Modern cosmetic companies produce thousands of a wide variety of products. On store shelves, you can find a wide variety of facilities and decorative cosmetics. Most girls prefer complement their images with appropriate makeup. And if earlier it was enough to cut the eyelashes, add some shadows to the eyelid and make up the lips of lipstick, now the make-up is art and its execution requires the use of many cosmetics at the same time.


Makeup artists and cosmetologists recommend using a face primer before applying any other cosmetics. This product creates a protective barrier on the skin. Moreover, the primer not only protects the dermis from the negative effect of the environment, but also lines the tone and texture of the skin, dishes its shortcomings and hides the imperfection, has a nutritious and moisturizing effect. Also, this product solves the problem of hiding small wrinkles - after it is applied, wrinkles will become much less noticeable.


The primer for the face is often used in everyday and professional make-up. This tool is used as a basis for a base for makeup or a tone cream. Due to the fact that it levels the dermis, the subsequent application of decorative cosmetics products becomes a fairly simple process.

Another feature of this product is to increase the level of makeup resistance. The primer is a kind of binding element between the derma and other cosmetics, which allows them to be used in smaller quantities and not worry about the resistance.

Types of primers for face

In the process of choosing a primer for a person, skin features and the desired result of using the product should be taken into account. Manufacturers offer several variants of this cosmetic product. Each of them has its own characteristics and has a functional orientation.

Silicone primer

Silicone-based face primer, often possesses gel texture, which makes it practically not tangible on the skin. It has no color. His main task is to align the surface of the dermis. Such a primer perfectly hides wrinkles and narrows pores, promotes disguise and other skin deficiencies.

Silicone primer

Due to its properties, this element of cosmetics is an excellent base for subsequent application of a tone or powder. It also contributes to an increase in makeup resistance and creates a protective barrier on the skin.

Important information!

Experts note that the silicone primer is suitable for age and oily skin, but the use of it on a problem tree is contraindicated.

Cream primer

Nutrition and skin moisturizing are the basic functions of a cream primer. The product has a light texture, perfectly refreshing the skin, protecting it from the negative effect of external factors. The ceremony primer also copes with alignment of the skin tone, slightly smoothes its relief and prepares to subsequent makeup.

Cream primer

Important information!

This kind of primer is universal and its use is appropriate on any skin type. Most often, such a texture of the cosmetic product gives their preference to the girl with dry and combined skin.

Liquid primer

For girls whose skin is prone to fatty and owners of a combined skin type, a primer with the easiest texture - liquid, in the form of lotion. The water base of this product and the absence of any oils in the composition make it practically not tangible on the skin. The same factors provide easy and rapid application of the primer on the skin. It has the effect of express moistening.

Liquid primer

Important information!

Liquid primer, despite its ease, copes with all the main tasks of a cosmetic tool of this kind - levels the tone of the skin, refreshes it, protects and prepares to apply makeup.


For girls whose leather needs additional care, the most suitable option will be the oil-primer. Its creators managed to combine their care and decorative cosmetics in this product.


Oils included in this primer make the skin more elastic, elastic, smoothed wrinkles. Naturally, nutritious and moisturizing functions of this means are also at the height. At the same time, the oil-primer hides all the visible flaws of the dermis and levels the tone.

Important information!

Moreover, it is precisely oils that contribute to the easier applying of the basics for makeup or a tone. Makeup resistance, when using oil primer, increases significantly.

Matting primer

The composition of the matting primer includes various mineral particles. It is they who contribute to the absorption of the leather oil, without polluting the pores and not allowing fatty gloss on the skin during the day. Thanks to this, the primer makes the skin matte.

Matting primer

Important information!

Naturally, it performs a number of basic functions - smoothes the relief and tone of the dermis, contributes to moisturizing, nutrition and protection. This type of cosmetic product is preferred for greasy and combined skin.

Shining primer

The main function of the shiny primer is to highlight the skin, giving it a fresh and rested appearance. This property is due to the presence of reflective microparticles in the composition of the product. The shining primer is noticeably transforming the skin tone and leveled it.

Shining primer

Important information!

By preferring this product, you should consider what it is produced in several colors. It is necessary that the tone of the means is as close as possible to the skin tone.

