simply remove the hood back, and no longer need to take care of where to put the cap, in order not to tweer it constantly in your hands. During your stay indoors, this accessory will have a view of a beautiful scarf. And when you again find yourself in the cold, it is enough to throw a hood on the head to protect it from the wind and frost.

The relevance of the scarf-clamp

This season at the peak of popularity is the choms of a large mating of various colors, which is very wide and diverse. In addition to the basic flowers - gray, black, brown and white, stores offer clamps of various rainbow shades that will delight eyes in frost. First of all, when purchasing this accessory, it is worth focusing on already existing outerwear. After all, the clamp needs to be purchased so that it is combined with your winter wardrobe. With such a variety of this accessory, an absolutely any girl can choose the scene to taste.

Scarf-clay is so unique that it will suit the different kind of outerwear. It is important to choose the correct style that will suit you in color scheme and style. The scarf-clamp is a very bright accessory, so stylists recommend supplemented with more relaxed clothes, which will not overshadow their color solutions.

Well, the chomuts made of natural fur have become the main hit of the current season. No less popular scarves and artificial data have. Accessories from this material look incredibly richly, luxurious and always allocate their mistress from the total mass. Typically, the fur clamps add a textile lining for more comfortable socks. Mink sinds are created from whole skins. This gives a guarantee that you will not be cold even in the strongest frosts.

Scarves-Clamps from knitted fur are popular on a par with a product of whole skirts. One of the advantages of these accessories is their cost. They cost cheaper sinds of solid fur, while looking at no worse. An elegant fur accessory can be selected for a fur coat from a similar material or to other top clothes.

Methods of proper and beautiful tying on the neck

Options for wearing a scarf-clamp on the head is very much. Some of them we give below, but you can also connect fantasy and experiment, inventing your own ways. In any case, no matter how you knowed this accessory, it will always look stylish and give the originality to your image.

The first option is one of the easiest. You only need to wear a scarf on the neck and fix in front. This method visually extends the figure.

The second method is suitable in the event of windy weather. You put on the clamp, turn over the front, creating a loop, and throw again on the neck. Thus, you have a beautiful volumetric gate, which will protect from cold and wind.

The third option turns the scarf-clamp in a double accessory: a scarf and cap-hood. Wear a sneody on the neck and throw a free back on your head. Only one action - and your scene warms not only the neck, but also the head.

The fourth version will be useful to those who have a long clamp. Here you need to put on the same scarf on the neck, in front of turning over, forming a loop, and throw it on my head to get a hood. In the case of very windy weather, the front part formed due to the twist can be sent backwards. Thus, your head will turn out to be warm.

Clamp can be used not only as a headdress or scarf. There are several ways to turn it into a beautiful accessory.

Put the scene on one shoulder, then twist on the one hand and transfer to another. Slightly correct and get a beautiful cape on the shoulders. You can just put it on both shoulders without additional actions.

Clamp Near the neck is not through the head, but just throw the ends forward on the shoulders. Take a loop of one end and grind it to another. This method is often used to tie ordinary scarf.

This accessory can be turned into a garment, namely in Bolero. Put it as a vest and get not only warm, but also the originality of the image.

The following type of tying is most often applied to long beads, but it can be used for an elongated clamp. Put it through the head, pull in front and twist into the loop, then throw it on the neck again and correctly lengthening.

Stylish images

Single-rigid coat of pastel mint color - the trend of the season. Black pants, bag and suede brown boots take a little bitmaking. But the knitted rose clamp all puts into place and gives the image of the necessary notch, due to which the complete harmony of dark and pastel colors is achieved.

Coat of pastel colors - the trend of the season. In this case, the pink coat perfectly looks with light blue jeans, lilac boots and a brown bag. Knitted sulfur clamp perfectly complements this look.

In this image, everything except suede brown shoes, withstand in the dark color scheme. Dark gray knitted Cape, in addition with a black knitted clamp, perfectly combined with black trousers and a dark blue bag.

Image with fur sind. The leggings of the classic black color are ideally complemented by an elongated gray sweater of a large mate and a beautiful fur clamp in tone. The image is very harmonious and soft.

Scarf-clamp perfectly harmonizes with classic two-breasted or single-breasted coats. Large knit models look great with this upper clothes and bring a highlight to the image. The base colors in addition to the classic coat of any color scheme are an excellent solution for winter cold.

With this object of the outerwear, it is well harmonized and the clamp of medium mating. He makes Look easier and sophisticated. If you select a scarf-claw on the tone of the upper clothes, it will look incredibly organically and perfectly complement the already feminine image.

