Increased uterus tone: What is dangerous and how to remove it?

Increased uterus tone: What is dangerous and how to remove it?

Very many pregnant women hear one day from the doctor: "The uterus in a tone!" And then - or the offer to lie down in the hospital, or the purpose of any drugs. What is an increased tone, hypertonus? Do I need to deal with him and how exactly?

We will try to answer the most important issues related to this phenomenon.

What is the tone and hypertonus of the uterus?

The uterus consists of several muscle layers:

  • Perimetry - serous layer;
  • Miometrium - medium, muscular layer;
  • Endometrium - mucosa layer.

Myometrium - The main part of the uterus. It is the plexusion of the beams of smooth muscle fibers, which are located layers in different directions, and between them there are "islands" of connective tissue and elastic fibers. This is a layer of smooth muscles of the walls of the uterus, which has the ability to stretch strongly and shrink. It is thanks to this that the uterus during pregnancy is able to increase so much. The myometrium responds to the reduction of the uterus in childbirth, which provides the natural process of childbirth, and after childbirth allows the uterus to decrease again.

For the normal tone of the uterus during pregnancy, the hormone progesterone is responsible - it acts relaxingly on the smooth muscles, so the uterus is soft, and the pregnancy does not threaten to interrupt. Progesterone also helps the body of a pregnant woman to cope with stress, affecting the central nervous system.

Increased tone of uterus

- This is constant voltage and involuntary contractions of myometrium.

Increased tone of uterus

Outside pregnancy, the myometrium is usually in a relaxed state. If during the pregnancy, before the deadline for the occurrence of childbirth, the uterus begins to shrink, then the uterus tone is increased. It looks like a convulsion, "jetty" muscles of the uterus. For many women, by the way, the feeling of the uterus in the tone is familiar and out of pregnancy - for example, before menstruation, during stress.

In general, the cuts of the uterus is the usual phenomenon. They are irregular, almost painless, in the norm pass on their own. Most often this manifestation is a consequence of certain processes in the body, rather than independent phenomenon. Therefore, the terms hyperton and an increased tone, strictly speaking, have a little different meaning. Hypertonus denotes not just the tension and contraction of the uterus, but, in fact, already starting anomalous (premature) generic activity.

In addition, the total and local uterus tones are distinguished. Local tone - If the individual sections are intensified, total - When the tension covers the whole uterus.

Is it dangerous when the uterus is raised?

Today, Russian medicine considers an increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy by pathological condition, while in most European countries and in the United States it is believed that abbreviations of the uterus during pregnancy is absolutely normal, physiological state, which is nothing threatening the future kid - if there are no special pain and The abbreviation period is short.

Indeed, some women have a practically permanent tone of the uterus during pregnancy (there are probable reasons for this below), and they are safely tolerated the baby and give birth. If the tone of the uterus rises in the last weeks of time when "training" contractions begin, it should also not cause anxiety.

The uterus is shrinking when a woman laughs, sneezes, especially - if it is under stress, including ultrasound or examination of the doctor. And this is normal! Deviation from the norm increase the tone becomes with it Duration.

"If the voltage lasts for a long time, if the pulling pain in the abdomen and the lower back does not pass or have bleeding, pregnant woman needs medical care.

According to our physicians, it is long-term foundation in tone may have adverse effects.

Up to 22 weeks of pregnancy Hypertonus of the uterus can cause spontaneous miscarriage.

After 22 weeks of pregnancy Hyperthonus of the uterus is sometimes able to provoke premature birth, although overall an increased tone of the uterus In the third trimester is considered the usual phenomenon.

In addition, with a constant spa, the uterine-plazent blood flow is worsening, nutrients and oxygen comes to the fruit with difficulty. As a result of a long and frequent hypertonus may occur hypoxia fruit (lack of oxygen). This can cause hypotrophy and delay in the development of the future kid.

Causes of increasing the tone of the uterus

General reasons that increase the risk of uterine hypertonus on any pregnancy term:

  • excessive physical activity, overwork, lack of sleep;
  • stress, emotional tension - while the production of adrenaline and cortisol increases;
  • alcohol smoking;
  • Inflammatory processes in the uterus - the local balanced metabolism is disturbed, and this may cause an increase in tone;
  • the anomalies of the uterus are a saddot shape, "twin" uterus, infantilism (congenital underdevelopment of the genital organs, in which too small uterus is polished with a growing fruit);
  • myoma,
  • endometriosis,
  • preceding this pregnancy miscarriage or abortion.

First trimester

In the early terms, Hypertonus uterus most often arises due to Failure of progesterone - Hormone playing a crucial role in the development of pregnancy. It is progesterone that does not give the uterus to actively shrink, providing a relaxed state of smooth muscles and thereby keeping pregnancy.

Other reasons for the emergence of the uterus hypertonus in the first trimester:

  • Toxicosis - if it is accompanied by a strong and frequent vomiting, then the muscles are reduced and can influence the tone of the uterus. In severe toxicosis, an electrolyte balance is disturbed, which can also cause hypertonus;
  • Rhow-conflict of the father and mother - in rare cases, the fruit is perceived by the mother's organism as an alien element, its rejection occurs;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Violation of the gastrointestinal tract - constipation, increased intestinal peristalsis.

Second trimester

Increased uterus tone: What is dangerous and how to remove it?

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the hyperton is considered

Almost ordinary phenomenon

: After all, the future child is growing rapidly at this time, and therefore puts pressure on the uterus. The main thing is that the increased tone is not constant!

Hyperthonus in the second trimester can cause:

  • Magnesium shortage - its other signs are muscle spasms and convulsions;
  • Multi-way
  • anomalies of the structure of the uterus,
  • Multipleness, large fruit - they cause excessive stretching of the uterus.

" The most dangerous in terms of the threat of abortion is considered the period from 16 to 20 weeks.

Third trimester

Periodic increase in the tone of the uterus during the period of the third trimester - the usual phenomenon. From 30 weeks may occur

"Training" contractions, or fights of Brexton Hicks

. Still the main rule is to ensure that the tone increases is not too long!