Green primer

Pricework primer - green or adjusting. The main function is to mask the flaws of the skin - redness and rashes. What he copes with its color and texture. Its consistency is close to the corrector.

Green primer

Important information!

This product will be the perfect choice of girls with problem skin. In addition to masking significant flaws of the skin, it also helps to hide and irregular skin tone. It is worth noting that the application of a green primer is allowed only to the point method for adjusting certain sections of the dermis surface.

Choosing a primer in color

Silicone and green primers are universal. They are suitable for any skin tone, since the silicone agent is transparent, and the green primer is created as a means of point application to adjust the shortcomings. And, for example, the shining primer is produced in various colors. Therefore, to choose the right tone, you need to take into account several features.

Pink shade primer

Pink shade primer is ideal for age-related skin. It helps to hide yellow stains on the dermis, and also gives the face a fresh, rested.

Purple and Lilac Shade Primer

Purple and lilac shades primers are more suitable for dark skin. They refresh the skin and add healthy radiance to it. However, pale skin they can give the tired appearance. It is necessary to consider when choosing such shades.

Pryer of yellow tint

The cosmetic product of the yellow shade is perfectly coping with disguise the blue of the eye around the eyes and helps to visually hide the swelling under the eyes.

Primer natural shades

Natural shades are adjusted for skin tone, so each girl can pick up the perfect option. A feature of such primers is that it is permissible to be used without further applying a tone.

Important information!

Important! When choosing a primer, it is necessary to observe the following rule: Cold bottom of the skin - a cold glow of primer, warm subtle leather - primers of warm tones.

Primer and Based Makeup - What is the difference

And the basis for makeup, and the primer perform similar functions - they prepare the skin to further apply cosmetics, aligning it tone and relief. Many manufacturers and makeup artists say that this is the same product with different names.

In fact, the first difference between the Makeup Base from the primer lies in the consistency. Pricewer has a sufficiently liquid and light texture. The basis for makeup resembles a conventional cream, it is more dense than primer. The main difference between these two funds is to be destined.

Functions of the Makeup Base:

  • Leather alignment;
  • alignment of the relief of the dermis;
  • an increase in the resistance of makeup;
  • An increase in the brightness of the cosmetics applied over the base.

Prime function:

  • leveled tone and skin relief;
  • Moisturizing and food of the dermis;
  • protection of the skin from negative environmental impacts, including solar rays;
  • masking of flaws of skin - redness, rash, pigment spots, etc.;
  • Increase the resistance of makeup.

Thus, the primer is directed not only to improve the quality of makeup, but also for skin care, its protection and nutrition. The basis for makeup, in turn, is created exclusively as a means of decorative cosmetics. Moreover, some types of primers can be used as an independent means, i.e. The application of a tonal cream is absolutely not necessary on them, since they not only leve out the tone of the face, but also matured, hide the shortcomings. Using the basics of the makeup is implied only with further applying other means of decorative cosmetics.

Difference of the primer from the consistery

Consiller - This is a cosmetic tool designed to disguise the problem areas of the skin - rash, redness, minor wrinkles, etc. It has a light texture and line of shades close to natural.

The main and only conservative task is to hide the visible flaws of the skin. . In the same time, The main function of the primer is the creation of a protective barrier on the skin and prepare it to apply other means of decorative cosmetics, incl. Consilers .

It should also be noted that the consiler is applied on top of the tonal base or primer. He cannot serve as a base of makeup. This tool does not have moisturizing or protective properties.

Due to its texture and the presence of a saturated pigment, the consilet is able to smooth the skin tone and add her light shine. At the same time, it does not apply as an independent cosmetics - only in a complex with other products of decorative cosmetics.

Alternative to Primeru

Primer for face is a universal product. It provides the preparation of the dermis to apply makeup, and also takes care of it and performs protective functions. At the same time, as well as any other cosmetic medium, the primer can be found a replacement.

Top 3 Product Replacing Face Primer:

1 place BB-cream

In the first place - BB-cream. This is a means, which also, like the primer, combines the properties of the care and decorative cosmetics. It perfectly copes with moisture and nutrition of the skin, lines its tone, has protective properties. Initially, BB cream is created as a means that can be used instead of a tonal cream. In addition, it can be applied both as a primer. In case BB-cream is applied to a tonal tool, it is necessary to use it in a minimum number.

