Today I will definitely repeat this experiment.

Hi, my name is Sasha, and I want to tell you about the fluid that can be walking. This is Nengeton liquid!

Nengeton liquid

  1. What is Nenyuton liquid?

    This is a liquid that becomes hard if it quickly affects it. For example, if you come to it or try to roll the ball from it. But as soon as you stop acting, the mixture is cut as water.

  2. How to make a Nengeton fluid at home?

    To make a Nengeton liquid, 200 grams of corn starch and 400 ml of water are needed. In a deep bowl, we pour out starch and slowly pour water, mix. It turns out Nengeton liquid. Experiment can be infinite. Here is a whole pool with this liquid.

Cloudy autumn weather is not a reason to miss the window or for the next game on the laptop. It's time to surprise your native home experiments, one of which is the creation of a Nengeton fluid. In the article we will tell about one of the experiments of entertaining physics.

What is Nenyuton liquid

Nengeton fluid is named after the famous English physicist Isaac Newton. This discoverer of the law of world community is known not only to his love for apples. Once, floating on the boat along the river, he noticed that the oars behave strangely. With greater force, he pour into the oars, the greater the resistance was water. If he gave the oars, the rowing slowly, then the water was easy for them.

So, Isaac Newton formulated another physics law: "The viscosity of the fluid is proportional to it " If water to slap with hand, the water resistance will be significantly. If the hand is simply omitted into the water, the water almost does not resist.

But not all fluids obey this law. Some liquid substances, such as mucus, behave as if the law of Newton is not written. They were called Nenyutonovsky.

Interesting and entertaining experiences at home

How to make Nengeton liquid

The easiest and simple way to manufacture - use the help of starch.

Recipe with starch

For this we will need:

  • Starch - 2 parts;
  • water - 1 part;
  • Mixing capacity.

In the starch slowly (the main condition!) Add water Room temperature and thoroughly stirred. According to the consistency, the material obtained must resemble Kisel. To make the substance of color, you can add a food dye.

Such a Nengeton liquid will surprise with its properties not only children, but also adults.

What is interesting to Nengeton liquid and how to get it

Here are what experiments can be held with it:

  • If you put the palm to the bottom of the cup with the mass, and then dramatically take out, then the likelihood is that the plate will rise along with the hand.
  • If you spend on the surface of the substance with your hands, it will gather in lumps.
  • If you put your palm and squeeze your fingers sharply, then a solid layer is formed between your fingers.
  • From the substance with rapid interaction you can roll a bunny or tube.
  • If we overflow the substance from a cup into a cup, then you can see how it flows like water, and the bottom is frozen, as if the dough.

If there is no starch among domestic supplies, you can experiment without it.

PVE adhesive recipe

For this recipe, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • Three quarters of a glass of water and another half of the glass of water;
  • one glass of PVA glue;
  • Two tablespoons of borants.

In one container, we thoroughly mix the PVA glue and three-quarters of a glass of water. In another container mix 2 tablespoons of the borants and half a glass of water. Mix until complete dissolution Boers. Then we connect both fluids into one, if necessary, add a color dye and again all thoroughly. The resulting substance can be put in the package and leave stored in the refrigerator, and if necessary, get to the games again.

How can you at home make a nengetone liquid

"Delicious" recipe for Nengeton fluid

This recipe will especially make children-sweet kids.

The bank of condensed milk pour into a saucepan and put on a small fire on the stove. We add a tablespoon of starch, stir and cook until the liquid thickens. In the resulting substance also for beauty can add food coloring. After the mass becomes homogeneous and thickens, it is necessary to remove it from the stove and put it cool. When children are posted in favor of what happened, a sweet substance with amazing properties can be eaten.