Frequent causes of the uterus hypertonus in the third trimester of pregnancy:

  • excess prolactin (hyperprolactinemia);
  • excessively active intestinal work;
  • overflowing bladder;
  • Uncomfortable posture during sleep.

From 36-37 weeks of pregnancy, you can finally stop worrying: the baby is almost ready to be born, and the mother's body is actively trained in front of loved ones.

Symptoms of increased tone of the uterus

Sometimes a woman does not feel the increase in the tone of the uterus at all, and is surprised if the doctor puts such a diagnosis. Increased uterus tone, starting from the second trimester, diagnoses the doctor during inspection. To determine the tone of the uterus, you need to lie on the back and bend legs in the knees: in the usual condition, the stomach is soft, with an increased tone - solid and tense.

Another type of diagnosis, more accurate - ultrasound examination. On the ultrasound, this condition is clearly seen - the walls of the uterus are tense and compressed the child.

Using the ultrasound, you can define the hypertonus area (on the back wall or on the front). And with a constant strong tone, the uterus also make ultrasound of the cervix to eliminate its shortening and disclosure (that is, a direct threat of miscarriage or premature genera).

True, some doctors do not exclude the fact that sometimes an increase in the tone can be caused by the Uzi-apparatus sensor - in such cases, nothing bothers nothing.

But most of the future mothers complain about the following sensations with a tone of the uterus:

  • "Pulls" lower back or lower abdomen;
  • The stomach becomes "stone", solid;
  • Catching pains at the bottom of the abdomen appear.

First trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the main symptoms of the hypertonus of the uterus are:

  • Severity at the bottom of the abdomen, tension;
  • pulling pain in the same place, sometimes they go to a lumbar or sacral division;
  • bleeding;
  • Catching sensations.

With the last two symptoms, you need to immediately contact the doctor!

Second trimester

In the second, as well as in the third trimester, the uterus hyperton can already be seen and "touch": the stomach becomes solid and shrinking, "Kamenet".

In addition, the symptoms during the second trimester remain the same as in the first.

Third trimester

The main problem associated with the symptoms of Hypertonus in the third trimester - how to distinguish it from training bouts. Since 37 weeks, they are usually felt by them.

Recall their distinctive features: they are rather weak, irregular, low-escaled or painless and, as a rule, last long - no more than a minute. Such contractions are quite normal and do not require treatment.

In all other cases, it is worth consulting a doctor - perhaps premature generic activities begins.

Treatment of hypertonus uterus at home

If an increased tone of the uterus is not caused by pathology or some disease, and does not threaten the life and health of the future baby (that is, there is no bleeding, pain, hypoxia of the fetus and regular fights), you can try to take it off at home.

Calm, only calm!

The first thing that are advised absolutely all doctors with hypertonus is to rest more often, more and reduce physical exertion. In serious cases, bedding is even prescribed.

It is necessary to try to relax, both physically and psychologically, avoid any strong stress. In particular, the relaxation and removal of spasm of the uterus can help warm (not hot!) Shower.

"Important: With a tone, you can not once again touch, stroke the belly, as well as nipples.

To be charged!

In the second and third trimester to get rid of the hypertonus of the uterus, you can (if the doctor is not against!) Use special gymnastic exercises.

Increased uterus tone: What is dangerous and how to remove it?

The most famous of them -

Exercise "Nature".

A woman stands on all fours or in a knee-elbow pose and slowly, smoothly and carefully gives her head and fuses his back (in exhale), then beats the back and raises his head (on the breath), observing smooth and relaxed breathing. Repeat the exercise is recommended 10 times, after which it is pretty rest lying.

Another exercise - Muscle relaxation face . Oddly, it is scientifically proven that facial people affect the muscles of the uterus directly. To do this, close the eyes, lower the chin to the chest and try to relax the neck and face, while breathing the belly through the mouth.

Useful also to take regularly knee-elbow pose, And also the pose on all fours to a few minutes. In this position, the uterus is in a suspended state, the back is unloaded.

Herbs, herbs, grass ...

Remove hypertonus uterus helps and phytotherapy. However, it is possible to apply any herbs only by consulting with your doctor! Most often used infusion of Valerians, teas with mint or melissa, with the addition of the launcher.

And here Aromatherapy Practically does not have contraindications except allergic reactions. Lamp with aromamaslas, such as vanilla, jasmine, rose, can also help relax.

Need to sleep, sleep hard ...

Hypertonus after a 16-week can be caused by too high the activity of the future kid. It, in turn, is intensified with a lack of oxygen and nutrients. It often happens when a woman sleeps, lying on his back. At the same time, the weight of the vein is squeezed under the severity of the octal water and the fetus, which means that the process of blood circulation is disturbed.

Concomitant symptoms in women who are often lying on the back can be cramping, numbness of limbs, swelling in the legs. All this is a consequence of squeezing a large vein.

Of course, on any period of pregnancy, you should not lie on the stomach - in this position on the walls of the uterus it turns out strong pressure.

The best pose to relax muscles, therefore, especially in the second half of pregnancy - lying on the side. It is good to use a special pillow for pregnant women or put any suitable pillow between the knees.

If the future mother has heart problems, it is not recommended to sleep on the left side.

Medicines for removing hypertonus uterus

Of course, self-medication in this case is especially dangerous - after all, it's about two lives! Therefore, all drugs should be taken only by appointment of a doctor.  

With a small tone on any gestation, antispasmodics are prescribed: but-pieces, doll, candles or papaverin injections. Also, Magnesium B6 is usually assigned - its drawback often causes hypertonus.

If an infectious process is in the body, antibacterial drugs are prescribed.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, As we said, the tone is often caused by the lack of progesterone. If the analysis confirmed this, the doctor prescribes its synthetic analogs - duphaston and uremines. They are taken only until 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, then gradually cancel.

" Abruptly abandon such drugs can not be due to a high threat of miscarriage.

Also in the first trimester, usually, with an increased tone, vitamin E is assigned (tocopherol).