2nd place - moisturizing cream

Moisturizing cream is always applied to the skin before using cosmetics. It is not able to align the tone and relief of the dermis, but it may well prepare it to apply makeup and soften it. As a substitute for primer, the moisturizer is in second place.

3 place - after shaving balm

Last on the list - after shaving balm. Use it daily, as an alternative to the primer, it is impossible. But sometimes he can become salvation. After shaving balm, perfectly matures and leveled the skin, and also increases the resistance of makeup. Any of these funds can replace the primer in an emergency situation, but their use on an ongoing basis as an alternative is not recommended.

Step-by-step instructions for using primer

Using a facial primer is the simplest process. Many girls use this means when applying makeup at home. For this you do not need to have some special skills. Enough to follow the following instructions:

1 step

First of all, when preparing for the application of makeup (with the participation of primer or without it), it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin, and then moisturize. Most individual primers contain moisturizing and nutrient components in their composition, but cosmetologists are still recommended to pre-moisten the skin with functional cream or serum.

2 step

Next, it is necessary to determine the method of application, depending on the texture and purpose of primer. For example, the green primer is applied point to those zones that require correction, and liquid primer or oil - on the entire surface of the skin of the face.

Final Step

After passing the first 2 stages, you can proceed directly to the application of the means. You can do it as the tips of your fingers and a special sponge or brush. Starting the process follows from the middle of the person, evenly distributing the cosmetic to the edges. Movements should be driven, lungs. In no case cannot be allowed in the process of mechanical damage of the dermis, as well as not overdo it in order not to cause redness.

The note!

It is worth noting that in some cases it is possible to apply several types of primers at the same time. For example, to hide rashes or redness, you can first point to use the adjusting primer, and then apply the product as a lotion on the entire surface of the skin of the face. It should be borne in mind that the green primer requires compulsory applying a tone cream or powder over it, otherwise the skin will look at least strange.

Errors when applying primer

Primer - a fairly easy process. But in it, many make mistakes that subsequently lead to an urgent type of makeup.

The most common of them:

1 Error!

Applying primer for not moisturized skin. Although this product has the leaving properties, it is still a means of decorative cosmetics. Therefore, it is necessary to moisten the skin with light cream or serum before applying the primer for the face;

2 Error!

Applying a primer on the non-absorbed moisturizing cream. Be sure to wait until the previous remedy is absorbed / dry and only then apply primer;

3 Error!

Applying any cosmetics immediately immediately after using the primer for the face is also unacceptable. It is necessary to give the primer to absorb the skin before proceeding to further applying makeup, otherwise some cosmetic agents may lie with an uneven layer, which will lead to a sloppy type of makeup;

4 Error!

Creating a thick layer of primer in the field of lips and around the eyes. To achieve the most natural effect, it is necessary to apply a means in these areas of thin layer. Speaking about the rest of the sections, allowing the product to lay.

Best Brands Primer Face

Each major cosmetic company produces various line of primers. Since this agent is quite popular, at the moment you can select leading brands whose primers are most in demand and have proven themselves as high-quality elements of decorative cosmetics.

Top 5 Best Primer Brands:

Honorable first place is the primer from Mac - Prep Prime Skin Base Visage . It is a liquid primer - lotion that copes with all the tasks inherent in primers. It has a shimmer that gives the skin a healthy glow and shine. The creators of this primer took care not only about the quality of the product, but also about the convenient package - the bottle with the dispenser, the volume of 30ml.

Mac - Prep Prime Skin Base Visage

In the second place of the rating Infaillible Mattifying Primer from L'Oreal Paris - Primer Texture Primer With a high level of matting properties. This product is designed for use on fat and problem skin. Due to its properties, Infillible Mattifying Primer contributes to the bold gloss blocking for 10-12 hours. It helps to increase the resistance of makeup, eliminates irregularities on the surface of the skin and levels it tone.

Infaillible Mattifying Primer from L'Oreal Paris - Primer Texture Primer

Touche Eclat Blur Primer from YSL is a light shining primer . It copes perfectly with the task of equalizing the tone, and also highlights the skin due to reflective microparticles included in its composition. Also as part of this agent there are oils that feed the skin and contribute to the narrowing of the pores.

