Hematogen and Health Risks: Myths and Reality


The acting component of hematogen - blood proteins. And any proteins are an increased risk of allergy. Therefore, hematogen follows with caution to offer allergies - or to abandon this idea at all.

Extra calories

Hematogen calorie content is 354 kcal / 100 g of product. The bulk share - 75.7 g of 100 g is carbohydrates. It also contains approximately 6 g of proteins and 3 g of fats. Because of such a high caloric content and a large amount of sugar in the composition of the hematogen filler, it is not recommended that people suffering from obesity, as well as from diabetes, with caution can be taken to patients with pancreas diseases. With prolonged reception of the drug, a stomach disorder is possible.

An even more calorie is the modern modification of hematogen - "hematogenka". The product is made on the basis of purified hemoglobin and also contains gelatin, glycerin, salt, lecithin, glaze and a molasses. The calorie content of "hematogenics" is already 425 kcal.

Overdose iron

If a person has anemia that is not associated with iron deficiency, the reception of hematogen can cause an overdose of this trace element. And this is also a rather dangerous healthcare state at which the risk of blood clots and reduction of blood pressure increases. Therefore, without recommendation, the doctor independently appoint itself or child hematogen is not recommended.

The threat of infection with prions

Cowbody Blood is associated with risk of infection with prions - - unusual proteins that have an abnormal structure and can "multiply" using live cells like viruses for this. In fact, it is an infection that leads to the formation of protein aggregates in the affected tissues and, as a result, to their dying. The main target of the prions is a brain. This disease may have an incubation period calculated by decades, but after activation of the disease, the patient has no chance of recovery, after a while he dies.

One of the options for infection with prions is the use of contaminated meat and blood of cows affected by the spongy encephalopathy of cattle. In humans, such prions cause Creitzfeldt-Jacob's disease.

Today there is no this threat. Blood is thoroughly processing and testing, so hematogen does not contain prions and other infections.


Hematogen is delicious and subject to all production technologies a fairly safe product, unless, of course, do not consider the presence of various dyes, flavors and other food additives added to give it taste and smell. But with the current wealth of hematogen selection is not the only drug for the treatment of anemia or iron deficiency. So you can always choose something not so calorie, but no less efficient.

If the choice fell on hematogen, it should be remembered that it should be better consulted about its purchase with a doctor. And when purchasing, choosing as little as possible on snack as possible - without raisins, nuts, glaze and other additional components.

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At first, I placed this note in the community to the question of hematogen, but the thought decided to preserve the enemic. I love all the inconsistent horror stories Ivreda familiar products.

Domestic pharmaceutical enterprises since the 30s produced by the preparation called "Hematogen", similar to the Iris candy desobencing black food albumin (dried-stabilized blood or erythrocyte mass of large horogoskota).

Hematogen is obtained by stirring when heated to 125 axle syrup, condensed milk and molasses before obtaining the hystimass, followed by adding (at 65-70 0 ° C) of black food. This drug was traditionally prescribed in a high-strength-nutrient product during anemia, in postoperative reader, after infectious and other diseases. However, input medicine there are no experimental data of the oral and prophylactic effect "hematogen".

In this regard, recently, a number of producers have been trying to provide the effectiveness of this drug by complementing it in its composition of iron sulfate in fairly largests (on packaging, as a rule, not specified). Moreover, the bitter taste of the latter is trying through the assignment of nuts, raisins and other products.

Another example of the low efficiency of this approach is the preparation of "hemostimulin", which combines black albumin, iron and copper salts, which was suggested to drink 1 -2 glasses of hydrochloric acid solution. Due to the lack of hospitality and numerous side effects, the drug was removed by reproduction.

The low efficiency of food albumin is explained by the processing of this product is extremely difficult for real-olitic enzymes due to the stability of membranes of dried aggregated erythrocytes. It is known that iron can be digeted in a 12-rosted intestine (26 cm long), that is, where the black-eyed albumin is mostly in non-diverting. When entering the thick division of the intestine, the remnants of the undue protein stimulates the growth of pathogenicimicroflores.

A black food albumin is a dried stabilized solid blood or uniform elements of C / h blood and contains a huge amount of allergens, primarily from erythrocyte membranes. For this reason, the consuming of "hematogen" made of black foods, in children and adults are detected allergic reactions. Ethorations are exacerbated with the regular use of this product an anemic state correction sketch.

It is well known that in order to stabilize the prepared blood transplanted polyphosphates that bind and remove from the organism. The leading specialists of children's nutrition (Ustinova, head of children's nutrition in the meat and dairy industry, etc. have long been drawn to this fact. This fact is in fact that actually manufacturers are used by the monitoring of phosphates, 3-4 times higher than the norms.

Cause concerns and persistent albuminenizomolecular impurities: present in the blood of killer animalgamons of endogenous and exogenous origin (including analyzed steroids), various stimulants, medicinal products, etc., which are not controlled during harvesting blood or in the product itself.

All these disadvantages are eliminated during the discharge of the purifiedness of high and low molecular weight hemoglobin impurities.

Therefore, many manufacturers of "hematogen" of the Janalogic Products declare that in the production of its BDA CPPC and food products, instead of a black food albumin, a purified hemoglobin is used, instead of a black food albumin, the purified hemoglobin is used. But actually used Black food albumin, brought from Belarus, Ukraine and various Western Protection.

However, unlike cheap albumin (worth up to 200 rubles), the cost of purified hemoglobin in the West is from 1500 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the degree of purification. With its production, modern membrane technologies are used, chromatography, low-temperature, including sublimation dryers. It is preconditioning technological technologies that are not only eliminated albumin disadvantages, but also to preserve the anti-hemoglobin native structure, including the bivalent form of hemovogenesis, which is also provided by the emergency effect of purified-geneoglobin on the human body.

Often, under the guise of hemoglobin or black food albumin, blood processing products, not certified to use children and potentially dangerous to health. They are supplied from neighboring countries that were dried by radioactive infection after the Chernobyl Eassees accident (Ukraine and Belarus), as well as from Western countries, prompt cases of the spongy encephalitis of large horogoskota.

All listed facts questioned the possibility of use of products based on black food albumin by vorganized nutrition of children and adolescents.

October 12, 2010.

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