In the second trimester For the prevention of fetoplacentage failure (FPN) and hypockey of the fetus, often to improve the function of the placenta, such drugs are added as chofitol.

In the third trimester In addition to the same Hofitola, hynipral is often prescribed. This drug is capable of suppressing early contractions.

In addition, if the doctor considers it useful, on this time

You can use bandage

Although physicians do not have a consensus: bandage, on the one hand, helps to distribute the load from the increased abdomen, but, on the other hand, it causes additional, albeit a small, pressure on the uterus.

Treatment of hypertonus uterine in hospital

Most often, the increased tone of the uterus is quite possible to take off at home. However, if a woman has started Blood selection and / or severe pain , you need to lie down in the hospital.

It is also necessary if the hypertonus of the uterus is strong and long, if the hypoxia of the fetus is diagnosed, if a direct threat of miscarriages or premature birth arises.

In addition, if your doctor insists on hospitalization (for example, according to the results of the ultrasound), it is better to listen to him.

In the hospital, a woman and her future kid will be under the supervision of doctors. Treatment will be prescribed, most often in the form of droppers and injections, removing hypertonus, and in the case of bleeding - and hemostatic drugs. Side reactions can occur on these drugs - nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weakness, so they must be taken under the supervision of the doctor.

In addition, the future mother is usually prescribed sedatives, as well as the consultation of the psychologist.

Prevention of hypertonus uterus

  1. Is it possible to minimize the risk of this unpleasant state? Sure! And it is better to start up before pregnancy.
  2. What exactly can I do?
  3. Check if there is no inflammation and infections in the sexual area, and if any, they are detected - to treat them before conception.
  4. Make an ultrasound of the small pelvis organs in advance - it will help to identify the anomalies of the structure of the uterus, misa, endometriosis, etc. The doctor will take into account these problems from the first days of pregnancy and will try to adjust them.

A positive and calm attitude to pregnancy is very important, a healthy psychological situation in the family.

  • Refuse smoking and taking alcohol.
  • When the pregnancy has already come, it is desirable for preventing the increase in the tone of the uterus:
  • Observe the mode of the day, sufficient to sleep, do not overwork;
  • walk a lot in the fresh air;
  • Do not wear gravity, do not fulfill a heavy physical work;
  • avoid constipation and urinary bubble overflow;
  • If there are no contraindications, do kegel exercises (for training vaginal muscles);
Increased uterus tone: What is dangerous and how to remove it?

Avoid stress;

Four feed.

  • Power supply during pregnancy should include products rich in magnesium - for example, oatmeal, buckwheat porridge, legumes (preferably beans), nuts. To maintain hemoglobin levels, it is useful to eat beef, offal.
  • Products to help remove hypertonus uterus:
  • asparagus,
  • fresh cucumbers,


  • Bell pepper.
  • Products that can provoke hypertonus uterus:
  • strong tea,
  • coffee,
  • Beverage with caffeine,
  • alcohol,

carbonated drinks,

Fatty dishes.

Julia Vorontsova,


Used materials:

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One of the unpleasant moments that can climb a woman during pregnancy is the state of the uterus in a tone. How to cope with this state than it can threaten and how to recognize it according to characteristic symptoms - read in this article.

How does the uterus tone manifest?

The uterus is an organ, hollow inside, and outside consisting of several layers. The upper outer layer (perimetry) is a mucous membrane, the middle layer (myometrium) is muscles, and the internal layer (endometrium) is another mucous membrane.

Magnesium preparations.

The uterus is reduced due to muscle tissue - myometry: this layer "organizes" the contractions and "leads" by the generic process, pushing the fruit of the fruit. Of course, throughout the pregnancy, the myometrium must be in a relaxed state so that the fruit is calm and comfortably developing inside the uterus - this state is called a normal tone. If the birth has not yet begun, but the uterus suddenly begins the contraction movement, such a condition is called an increased tone or the uterus hypertonus during pregnancy.

This is not always a problem or danger, because the scene itself is a physiologically normal process, and many doctors consider periodic uterine contractions natural. Of course, this happens only if, in addition to the tone of the uterus, pregnant women have no additional symptoms that sign about serious problems. In fact, such a relationship to the problem of the hypertonus of the uterus is quite logical, because even when a man or a laughter, a person occurs strong muscular abbreviations, and the uterus in them also participates. Even stronger cuts in the uterus occur, for example, in the process of orgasm or during psychological stress (under stress or gynecological examination).

And yet the difference in the states of the tone of the uterus exist, and they conclude in the time of muscle tension. Problems and uncomfortable sensations do not deliver short-term states of the tone of the uterus during pregnancy, but a long stay in hypertonus can be not only painful, but also dangerous and for the fetus, and to carry pregnancy.

What is the danger?

The main danger lies in that that the tone of the uterus during pregnancy in the early deadlines can lead to a miscarriage, and at later deadlines - to premature birth. The tone of the uterus in the early periods of pregnancy (or rather - immediately after conception) happens more often, because during this period the fruit egg tries to attach to the uterine wall, as a result of which the muscles of the uterus are strained. The excessive tension is able to turn the fruit egg - for this reason and the miscarriage occurs.

Often, gynecologists mention the so-called "training fights", meaning the state of the hypertonus of the uterus on the eve of childbirth. Such "training" is not dangerous, since the uterus is simply prepared for the upcoming generic process.

But if there is still time before childbirth, then the uterus hypertonus is not just a uncomfortable state, sometimes it is dangerous to the health and life of the fetus. For example, the voltage of the uterine muscles affects the cord vessels: when they are clarified under the pressure of the muscles of the uterus, the child gets significantly less oxygen, and the condition of hypoxia occurs. Nutrients The child also begins missing, and it threatens the emergence of hypotrophy - stopping the development and growth of the child.