Touche Eclat Blur Primer from YSL is a light shining primer

Next in ranking - Prime Having possession of the easiest gel texture - Born to Glow from the world brand NYX . Due to its structure, the product is practically not felt on the skin. Gently softens the dermis, makes it a tone more even, and also gives it a healthy radiance.

Primer - Born to Glow from the world brand NYX

The final place in the ranking occupies Stage Performer Block: Booster produced by Shu Umura . This cosmetic is created with the participation of the vigorous professionals. The product has high rates of cosmetic properties, as well as softens the skin. The most significant advantages of this primer is that it protects the skin from UV rays and has anti-inflammatory components in the composition. This primer is perfect for girls who are often visited by photo shoots, as well as for beach lover.

Important information!

Important! Purchase cosmetic products are needed in branded stores or in proven suppliers to avoid fakes.

Budget Primers for Face

Professionals are recommended to acquire primers in small volumes, as they have their own shelf life, and they have a minimum consumption. When choosing a cosmetic product, it is worth paying attention not to the brand and price, but on quality. Among budgetary options for primers you can also find high-quality products.

Top 7 budget primers for face:

Honorable first place occupies Primer from the famous Brand Maybelline - Baby Skin . It has a light gel texture. Perfectly copes with leveled skin tones and relief. Mildly hides the shortcomings of the dermis. This universal product suitable for all types of dermis. It should be borne in mind that the owners of problem skin with rashes will have to supplement the use of a green primer to disguise defects. In this case, its price is quite acceptable and accessible.

Primer from the famous Brand Maybelline - Baby Skin

Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Base from Holica is a primer on a natural basis. It includes cotton, citrus, blueberry and lotus extracts. The skin, after applying this tool, acquires a shining health view, smooth tone and relief. Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Base is universal and is like any type of dermis.

Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Base from Holica is a primer

At the next stage of the rating costs Hyaluron primer from the domestic lebrider manufacturer . This product is distinguished by high quality and content in its composition of hyaluronic acid. The tool smoothes the tone of the dermis, nourishes it, increases the resistance of makeup, and also creates a protective layer on the surface of the dermis.

Hyaluron primer from the domestic lebrider manufacturer

Perfect Skin Developed by the Russian Brand Promake-Up Laboratory Also relates to budget variants of primers. It has an oil texture and is created on a herbal basis. This product does not just prepare the skin to subsequent makeup apply and serves as a clutch link, but also at the highest level copes with the task of moisturizing and feeding the dermis.

Perfect Skin Developed by the Russian Brand Promake-Up Laboratory

LUMI MAGIC PRIMER PURE LIGHT, produced by the L'Oreal Paris brand Located at the 5th stage of the rating. The main task of this primer is to highlight the skin. And he copes with her perfectly. The advantage of this product is that it can also be used as a high-tech, causing separate areas of the skin.

LUMI MAGIC PRIMER PURE LIGHT, produced by the L'Oreal Paris brand

Max Factor Primer Facefinity - This is the optimal product for use in the summer season. It contains the UV filter SPF-20. It is also one of the most persistent primers. It contains elements that absorb skin fat and non-admitting formation on the skin of the fatty gloss for 8-10 hours in a row.

Max Factor Primer Facefinity

Completes Top 7 Prime Brand Catrice - Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner . The consistency of this product resembles a gentle souffle, it does not quite feel on the skin, although it is produced on a silicone basis. It has pink color, matting properties. Excellent copes with the smoothing of the skin relief and equalizing its tone. Despite the low price, Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner is a really high-quality product.

Prime Brand Catrice - Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner

Best Fat Leather Primers

Ladies whose derma belongs to the fatty type and is inclined to the emergence of rashes and inflammation, it is necessary to accommodively approach the choice of cosmetics. The main function of the primer is to hide skin deficiencies, incl. and greens. Before purchasing any product, it is necessary to study its characteristics.

Top 5 primers for fatty skin:

Opens a rating Primer from the Korean manufacturer Tony Moly - Silky Smooth Balm Egg Pore . It is designed directly for the skin, which is prone to fatty and the emergence of various kinds of problems (rashes, redness, inflammation, etc.). Masks traces of rash, blocks the occurrence of oily shine on the face, narrows the pores, without scoring them.