Men's fashion traditionally different from feminine greater practicality, asceticity and the presence of a small number of accessories. The weak gender still knows from summer, what caps are now in fashion, but many men hardly represent what the collar from the clamp, how to wear it correctly, and why he is generally needed. HomutAlthough the stone age has long passed, men's scarves are only gaining popularity as an important attribute of an individual style. Accessory, of course, is universal and multifunctional. It is perfectly combined with a business suit or a T-shirt, it is not a sin to wear with a classic coat or a knitted sweater. How to create yourself image, as in the photo, read below.

Scarf-Homut: Arsenal Advantages

How to tie a scarf-claw

The relevance in recent years in the male fashion is gaining such an unconventional type of scarves, like a clamp or sid. Its basic difference from other products - stitched ends that allow him to be round. It can be sewn from fine or dense tissue, knitted with knitting or gossip from non-traditional materials.

Turning the scarf tube should be across the head, winding intricate rings, which is why it was called "Homut".

The dignity of the sind includes:

  • Saving time to create a masterpiece;
  • Easy to bring it to "combat" readiness;
  • practicality;
  • Great protection against wind and cold, as such a collar reliably provides heat;

  • Attractiveness - the presence of this accessory in a man says that he is watching fashion trends;
  • Multifunctionality: This is a cape, a scarf, a manica, and sometimes even a headdress.

With such an accessory, you will not be unnoticed in the crowd, and your photos and videos in this image will present you with a stylish man.

Men's scarf

Men rightly believe that any thing should be beautiful, stylish, fashionable, as well as save time for creating a daily image. It all depends on how you will wear such a scarf.


How to wear a male claw on the neck? We offer you the most versatile methods.

  1. Circular. Fold one or two loops, and after put on the neck.
  2. Eight. Make the eight of this accessory, and the warm collar is provided to you.
  3. Experiment on, the scarf tube can be wrapped and five to six rings of different widths, if the length allows you to do this. And after smooth the layer behind the layer so that it was beautiful.

The scarf can occupy the first position in the men's wardrobe. It is most often used to not wash the collar shirt: a useful find. If you tie a clamp right, then you will give any costume to the finished look, and also put the necessary accents in your style.

Different ways to use scarf will save you from a cold in cold weather and will give you a great mood.

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Cold and wind challenses us in warm clothes. So how can remain fashionable and stylish, while taking care of your health and comfort? Everything is simple! Fashion and style of this year quite allow us to wear warm high boots, even without a heel, a stylish coat or down jacket, well, the most important thing that makes us unique and emphasizes individuality - it is accessories. Screenshots, gloves, hats, handbags - to choose these things Any fashionista is suitable even more carefully than to choose the same dress. The correct way to wear a clamp We will look at the photo below.

Things and accessories should harmonize each other, shade and emphasize the image created by them. In this cold season, 2018, such part of our wardrobe is still relevant as a scarf-shed. Let's see more about what it is, what material it happens, what colors are relevant this season, what are the ways to wear it, well, and, in fact, why it should be used in his wardrobe every self-respecting fashionista. So…

About scarf-snud - what is it?

Scarf-snud is a solid knitted or woven fabric, which is imitation of the ring-shaped scarf. Designed for wearing on the head and neck. It could be called stitched with a scarf between themselves, but at the scene of the squeeze should not be a seam.

The history of this, now so popular accessory, goes deep in the Middle Ages, however, then they used it as a hair mesh.

Snud - relevant at any time of the year

I received my distribution in the eighties of the last century. According to other data, the appearance of a scarf-sneody, we are obliged to ski sports: athletes used similar, as a dressing on the head. There are several types of this accessory.

In length differ on:

  • Long wide . The classic version of the scene is worn on the neck of 2 turns, or one turn around the neck and one on the head. It has a length of more than 80 centimeters and height from 45 centimeters;
  • Short scene in one turn The so-called "tube". Very relevant and easy to do. The length of such a stern is approximately 60 centimeters, and the height of 30 centimeters. It is in him that the modern designers draw their inspiration, for example, at the ELIE Saab 2017/2018 show, a narrow shed scarf was actively used, in some variations more resembling collar. While Chanel Fall Winter 2017/2018 Full Fashion Show Exclusive offered dresses and coats with very volumetric collars, very resembling a narrow scene.

About trendy colors and scarf-clamp materials

Every year, it dictates our own rules in the field of fashion and style, but in one, already a long period of time, it is unchanged: the leading position occupy natural fabrics. No compromises between fashion and convenience: a shed scarf should first of all comfortable, not causing allergies warming and allowing the skin to breathe.