  • Why Hypertonus occurs
  • The reason for the tone of the uterus during pregnancy can be a different circumstance. It has already been said that even physiological reasons are capable of bringing the uterus to the tone. However, the causes of hypertonus are most often the problems and pathology of pregnancy.
  • Here are the main of them:
  • In the early period of pregnancy, there may be a situation associated with a deficit of progesterone - hormone, which in the body of a pregnant woman produces a yellow body throughout the first four months after conception. The yellow body appears at the moment when the shell (follicle) is revealed and an egg cell comes out of it. Progesterone is necessary to create conditions in endometrials to attach the fetal egg to the wall of the uterus: with its help, the smooth muscles of the uterus relaxes, not letting it come into tone, and the fruit egg is calmly implanted. With progesterone deficiency, a strong voltage occurs - hypertonus, which interferes with the implantation process.
  • The excess in the body of pregnant men's hormones is also capable of leading the uterus to the state of Hypertonus. Therefore, the gynecologist always carefully tracks the hormonal background of the future mother.
  • If pregnancy accompany the symptoms of toxicosis (first of all - frequent vomiting), then they force the abdominal muscles to shrink greatly, and the uterus also turns out to be influenced by this process. In the early periods, it is completely impossible to get rid of toxicosis, but at least partially removing its symptoms is necessary to facilitate the state of pregnant and prevent the hypertonus of the uterus.
  • With anomalous formation of the uterus (for example, a twin, saddot uterus or other pathologies), there can also arise a state of hypertonus, while the risk of pregnancy is seriously increasing. It is advisable for such pathologies to a woman not to learn not after conception, but much earlier. Knowing about the presence of these problems and dedicate a gynecologist in them, the woman will be fully informed about how to behave and what to avoid in the early period of pregnancy.
  • Another reason for the tone of the uterus during pregnancy can be a rhesus conflict. With a negative rees-factor of blood in a woman and positive - her partner has a pregnant woman to regard the fruit as a foreign body. And to rejected it, the tone of the uterus will rise.

Inflammation and infection of genital organs and uterus can also cause hypertonus. In addition to the symptoms of hypertonus, pregnant will mark pain, itching in the perineum, the pathological nature of the discharge.

Magnesium preparations.

With multiple pregnancy or very large sizes of the fetus, as well as with the walls of the uterus, it can strongly stretch - it is also able to provoke a hypertonus.

Also, reasons for the hypertonus of the uterus can be neoplasms and abortion, psychological stress and even problems with intestinal peristals (in particular - increased gas formation) - all these negative points are also reflected in the state of the mother-in-law muscles.

At the same time, it is important to understand that they independently try to make a diagnosis and determine the cause of the hypertonus of the uterus - not only a useless occupation, but also a time loss during which the doctor can conduct professional diagnostics and take everything to remove the hypertonus of the uterus and preserve pregnancy.

Symptoms of hypertonus uterus

It is easy to understand that the uterus is in good shape is easy. After all, the symptoms of the tone of the uterus during pregnancy are so obvious and tangible that they cannot be confused with other manifestations.

So during the hypertonus in the early periods of pregnancy, a woman feels a painful pain (it can go to the crushes or lower back) and an increase in gravity at the bottom of the abdomen. These sensations can resemble pain during menstruation.

In the second and third trimesters, the feelings will be similar, but additional - compression and the condition of solidification in the region of the uterus and abdomen are added to them. At the same time, the oscillations of bleeding-scargo color can also appear. If such symptoms you have suddenly, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, and it is better to call ambulance. Before her arrival, try to come to a state of psychological equilibrium, breathe, calm down. Previously, you should not panic, because in early circulation, the pregnancy most often can be saved.

  • Sometimes the uterus can come to the tone, but at the same time not to "declare" about it with any symptoms.
  • How to diagnose the state of the uterine hypertonus
  • To diagnose the uterus in a state of tone is usually held:

Inspection on the gynecological chair: as a rule, an experienced doctor will immediately notice this state of the uterus;

Ultrasound, which is well noticeable not just the condition of the smooth muscles, but even the degree of pathology (first or second) and its localization (on the front or rear wall of the uterus); All this will help determine in what kind of place the uterus has changed its form and exactly the fetal egg attached;

  • In addition, certain devices are used to measure the uterine tone, but there is no particular need for their use, since to diagnose the tone is easy, but to understand the reason that has led to it is much more difficult.
  • Is it possible to treat the tone of the uterus during pregnancy?
  • So: the doctor told you that the uterus is in a tone. Do I need to do something?
  • First, listen carefully to the doctor's recommendations: it will tell you in detail how seriously your position is why it originated and what are the risks; If the risk is low, the doctor will assign an outpatient treatment and will observe your condition at each reception.
  • Secondly, even being at home, it will be necessary for some time to stick to the beddown and, most likely, to take antispasmodic tools - papaverine or but-shu. Perhaps, in addition to spasmolitics to remove the tone will also be assigned magnesium B6 and dyeing. These funds will only help remove the symptoms (that is, the tone itself), and for the treatment of its causes the doctor will choose the individual scheme. For example, if the cause of Hypertonus has become a deficit of progesterone, preparations containing this hormone will be appointed. With the elevated content of men's hormones, antipodes will discover. When the intestinal peristaltics change will be helped by means of gas formation, and with toxicosis, it will be necessary to receive means for removing nausea. Individual treatment will also be appointed in the event of a rhesus conflict (usually the vaccine grafting of Gamma Globulin is prescribed at the 28th week of pregnancy and within 72 hours after childbirth).

Magnesium preparations.

Thirdly, with a serious position and unsuccessful attempts to remove Hypertonus, the doctor most likely will offer pregnant hospitalization and surveillance in the hospital. Here the woman will be able to lead a calmer lifestyle (without being distracted by households, cleaning, etc.), and doctors will not just watch her condition, but in the case of a critical situation will quickly accept measures, they will remove the sharply formed tone of the uterus and prevented Premature childbirth.

In the fourth, if the hyperton could not be removed, and the pregnancy has already reached 28 weeks, then a woman will need to urgently prepare for childbirth. Despite the fact that the fruit will remain prematurely, he has every chance to survive and stay healthy - the state and technical capabilities of modern medicine allow it to achieve.