Primer from the Korean manufacturer Tony Moly - Silky Smooth Balm Egg Pore

Bio Helix from the Belarusian manufacturer Markell Cosmetics is a matting primer . It perfectly solves the problem of preventing the appearance of oily shine, has high matting properties, makes skin tone smooth and smoothes its surface.

Bio Helix from the Belarusian manufacturer Markell Cosmetics Matting Prime

Famous company Oriflame. Also developed a primer for girls whose skin has a fat type. It is called Prep Me Perfect. And enters the cosmetic line of Very Me. This product narrows the pores and copes with the task of preparation of oily skin to apply makeup, providing him with resistance.

Prep Me Perfect Oriflame

Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer from NYX - Prime That will suit girls whose skin is prone to fatty and rash of various kinds. His feature is that he not only hides the existing shortcomings of the dermis, but also prevents the formation of new rash. Excellent leishes the skin and relief, increases the resistance of makeup and makes the pores barely noticeable.

Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer from NYX - Prime

The final place in the ranking occupies Studio Secrets Primer from L'Oreal Paris . Matting primer, cope with all the main tasks of the cosmetic product of this kind. The advantage of Studio Secrets Primer is that it will qualitatively masks small wrinkles and perfectly smoothes the skin surface, preparing it for making makeup.

Studio Secrets Primer from L'Oreal Paris

The best leather leather primers

Dry skin requires a special approach in choosing cosmetics. In no case cannot choose funds that can aggravate her dryness.

Top 5 primers for dry skin:

Prime Hidrablur from the American Dermalogica Brand - Best cosmetic for dry skin. Its composition is unique, since when it is created, H2O Release technology, vegetable extracts and oils were used. It contributes to deep moistening of the skin, not allowing moisture to evaporate. Makes the skin matte, and its tone is smooth, keeping her natural hue.

Prime Hidrablur from the American Dermalogica Brand

In the second position of the rating Polish cosmetic PAESE . This primer is enriched with nutrient oils that feed dry skin and moisturize it. Its texture is pretty light, so he does not cope with the hidden shortcomings of the dermis. At the same time, the primer knows the tone perfectly and increases the resistance of makeup, preventing the formation of peeling on the skin.

Polish cosmetic PAESE

Fresh and Fit from the German brand Essence - Budget version of the primer for the skin prone to dryness. In quality, he is not inferior to luxury products. Its natural composition provides dry skin nutrition and necessary moisturizing. And thanks to reflective particles, this primer gives the skin a healthy radiance and rested.

Fresh and Fit from the German brand Essence

Missha Layer blurring - This is a whole series of primers, consisting of 4 products having a different purpose. This includes a reflective primer that levels the tone, equalizing the relief, as well as a means that increases the resistance of makeup. Each of the 4-product series is suitable for dry skin, because it contains moisturizing and nutrient components, does not dry the skin.

Missha Layer blurring

Completes the rating of the product of the Belarusian manufacturer Belita Viteks - Amore . Gel texture primer provides skin not only moisturizing, but also excellent disguise, filling wrinkles, tone alignment. This product matches the skin and prevents the negative impact on it of the environment. Amore is suitable even for use in the area around the eyes.

Belita Viteks - Amore
Ekaterina Prudnikova

Also engaged in aesthetic cosmetology! Now I'm growing eyelashes, I spend the master classes, teaching!

Ekaterina Prudnikova

Primer for face

Hello all lovers of high-quality cosmetics! Everyone will multiply when the skin looks smooth, well-groomed without any imperfections. Of course, there are tone bases and BB-creams, but they do not always fully hide the imperfections, and in some cases they even emphasize them. Therefore, we will talk about Primera today. This is exactly the means that will cope in this situation. So what is the primer? What kind of responsiveness does it have? Let's answer these questions together!

What is a primer?

From English, this word is translated as "primary". Kaknetoodly guess, the primer is applied to the skin the very first, is the base of the podma. For what? Everything is simple: it is like a foundation for the subsequent cosmetics, thereby increasing the resistance of makeup. But this is not all. The fact that cosmetics on your face will be kept much longer, the primer also improves the skin view: it looks more even and healthy.

What properties is the primer?