Carefully study the composition of the product: from fabric - choose products with natural composition prevailing in it: cotton, flax, wool. Do not choose or order a knitted scarf-shed out of pure wool, since such a scarf will be sick and cause irritation.

Let it be with a slight content of acrylic or Angores. Fur sinds are gaining great popularity, it is worth noting that the fur should be natural and with a finishing of very high quality.

Clamp is stylish at any age

Now let's talk fashionable relevant colors of the scarf-sander. When choosing the upper clothes of pastel tones, it logically select a bright scarf. This season is extremely spectacular black-and-red "Scottish" and a black and white "chess" cell. Very gone and the elder looks a combination of gray coat and pink scarf. Wineware and universal variants of black, saturated red and white scene.

It looks very stylish with the black and white top clothing shades of turquoise, as well as ultramarine and the color of Indigo. Beige and gray colors in fashion, but they are more likely suitable for a bright coat or down jacket, and that is not in each variation. Short, such a fashionable scarf shed this year, will be an excellent addition to high boots and a short leather jacket.

Why should I buy a clamp?

Perhaps the reason for the purchase will be mad the popularity of this accessory, but most likely the case will be in his practicality and convenience. Stylish waves that form a scarf-shed can not be created using a simple character. Such an accessory provides the ability to make your image in unique and unique. At the same time, the sample perfectly protects from the cold and wind and, in this as surpasses the usual scarf.

In terms of socks, just as more convenient when you do not need to constantly correct the knot or, not there, the ends of the traditional scarf. Well, the last, the most weighty argument is the novelty and the prospects for the accessory, you can choose this version in which you will be unique and unique!

Clamp is convenience and uniqueness.

Do not forget that when choosing a thickness of a stern, you need to understand for what purpose it is purchased:

  • Openwork and thin suitable for dresses, light long - for jacket or jacket;
  • Fat volume - with top clothing.

It is worth sticking to the rule - the warmer clothes, the volume of the sind. But it is not necessary to apply this rule to fur products - in this case, it is just that it is better to do with a subtle short slander in one turn. When ordering this unique product, it is necessary to take into account that it will be able to make a volumetric scarf-sind you can need a needlewoman, which owns the knitting needles, and the lightweight, the openwork will be better executed in crochet.

About the main ways of wearing scarf clamp

In fact, the scarf-claw suggests not so many ways to wear it.

Scarf Clamp turns into ...

By virtue of originality and extravagance of this product, it does not need additional intricate manipulations with you. But, nevertheless, there are some features of its use.

To give the volume and airiness in the scene - twist it with "eight". This will give a more winning shape of the scarf. Waking up a scarf around the neck, try to adjust the degree of length of the first and second circle. Everything is individually, and it is necessary to choose your own version with an experienced experimental way.

Choosing a scarf stern, do not forget about other accompanying accessories - mittens gloves. Ideally look like a knitted snew and mittens without fingers "Mitenks" of one color and filled in one style.

And now, about the main ways that you can decorate ourselves and warm up with a scarf-sock:

  • Traditional and most common - around Shey. . Depending on the type of scarf, it is put on one or two turns. One turn around the neck, the second on the head. Very practical and stylish option, easily transformed from a long scarf in two turns around the neck indoors, in a scarf and a headdress on the street. There are two-color sinds that are suitable for this task just perfect;
  • Two turns - One around the neck, the second around the shoulders. A rather interesting and common use option. Creates the visibility of multi-layered and gives the required volume;

  • Snud. straightened behind the shoulders And dressed in arms, like a backpack, straightens on the shoulders. It turns out a peculiar imitation of the bolero. Very helpful in the cool room and will allow you to stay feminine and stylish;
  • Wearing Waist Scarf , crossed out and eats through the neck of the loop, which turned out. It turns out a peculiar and very original vest;
  • Snoo throws on the neck , then parsing on the shoulders as a cape as a palatine. Another option for cool premises is not to the detriment of beauty and health;
  • Narrow Scarf Snooth "Pipe »It can be worn both on the neck and as a hat, turning into a scarf.


Cute knotted scarf, the edges of which hang down or trapped on the shoulders - now not relevant. Another thing is sind. He envelops the neck, giving the owner of the accessory heat and comfort, and maybe simply performs a decorative function. Stylistically shed amazingly practically for any image, but it is important to pay attention to the length, width, material. How to wear it all, and most importantly - how to make the right choice of accessory? The subtleties are enough, so it is worth understanding.

What is sind?