In the fifth, if the uterus hyperton provoked a childhood earlier than at the 28th week of pregnancy, doctors will try to stop the generic process. To this end, the tocolic therapy can be used, which uses special agents and drugs, quickly relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus. It is very important to spend therapy in a timely manner to preserve the child's life. And since the pregnancy up to 28 weeks is a very important medical task, doctors take all attempts for this.

Is it necessary to go to the hospital?

The proposal for hospitalization is most often very upsetting pregnant women, especially those who need to stay at home because of the second child or continue to go to work due to an important project. In such situations, women often refuse to leave home to the hospital, promising a doctor not overvolt, to take medicines in a timely manner and, in which case - to cause ambulance.

  • Alas, it is impossible to predict the development of events in each specific situation, because in one case the risk of premature birth is indeed very great due to the high tone of the uterus, and in others it can be avoided. In any case, the decision will need to take the most pregnant, because the task of the doctor is to inform it of possible risks and offer the possibility of hospitalization. Perhaps it is worth looking out of the situation, asking, for example, helping relatives or friends, and at work - understanding of colleagues.
  • Is it possible to cope with the uterus tone during pregnancy yourself?
  • Sometimes you can remove the small tone of the uterus on your own, even without the use of medicines. For this apply:
  • Certain exercises, one of which is "kitty". Stand in the "table" position (on all fours with a flat back), now lift your head slightly and the pelvis, burning down the lower back. Take the opposite position: the head and the tailbone move down, and the loin tends to upwards, gradually curly. Repeat several times the exercise and then lie on the back in a relaxed position for at least an hour.

Relax the smooth muscles of the uterus will help and relax the facial muscles. To do this, do the following exercise: sitting or standing, start breathing your mouth, lower your head to the stomach, the most relaxing the muscles of the neck and face. A little waiting in that position, trying to let go of all thoughts.

The position of the "table" as a whole is very favorably affects the state of the uterus, and if it is still a little lower to the top of the body down, taking focus on the elbows, the uterus will be in a state of "susceptible" and relax even more. Therefore, feeling the symptoms of Hypertonus, try to immediately take such a position and stay in it until the situation stabilizes.

If you need to exercise, you can add the reception of spasmolitics and sedatives, which your doctor will approve. If the condition of Hypertonus continues to be saved - you should not wait long, it is better to call an ambulance and accept the offer of hospitalization.

  • How to avoid Hypertonus
  • Of course, it is better to avoid the hypertonus of the uterus, how to try to cope with him.
  • Important preventive activities are:
  • Exception during pregnancy of serious physical exertion and experiences;

compliance with the regime of the day (sleep and rest) and a full-fledged diet;

Magnesium preparations.

The elimination of bad habits (smoking and drinking alcohol), which are not only able to provoke the hypertonus of the uterus, but also strengthen the risks of additional pathologies;

Timely visit to the gynecologist, carrying out the necessary and recommended studies - especially if the pregnant risk is counted.

Of course, in most cases, pregnant women can remove the tone of the uterus, keep pregnancy and minimize the possible consequences of this state for the fetus. And yet it will be much more reliable to avoid such situations.

Application of candles with papaverine

As one of the main drugs that can relax the smooth muscles of the uterus, doctors recommend applying a spasmodic papaverine hydrochloride. This drug is allowed to use during pregnancy, so women often use it independently.

Papaverin is produced in various forms, but for pregnant women as a rule, rectal candles are recommended: they do not adversely affect the fetus, and in the threat of miscarriages quickly reduce and enhanced blood flow in the placenta, and the uterus hypertonus. Sometimes doctors are prescribed to use not a candle, but intravenous injections of papaverine, but exclusively in hospital conditions and under observation.

During pregnancy, many women often resort to the help of Papaverin. Some regularly use it to reduce the hypertonus of the uterus, others are quite rare to reduce the consequences of stress and fatigue (especially if the work of a pregnant is connected with long finding on the legs). In such cases, Papaverin quickly assists, removing hypertonus and eliminating possible risks.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the means, it is necessary to carefully examine his instructions for use. It does not mention the negative effect of the drug on the body of pregnant and fetus. However, even at the same time, it should not be prescribed by Papaverin independently, be sure to consult a doctor about the possibility of its regular application.

The effect of papaverine hydrochloride on the body is antispasmodic, while the means acts not only on the smooth muscles of the uterus, but also on the muscles of the other organs of the respiratory, urinary, urinary systems, as well as the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. The drug is capable of expanding the vessels of smooth muscles, helping to reduce pressure and stabilize the blood flow. During pregnancy, Papaverin is appointed to relieve spasms from internal organs, as well as from peripheral vessels and brain vessels, improve blood flow in the placenta and remove the uterine hypertonus. It is necessary to know that before applying rectal candles it is recommended to clean the intestine.

Before starting the use of Papaverin during pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the accurate dosage of the drug. The usual dosage is to use suppositories 2 times a day, but in some cases it must be made 4 times with equal time intervals. Depending on the state of pregnant and preservation of symptoms, the doctor will determine how long it is necessary to continue treatment: in one case therapy can give the effect after a day, in the other - the treatment will delay the month and more.

The rectal candle immediately falls into the rectum and under the influence of body temperature dissolves. In this case, the active ingredient is released from it, it penetrates the bloodstream, and through it - delivered to all organs, in general, affecting the vascular system. Papaverin helps to reduce the tone from the mother-in-law muscles, relieve the tension and pain, lowers blood pressure - in late pregnancy, many women need such assistance.

Apply the drug is vaginally prohibited, so pregnant need to remember its exclusively rectal use.