As we mentioned earlier, the primer is a finebase under the tonalnik. It perfectly prevents makeup from rolling. This is the first, but far from its only property.

The main property of the primer is its ability to think skin. The product incredibly aligns skin relief, eliminating small disadvantages, as extended pores. At the same time, it is important to note that the remotemer does not score them. Due to this, the tonal agent will more evenly be on the skin, and makeup looks more natural.

Property Prime

Everything else, the primer can hide small-paced and pigmentation. Of course, it will not replace the real tonal cream, however, the lucky owners of normal skin without problems can be used as a primer especially in the summer.

Many primers also possess individual and very dulygeneh properties. For example, there are primers who protect the skin of the deulthiolet, and therefore they prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging. There are also primers containing various useful substances. Oninepute the skin with vitamins, making it healthier.

Application of the Consilers

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Consiller: What is it and how to choose it?

Types of primers:

Here the manufacturers are full "diverged" if you can have to be tied. Primimers are completely different, with different properties, and choosing to be taken into account.

Types of primers

№1. Shining primer

Such primer contains special reflective pripers, which give the skin the desired radiance. The face looks moisturized, fresh and healthy. But many people have the effect of such a primer to be mistaken with a fatty gloss, so the remedy does not use special role. And it's very in vain. Shining primer makes a face more rested light.

№2. Cream primer

If you have not been able to choose from all the abundance of the primer-fit you, then take cream. This tool will suit absolutely any skin. It is perfectly moisturizes and is just an ideal database of the podmaking: the tone lies easily and evenly.

Number 3. Matting primer

As it is clear from the name, such a primer is perfectly suitable for fatty problem skin. Adjusting the work of the sebaceous glands, the remedy eliminates the skin of the period-devissant oily gloss, without failing to scoring the pores.

№4. Silicone primer

Do not worry, silicone is not always bad! In this case, this is excellent. Silicone primer is blunt and designed to smooth out the face. It perfectly levels the skin, and also narrows the pores. The kennel is evenly, the skin looks smooth and silky. When the selected blood primer should consider the skin type. The remedy is perfectly suitable in fatty white skin, but the owners of the problem will have to immediately refuse the subcurrent primer.

№5. Oil-based primer

Such a means is not just an excellent base of pimacing. It also cares for the skin, makes it more moisturized and elastic, aligns wrinkles. Oil-based primer is very versatile. Beautiful and decorative, and leaving functions, it has favorably affects the navid of the skin, and at its condition.

№6. Liquid primer

The primer in the form of lotion has a weightless texture, it is absolutely not similar to others. It is absolutely not felt on the lyceum at the same time perfectly moisturizes the skin, aligns the tone. Most of all, it means fat and combined skin.

№7. Green primer

The only primer that is applied point. By this, the consilet resembles this. Such a primer perfectly hides redness of the evospect. With him the skin will surely look smooth and soft.

Choosing a primer, always take into account his appearance and type you are! Incorrectly selected remedy may not affect your skin!

Using primer:

First you should prepare the skin for the application of cosmetics in general. What is needed for this? Moisten the skin. This can be done using a face or emulsion cream. What is it for? So cosmetics will be applied exactly, and makeup longer hold on.

Using primer

The next step we apply primer. Mattling primer should coincide with the skin. Apply a tool around the face (the green exclusion is inclined, only problem areas are covered). First, squeeze the sounder on the palm. Now wet sponge or brush circular motiminct on the face. Uniformly distribute from the eye area to the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin.

Make sure you evenly applied to the face. Especially pay attention to the T-zone. If necessary, apply primer with re-tapping movements in problem areas. Wait when the tool serves and you can impose the remaining cosmetics.

We recommend:

Makeup can and should be natural. In order not to apply a thick layer of a tonal cream and look strange, it was invented a product that helps to achieve a natural effect - a facial primer.

PRIMER FOR FACE: What is it, who needs, how to choose and how to use

What is the facial primer need?

The primer is a cosmetic agent that is differently called the basic makeup. Its main function is to simplify the application of the tone base and reduce its number on the face.

The girls who use the tonal means know that they are dense and capricious, emphasize the peeling on the face and with large numbers are noticeably allocated. The primer helps to work the skin features to the disguise stage, thereby helping to achieve a more natural effect.