For several seasons in a row, squeak scarves are present on the fragile necks of women. In essence, it is a scarf that has no tips, because they are either sewn with each other, or a special circuit bunch is used, which allows you to get a product without a seam (more often such a seamless knitted clamp occurs for the cold season). Often this scarf is called endless.

Variety of sinds.
Variety of sinds.

Snulls can be made from different materials: thin knitted fabric by type of cotton, wool, acrylic, fur, cashmere, etc. Accordingly, it is necessary to combine all these types of scarves with varying clothes, especially since the case is not limited to wearing the scene on top of the down jacket or other outerwear.

Methods Beautifully put on sind

There is a standard way to wear Snud - to plunge the neck of this original accessory several times. But he was pretty fed up, so the resourceful women came up with other attractive options to wear a scarf-shed. But all began with "classics".

Classic option

A small sneody, which is more often called a clamp, will not work out around the neck because of its small length. The classic option to wear such a scarf is just through the head, after which it is beautifully painted and that's it! The image is ready.

How to wear sind.
Wearing a scarf

For classic wearing, a normal long scene is used, which is just put on the neck. He will definitely be warm in this case, but the silhouette definitely extension.

The easiest way to wear sind
The easiest way to wear sind

But the practicality of wearing such a sneody can argue, especially if we carry it on top of the outerwear. More relevant finding - directly on the neck so that the scarf created the gate. Then wearing the scene will not be purely decorative, but in order to protect against cold.

Several loops

The traditional length of the scene allows you to plunge the neck at least a couple of times. A more practical familiar option for carrying a scarf is to envelop the neck in two or three times (depends on the scarf length). With such a wearing, the neck is well closed (which is important for the cold season), while the fashionable accessory looks spectacularly.

How to wear sind in a few loops step by step
Fig. 3. How to wear sind in a few loops step by step

For the winter option, you can pick up a scarf into a tone with a headdress, but this rule has long been impaired. You can pick up colors as you like, self-expression there is no boundaries in this regard. The volumetric knitted scene is especially good, if you wear it together with a fluff jacket Oversiz or a down jacket. Particularly appropriate they look at the clothing models without a hood.

The scarf of lightweight fabric can be combined with any clothes, putting it into several revolutions around the neck, creating several loops. At the same time, long models can not be fully wrapping around the neck, but leave the free edge.

Clamped in a few loops
Clamped in a few loops

And some more photo of examples:

Under the hood

It is high-quality to close the neck from behind, so that no snowflake does not get behind the collar, it will help the use of a sneody under the hood. At the same time, cozy "pockets" is formed ahead, which is convenient to hide the chin from the cold.

They wear a hooding sneel more often with a loop (or even two, if the scarf length allows). But if the sind looks more like a clamp, then turning around the neck is not required.

Sand, rushed under the hood
Sand, rushed under the hood

On shoulders

A wide and bulk stern can not be focused only on the neck, relevant to wear it and on the shoulders. For such a wearing, a rather long variant of the scarf with sufficient width is required. It is possible to wear it simply over the shoulders without a loop, one loop is also used. Especially beautiful such an option looks with clothing in tightness: dresses-cases, golfes, etc.

Snoo on the shoulders
Snoo on the shoulders

A la vest or bolero

Why not make a muddle or bolero from scarf? Do it very simple. To make a vest, the scarf first put on the waist, the free edge is displayed. Next, you need to make one loop and wear through the head, reproduce as it is necessary.

Step-by-step conversion of a slander in Bolero
Step-by-step conversion of a slander in Bolero

For bolero, the sind initially twisted once (according to the type of eight), then traveled hands into the resulting holes. Alternatively, you can dull and not twist.

Scarf stern as a vest and bolero.
Scarf stern as a vest and bolero.

Sand instead of caps

You can wear a scarf without creating a loop, but a more reliable way - with one loop. For this, the snead turns twice around the neck, after which one part rises and puts on head. It turns out very practical: the sumn replaces the hat, the neck is well closed.

How to wear sind instead of the header step by step
How to wear sind instead of the header step by step

What to wear sind?

Fashion on wearing scarves came very far. Evidence of this is the fact of wearing this scrimp even in the summer! But this does not mean that you need to wear an accessory with a bulk viscous. For such purposes there are special knitted models. To look stylish, it is worth correctly picking the scenes to your wardrobe, considering not only the material, but also the size, wearing method.

Coat and fur coat.

The bulk coat and coats appropriately look at the squeezed scarf, which serves as a wide collar and is in the neck area without extending to the shoulders. The magnificent clamp will suit more clothes "according to the figure": cashmere coats by type of sinel, fitted fur coats, etc. And in the case of a coat / fur coat of free cut, it is better to use volumetric sinds.