  • Contraindications for the use of papaverine
  • Despite the beneficial effects, contraindications and restrictions on the use of Papaverin still exist. For example, pregnant with reduced pressure should not be taken, since the drug has a pronounced hypotensive effect.
  • In which cases of papaverine hydrochloride is forbidden to take during pregnancy:
  • If a woman suffers from glaucoma;
  • with tachycardia and heart rate disorders;
  • If there is an atrioventricular blockade;
  • with renal or liver failure;
  • with allergies to any component of the drug;

With caution, the rectal candles of papaverine hydrochloride should be used in the problems of adrenal operations, impaired pituitary function, during the diagnosis of hypothyroidism;

During breastfeeding, papaverine is not recommended, although there are no warnings about it in the instructions; If you still have the need to use a rectal candle in the lactation period - it is better to stock breast milk in advance in advance and briefly interrupt breastfeeding;

And, of course, you should not use papaverin candles too often: Observe the exact recommendations of the doctor and dosage to avoid negative consequences.

What is dangerous in the increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy and how can I reduce it?

The uterus hypertonus is called the tendency of its muscle layer to reduce long before the deadline for the estimated delivery. Such a state is regarded by most obstetrician-gynecologists as a possible threat of interrupting pregnancy. That is why in such a state, women usually recommend peace and prescribe funds that reduce the contractile activity of smooth muscles.

Hypertonus uterus: what does it mean?

  1. The woman's uterus consists of three layers: perimetry - the external cover of the uterus, myometrium, which is three layers of muscle tissue, and endometrium, lining the uterus from the inside. It is the middle layer, myometrium, is responsible for the state of the muscular tone of the uterus. During pregnancy, he relaxes and stretches, creating comfortable conditions for the fetus, and only on the eve of childbirth begins to actively shrink, helping the child to be born. However, a reduction in myometrium "outside the graph", earlier than the required time, which is sometimes relating to reasons leading to the interruption of pregnancy. The increased reduction capacity of the smooth muscles (myometrium) of the rear wall of the uterus is usually not considered as a serious problem. Of course, pulling back pain and gravity in the field of the sacrum deliver the inconvenience of a woman, but they do not threaten the flow of pregnancy. To remove the pain symptom, you can, in coordination with your doctor, making the drugs allowed for pregnant women. In some cases, the hypertonus of the rear wall proceeds generally asymptomaticly, and it is possible to diagnose it only with the help of an ultrasound or during an inspection of the gynecologist.
  2. Completely different - hypertonus of the front wall of the uterus. With the emergence of his signs, a woman should urgently consult a doctor for diagnosis. Symptoms of the hypertonus of the uterus during pregnancy in this case may be as follows: Many pain
  3. At the bottom of the abdomen, similar to menstrual and sometimes giving in the crotch. If pain is repeated - this can serve as a signal of the beginning of premature genera or possible miscarriage. The appearance of a feeling of "cutting"
  4. and gravity in the field of genitals. Feeling of "petition"
  5. Belly, which indicates the voltage of the muscular layer of the uterus. Starting urination and pain in the rectum .
  6. , reminiscent of the urge to defecation. maybe

The appearance of abbreviations throughout the abdomen Selection and bleeding . As for the mother and for the fetus, abundant bleeding is especially dangerous, since it is an indicator of serious pathology, such as discharging the placenta or miscarriage. But even with minor allocations, the visit to the doctor is not recommended.

Such a state may be regarded by doctors as a threat of interrupting pregnancy. Increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy and its symptoms especially

dangerous during the first trimester

Since, even if there is no threat of spontaneous abortion, due to an excessively high tone, the formation of the trophoblast - the precursor of the placenta is disturbed, and this may subsequently manifest itself with a violation of the normal blood flow and fetal hypoxia.

After the twentieth week, the uterus is most often said not about Hypertonus, but about the false fights of Brackstone Hicks, which do not lead to the opening of the cervix, and therefore not threatening the flow of pregnancy. They are irregular, not too painful, felt as a sense of compression in the region of the uterus, continuing about one or two minutes.

  1. Why tone can increase and how to determine a dangerous state To high risk factors for the occurrence of the hypertonus of the uterus include the unbearable of the previous pregnancy; ORVI, transferred during pregnancy; thyroid disease (hypo- and hypertension); age of pregnant to 18 or after 35 years; unfavorable furnishings in the family that influences the emotional state of the woman; presence of bad habits; Heavy working conditions. Consider the reasons that appear hypertonus, a little more.
  2. The main cause of the hypertonus of the uterus during pregnancy - Hormonal imbalance . The main hormone that affects the course of pregnancy is progesterone - reduces the sensitivity of myometrium to various factors capable of stimulating cuts, and weakens the self-contracting ability of the muscles of the uterus. But other conditions can provoke an increased tone, such as hyperandrode - increased production of men's sex hormones, and hyperprolactinemia - increased synthesis of prolactin - hormone affecting the reproductive system of a woman.
  3. Another reason is Genital infantilism That is, underdevelopment of genital organs, including uterus. Too little uterus is unable to fully stretch with the development of pregnancy, which leads to her hypertonus.
  4. Stretching the walls of the uterus due to multiple pregnancy , too large fetal or multi-way. Physical or emotional loads
  5. . Studies confirm that women with increased hypertonus of uterus are distinguished by high levels of anxiety [one]
  6. , often due to objective external factors - conflicts in the family, the conditions and nature of the work. Problems in the team and in relationships with leadership, heavy physical work, work in night shifts or in harmful production, frequent business trips - all this can cause hypertonus of the uterus and creates an unfavorable background to carry the fetus. Structural pathological changes in uterine tissues
  7. , such as endometriosis, hypoplasia, endometritis. Infectious and viral diseases

, including urogenital infections. Any inflammatory process affects the physiology of the uterus, reducing the ability of its walls to stretching, and the inflammation of the ovaries is often the cause of hormonal failure.

  1. Myoma uterus . The presence of a woman of this benign tumor, especially large size, increases the risk of hypertonus and even miscarriage. This is due to a decrease in the free space for the development of the fetus and an increase in the contractile activity of the uterus itself under the influence of prostaglandins allocated in the destruction of myoma.
  2. How to determine the increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy? To identify the Hyperthonus doctor can three ways: Inspection and palpation.
  3. In the norm, the uterus is in a relaxed state, the belly of pregnant is soft, but in the presence of Hyperthonus during palpation, the uterus is felt solid, in severe cases - "Pameless". At the same time, a painless procedure usually causes discomfort and pain in a woman. Ultrasound

. In the study of ultrasound, it is possible to reliably determine the total or local voltage of the muscular layer of the uterus. Local tone of the uterus woman may not even feel, it is diagnosed only on the ultrasound. If the elevated tone is detected at the site of attachment of chorion or placenta, it can be fraught with a detachment and requires immediate medical intervention. Tonusometry. If necessary, it is possible to confirm the increased tone of the uterus using a special examination - tonsometry, during which the sensor is measured by the bioelectric activity of the muscles.