Initially, the primer was conceived as an intermediate tool intended for use before more resistant textures. Modern brands offer such products that are able to fully close all the needs of the consumer, removing the need to use a tonal tool at all. Of course, it largely depends on the type of human skin.

Types of primers for face

Primers in their functions are divided into two categories:

  • by type of leather;
  • By color correction.

If we consider the databases for use on different types of skin, then they happen:

  • moisturizing;
  • matting;
  • highlighting;
  • Aligning.

Moisturizers help to work out dry skin and do not give dense tonal bases to emphasize the peeling and texture. Mating struggling with excessive fatness on the face, prolong the durability of the tone and its mattness.

The highlighting bases are designed to refresh the gray or dull color. Aligning fill the extended pores and other irregularities, not giving a tonal cream to fall into the skin and look neakuke.

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer
Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer

The next type of classification of primers - by color correction. Each shade performs its function:

  • Green hides redness;
  • Pink refreshing and hides brown shades (pigment stains, uneven traces of sunbathing);
  • Yellow helps from the blue;
  • Beige-peach makes a light masking of imperfections;
  • Lilac eliminates excess yellowness.

It is important to remember that the primer is applied with the finest layer and does not carry the function of a complete masking of skin deficiencies. It is intended for pre-working person, so it is impossible to use it in large quantities. It will not help and only spoil the subsequent makeup.

How to choose a facial primer?

To properly choose a base for makeup, you should decide on your skin type. If it is marked with peelings, the frequent feeling of the depth, which is neutralized only by moisturizing cream, and it is not susceptible to oily shine - then the skin is dry and she needs moisturizing. No need to acquire a matting primer, he will only aggravate the situation.

When the skin acquires a fat brilliance soon after washing, and the tone bases are not delayed on it for a long time, this means that the face requires a matting primer. If an additional moisturizing product is applied to the fatty, then the benefits will not be added.

It should be remembered that the highlighting bases contain the smallest reflective particles, and therefore they will emphasize all the imperfections on the problem skin. Such products can be used only on a person that does not have visible flaws.

If it is difficult to make it difficult to make it difficult and difficult to decide on the skin type, you can always contact the consultants in the store, or to the beautician. The last option is preferable, because it is a real specialist who will help in solving problems and will advise the best cosmetics.

How to use a facial primer?

PRIMER FOR FACE: What is it, who needs, how to choose and how to use

Usually, the primer in its consistency is similar to thick cream, sometimes on a liquid gel. In both cases, the remedy is optimally applied by the hands of a very thin layer. When contacting the skin, the base soften and better falls on the face. Here are the basic rules of use of the means:

  • Apply it only on a clean face.
  • Pre-process the skin with tonic or lotion, apply day cream.
  • Take a small amount of primer and scroll between your fingers. Apply neat and fast movements to the face, moving from the center to the periphery.
  • Do not apply the primer to the whole face without the need, work only with the desired sites.
  • It is allowed to apply a brush, but with this option it is impossible to feel how much product is applied and is uniformly distributed. In the future, it may worsen the quality of makeup.
  • After applying the primer, especially if he is moisturizing, you need to wait a minute or two until the tool is absorbed.
  • Next, you can proceed to apply a tone basis.

Remember that the primer is not intended to apply under the eyes or forever. For the eyelid there are special bases that will not harm the eyes.

How can I replace the primer for the face?

The cosmetic market is developing rapid steps, manufacturers every year please buyers with revolutionary innovations. The main task for brands is multifunctionality and convenience. Manufacturers understand that modern people do not want to spend each morning at the mirror at the mirror, and therefore produce products aimed at solving several tasks at once.

In terms of primers, day-made face creams are excellent replacement. For many of them, manufacturers write: "Suitable as a base for makeup."

It should be understood that if a supporting cream is already applied to the face, then applying a moisturizing primer - not the best undertaking. Cosmetics must neutralize and support each other. The convergence threatens the fact that the makeup "crashes" in an hour or another after applying.

The second good replacement of the base will be oil for face. It takes only 2-3 drops, it facilitates the distribution of the tone and cares for the skin.

The modern cosmetic market offers a huge amount of cosmetics for every taste and wallet. There are a number of budget primers who perfectly cope with their functions. Sometimes a girl is just a good moisturizing cream.