Wearing a stern with a coat
Wearing a stern with a coat

Since the coat or fur coat - clothing for the cold season, then the sink is worth choosing "for the season" - in cold winter weather will save the sind of large mating, fur, from dense fabrics, etc.

Wearing a Snub with a fur coat
Wearing a Snub with a fur coat

Down jacket and park.

Winter clothes often looks not very attractive, so it is important to choose such a stern that will bring a highlight to the image. A spectacular addition to the favorite down jacket will become a fur clamp, a knitted scarf model with a decoration - brooch, large buttons. The ratio of volumes also needs to be observed: the bulk down jackets and the parks are combined with knitted sinds that do not create additional "puffs", and narrow models - on the contrary.

Snoo with down jacket and park
Snoo with down jacket and park

The material for the scene is worth choosing the season. It will be suitable knitted models, fabric with ward, threads with the effect of "grass", dense warm material (cashmere, wool, fleece, etc.).

Spring and summer jackets.

Cashmere Snuda, Warm fabric accessories, fleece, thin mating - excellent options for wearing with spring jackets. Bright colors, calm pastel colors are suitable for demi-season top clothing of different types. Whether a "roof", sports jacket or a sophisticated cashmere coat of a short model - to all options you can pick up your optimal scene.

Snad with light jackets
Snad with light jackets

Summer denim jackets, jackets from Denim look great with knitted curves of bright shades, as well as with decorated products (beads, coins, fringe, etc.)

Sweatshirts and cardigans.

It is possible to choose the optimal model of the slander and under the sweater, and under the cardigan. In a female wardrobe, there may be not one copy of this type of clothing, so the scarves may need a lot. In order for the stern as much as possible to the style of cardigan or blouse and at the same time did not have to acquire a bunch of accessories at once, it is better to choose tissue variants of scarves of neutral shades. The inconsistency of the type of mating clothes and the scend will call dissonance in the image, so it is not worth experimenting with it.

Snoo with a jacket or cardigan
Snoo with a jacket or cardigan

Wearing a jacket under the sweaters and cardigans accepted in the "free style" when part of the scarf hangs and a long loop is formed. Not relevant to choose too wide scarves for wearing. For a short coof, it is better to pick up a scarf shorterness so that he does not hide him from the neck. The longer clothes, the longer you can choose a slander.

Shirts and T-shirts.

A stylish summer accessory in a stern for shirts and t-shirts is better to select on the principle of "the thinner cloth, the better." Massive dense textures will be inappropriate under such types of clothing. Actually use volumetric models of clamps from fine cotton and other natural tissues. Artificial materials in the summer will be uncomfortable. It is welcomed to decoration of such sodes by rhinestones, beads, butchers, etc.

Shirts and Sand T-shirts
Shirts and Sand T-shirts


Any summer or warm winter dress can be supplemented with an interesting scarf squeaver. If the dress is a motley and bright, then a monophonic scarf is suitable, and the material is selected to become a dress. For example, the chiffon sland will be stupid to look with a knitted dress.

The scarf width is chosen insignificant, so as not to translate attention from the dress on the scene. In the trend, put in sind freely and even carelessly.

Sand with a dress
Sand with a dress

What accessories to combine sind?

Like ordinary scarves, the sinks can be combined with other practical accessories. The most common is the hat. Often the scene and the hat are purchased with a set in one color solution. But it is rather an exception than the rule. The same color is "dilute". For example, a black down jacket + Blue hat + gray shed. Gloves and mittens are also fashionable to select one element from accessories: to tone sharf, hat. But here there are no restrictions.

Wearing a stern with cap
Wearing a stern with cap

Actual and indispensable accessories - manual sting. For girls are relevant to small handbags over the shoulder, backpacks. Older women do not represent their image without practical bags. Snulls can be easily combined with all kinds of bags, backpacks. The main task is to withstand a single style in the image.

Wearing a stern with bags
Wearing a stern with bags

In addition to hand-made bags, the sinks are combined with other popular accessories: suspenders, belts, gheeters (if it comes to winter wear).

How to pick up a color?

Pick up the model of the required color seems to be simple, but it does not always work stylish. Pick up the color of the slander to clothing and accessories will help the table. It indicates the basic shades that denote the selection of tone for clothes, additional - the estimated selection of the shade of the scene and other accessories.

Tables: how to choose a color scheme image with sind
Tables: how to choose a color scheme image with sind
Color palette
Color palette

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