Additional information gives and

Listening to the palpitation of the Future

. In hypoxia caused by hyperthonus, the heart rate increases significantly. Ways to remove Hypertonus

In severe cases, the doctor can recommend complete peace, up to urgent hospitalization and beddown. But if there are no reasons for emergency measures, then you can maintain everyday activity, of course, eliminating physical and emotional loads. Firstly

Partially remove the hypertonus using a bandage that supports the stomach, thereby removing the tension from the back. Doctors recommend wearing a bandage from the 17-18th week, and its type should be selected based on the individual characteristics of the pregnant. Secondly

, Special gymnastics helps reduce the uterus tone. For example, a very good result gives the most famous exercise "Cat" with most of the kindergarten: while in the knee-elbow position, smoothly exacerbate the back, linger so for a few seconds and relax the lower back. Still, no matter how paradoxically, relax the muscles of the uterus helps special breathing exercises. It is necessary to breathe deeply and slowly, relaxing the face muscle and fully focused on the process. You can, for example, to imagine how the air first fills the lungs, and then leaves them. Thirdly

, mandatory diet. First of all, you will have to exclude all tonic drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa, not to mention carbonated drinks containing caffeine. It is advisable to limit the use of fast food and excessively fatty dishes, mayonnaise and oil sauces. There is no ban on non-large meat, moreover, beef, rabbit, the poultry meat is needed - this is a source of protein, iron and, most importantly, with hypertonus, magnesium. Magnesium contributes to the relaxation of a smooth muscles. Other of its food sources - oats, buckwheat, bread with bran, nuts.


In difficult cases, the doctor prescribes medication treatment. The course usually includes dolls and other drugs that contribute to a decrease in the tone of the uterus (antispasmodics). If it has been proven that hypertonus is caused by a hormonal imbalance, the doctor may assign funds based on progesterone.

If the manifestations of hypertonus arose against the background of emotional arousal, reducing drugs are recommended, however, most of them, including dyeing and valerian extract, are prohibited for use during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. The uterus hypertonus and emotional impassivity often occur with magnesium deficiency, and to improve the condition, it is necessary to eliminate the hypomagnia. Magnesium preparations normalize the work of the nervous system, the nervous voltage is removed, they have a soft relaxing effect and reduce the intensity of pain at thenime of the abdomen sometimes after a week of use.

Their appointment is due to the fact that the intake of magnesium by the child is increasing when entering the child. And if there is not enough substances, it can lead to the development of convulsion and the uterus hypertonus.

In general, magnesium has long been known as means of reducing the tone of the uterus. Traditionally, such situations recommended magnesia - magnesium sulfate. But when orally use is a laxative, which can even more enhance hypertonus. Intramuscular Introduction is extremely painful (magnesium sulfate - salt), and intravenous - prerogative of doctors. Therefore, at the increased tone of the uterus, modern drugs of magnesium are prescribed, especially its combination with vitamin B6.

So, the uterus hypertonus in the first half of pregnancy can contribute to her premature interruption. Therefore, you should not try to diagnose and treat an increased tone on your own. With the appearance of pain at thenime of the abdomen, similar to menstrual, it is better to calm down, make gymnastics, promoting the relaxation of smooth muscles, and then consult a doctor for further recommendations.

It is hardly a pregnant woman who has never come across a tone of the uterus. This phenomenon is widespread, but this does not become less frightening or exciting for future mothers. What is a tone of the uterus? How does it manifest? What is dangerous? And how to get rid of him at home? The doctor is the doctor obstetrician-gynecologist of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of Medica in Solyanka

Yana Nikitenko.

Increased tone of the uterus - what is it

Despite the conditional safety of these medicines for a woman and a child, only a doctor should pick up their dosage. The uncontrolled use of antispasmodics and sedatives can lead to dangerous consequences. And when using magnesium preparations, it should be remembered that they reduce blood pressure. And if a pregnant woman suffers from hypotension, these drugs may worsen her well-being, will strengthen apathy, weakness and drowsiness.

To understand the nature of the phenomenon, you need to deepen a little in anatomy. The uterus consists mainly of muscle tissue, and for any muscle, it is typical from time to time to relax or shrink, that is, coming into a tone.

These states are natural for a woman and accompany her throughout life. It is due to the tone of the walls of the uterus during the menstruation period, it is reduced and exempt from the rejected mucous membranes. When childly, this physiological tension helps the baby to be born. And a few weeks before the occurrence of childbirth, the body seems to be preparing for this responsible process. A woman feels false contractions: stomach is strained, it relaxes that it can proceed absolutely painlessly or deliver a uncomfortable sensation.

But in most cases, the permanent tone of the uterus during the period of having a child is dangerous, as it can lead to premature birth or disorders in the development of the baby. In this case, the condition is neither the disease nor the diagnosis. It only requires a future mother to relate to their health and listen to the signals of the body.

Causes of tone of the uterus

"The tone is called the tension of the muscles of the uterus during pregnancy, - clarifies the doctor an obstetrician-gynecologist Yana Nikitenko. - It can be both physiological and pathological. The reasons for its occurrence are quite a lot. Mainly it is the pathology of the course of pregnancy. In some cases, it leads normal fatigue or stress. "

The tone of the uterus in the early deadlines may occur if in the body of the future mother is not enough progesterone hormone, which is necessary for a healthy baby tooling. Another common reason is the experience of the future mother, if she did not plan to pregnancy and did not prepare her.

The problem may occur against the background of gynecological diseases, if they were not cured before conception. Thus, changes in their structure can cause changes in their structure in the presence of misa, endometriosis or inflammatory processes to excessive stresses of muscular walls.

The danger of the uterus tone during pregnancy

In the second trimester, the uterus tone can develop because of its interpretations. During this period, the kid is actively growing, which creates an excessive load on muscle tissue. With multiple pregnancy, the load is even more enhanced, the same happens when having toed a large child or multi-way.

In the third trimester, the uterus tone often arises due to the excessive activity of a woman. At this time, most of the future mothers hurry to acquire children's things, equip the children's room. They often underdese the permutation in the apartment, independently move the furniture or raise other heavy items. Excessive physical activity stimulates the voltage at the bottom of the abdomen. And, as a rule, suggests that a woman is needed.

"Hyperthonus may occur with the use of heavy food and a tendency to constipate," Specifies Yana Nikitenko. - From the diet, it is necessary to exclude products causing increased gas formation, the bloating of the abdomen and on their background - the tone of the uterus. "

What is dangerous uterus tone

In the event of Hyperthonus, the future mother usually experiences discomfort. But there are much more dangerous processes within her body. If the state occurs often or persisted for a long time, this can lead to a violation of the uterine-placental blood flow and a lack of oxygen that the baby receives.

"The tone of the uterus in the first trimester can lead to the interruption of pregnancy or bleeding," comments Yana Nikitenko. - In the second - to shorten the cervix and exhausco cervical insufficiency. "

During pregnancy, the uterus tone may occur

In this state, the neck, initially elastic muscular organ, can not suit. And this is dangerous to the penetration of infections to the fetus and the fruit shells, as well as the inability of a woman to endure pregnancy.

On any time to wear the baby, the muscular voltage can provoke the pair of placenta or premature labor. Therefore, gynecologists doctors so carefully consider the observation of pregnant women and the control of this state.

At the same time, it is not only desirable on the eve of the birth, but it is necessary, since it helps the neck to open, but the baby is to appear. After delivery, it gives a stretched uterus to a normal state. If the childbirth proceeds for a long time or a big baby appeared on the light, an excellent uterus cannot decline effectively. In this case, doctors use special preparations to increase the tone in order to reduce the risk of bleeding.

  • How to determine the tone of the uterus
  • As a rule, the tone of the rear wall of the uterus proceeds asymptomatic and is diagnosed only by ultrasound. Therefore, it is so important to comply with the recommendations of the doctor and in time to undergo the survey pregnancy necessary in each trimester. If muscle tension is revealed on the ultrasound, the doctor will recommend safe drugs that will help maintain a healthy pregnancy.
  • If the voltage is concentrated on the front wall of the uterus or in its lower part, a woman can feel characteristic symptoms:

voltage at the bottom of the abdomen;

pulling pain;

The tone appears due to the voltage of the muscles of the uterus

discomfort in the lower back area.

Similar sensations arise in the first days of painful menstruation and serve as a characteristic sign of the tension of the muscular walls of the uterus.

At the later dates, the woman may notice a sense of rejection at the bottom of the abdomen, and if you put a palm to it, it will be "stone" to the touch. There may also be sharp grabs-like pains that do not pass for a long time. This hyperton differs from "training" bruises called Bracston Hicks. The latter are usually painless and pass quite quickly. Then the pain during hyperthonus can persist for a long time.

  • How to remove the tone of the uterus at home "First of all, the woman needs peace for the whole period of treatment," said the doctor obstetrician-gynecologist Yana Nikitenko. - It is impossible to be nervous, as stress only aggravates the situation. "
  • The specialist recommends the next action algorithm. Relax.
  • Try to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Breathe deeply, calm down. Short-term hyperthonus will not harm you or a child, but it is important to get rid of uncomfortable sensations as soon as possible. Take a bath.
  • Warm water contributes to relaxation. Add aromatic oils to the bath, lie in a pleasant water, listen to calm music. Make sure the intestine is all right.

Often, the development of hypertonus leads disorders of the digestive system. If you are worried about bloating or constipation, you need to clean the intestine. If the defecation is naturally caused by complexity, it will help the purification of the intestine of the enema.

Adopt the drug recommended by the doctor.

As a means of emergency, you can independently take a tablet but-shti or doll. Effectively and safely use of papaverine in the form of rectal candles. These drugs should always be at hand, if the hypertonus occurs quite often. They should be replenished with a home first aid kit every pregnant woman.

Fatigue can provoke hypertonus

If you can call your doctor and discuss your condition with him. If necessary, the doctor will recommend to come to women's consultation on the inspection or send to hospital on hospitalization.

If against the background of the uncomfortable sensations at the bottom of the belly, you noticed bloody seals, you need to urgently contact the doctor. At night, when women's consultations are already closed, it is necessary to call an ambulance or independently come to the hospital, the hospital of the gynecological department, where pregnant women have medical care around the clock.

"After receiving the tablets, you need to apply for a reception to your doctor," said Yana Nikitenko. "The specialist will determine the cause of Hypertonus and will select the appropriate therapy."

  • Preparations with uterus tone If the gynecologist's planned admission notices the signs of Hyperthonus, it can recommend the future mother of the reception of drugs. No need to refuse them. Means used in gynecological practice are absolutely safe for the fetus. At the same time, they improve the well-being of the future mother, reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and its involuntary interruption on any time.
  • According to the doctor of the obstetrician-gynecologist Yana Nikitenko, the preparations of several groups can be appointed. Spasmolytics.
  • Among them are Papaverin, drootaverin, which eliminate muscle spasms and relax a smooth muscles, thereby normalize the state of the uterus. Sedatives.

Often future mothers are recommended to take Valerian extract, which is also safe for the infant. But when used, it is important to take into account several factors. First, the effect of admission of valerian develops not immediately, but is formed cumulatively for several weeks of its use. And secondly, it is necessary to observe the dosage recommended by a doctor or manufacturer, since, having accepted one pill valerian, it is impossible to affect neither the tone of the uterus or an emotional state.