Nengeton liquid in nature and in everyday life

The most famous embodiment of Nengeton fluid in nature is Slying sand . Due to the unusual shape of the grains, they possess the properties of both solid and liquid matter. The flow of water circulating under the zybuchi sand makes the sand loose. When a person comes to him, the grains are redistributed, and it begins to suck. The stronger the person resists, with the greater speed, he immerses in the sand. The only way to get out is to move as slowly and smoothly as possible. Bollard bog has similar properties, which destroyed a lot of people who did not know about the properties of the Nengeton fluid.

The most interesting application of the Nengeton fluid in everyday life was the "Lizun" toy, which Was produced for the first time In 1976. Because of his amazing properties, she instantly acquired extraordinary popularity. Elasticity, fluidity, the ability to transform infinitely transformed with one of the most desirable acquisitions for children of that time. The toy is in demand today.

Also, Nengeton fluid learned to apply in the chemical, refineries and other industries. The properties of this substance have waste mud, liquid soap, toothpaste.

Entertaining physics - interesting experiences

What is newtonian liquid

Newtonian liquid is a fluid that, unlike its antagonist, is subject to the law on viscosity of Newton Isaac. Some special manufacturer's recipes it does not require. Similar substances around us are many - water, vegetable oil, milk, juice. With whatever power on them, they are neither affected, they are stirred or overflow them, they still retain their liquid properties. Such a liquid does not freeze, if it is overflowing from a mug into a mug, and not going to lumps, if it is done with hand.


See how at home to make Nengeton liquid with your own hands.

So our turn came to admire the unusual properties of the Nengeton fluid :) So just to do it, so little for this you need, and so interesting to mess around with it! Even I was terribly curiously studying her magic properties, but what to talk about children! I have long been going to try what it is, but everything was postponed to some "special case." Thanks Kate - she did not wait anything, but as soon as she read her recipe on the book with physical experiences, immediately came to me with the question: "Where did you have starch?" I had to get starch, to start the "dough", and then the real miracle began!

Unfortunately, this photo is poorly transmitted, because most importantly in such liquids - how they behave when working with them. Nengeton liquid, this is such a liquid whose viscosity depends on the change in speed. We all know that honey is thick liquid, viscous - it flows very slowly and slowly fills the vessel in which it was blocked. And the milk is a liquid with a low viscosity. She immediately takes the form that the vessel has and instantly spreads over it. But honey is always honey, and milk is always milk. But Nengeton liquids can be viscous and immediately completely liquid. It all depends on what they do with them. An example of such a fluid is trendy now Handgam (hand chewing) and lysun, and also - the usual marsh bog or the sanding sands. And there is one more option of Nengeton fluid, which is called "OBLEK" ("OobleCK") .And we ourselves can easily make such a liquid right in the kitchen. The recipe is simple: you only need starch (potato or corn) and water.

how to make Nengeton liquid

So, Recipe of the Nengeton liquid from starch: on 2 parts of the starch Add 1 part of the water and mix your hands

We are in order to play in the bowl, they took 1 cup of starch and the floor of a glass of water.

By the way, if the starch takes much more, then the one will turn out

Artificial snow

I somehow told in winter about. So, it turns out how many interesting things can be made from starch, not only kischi :)

Nengeton liquid from starch
Nengeton liquid from starch

The first unusualness we noticed at the mixing stage of the fluid. In appearance and consistency it looks like dough for pancakes. But it is difficult to stir enough - she rests on his hands with all his might. And it seems that starch does not dissolve in water. And, indeed, it will not dissolve. That is why liquid has such interesting properties. We will have a suspension - particles of this fluid so and remain separate from each other and from water.

But as soon as we stopped trying starch, we saw that the liquid was already mixed and even turned out to be very homogeneous. Now you can play and study its properties.

What to do with Nengeton Liquid?

We are the first

I studied it just to the touch.

If you quickly mive it with your fingers, raking in a handful, sculpt lumps, then it felt as hard. But as soon as you stop - all luxury literally tearing through the fingers. This is already a very unusual phenomenon itself, with which you can hurt an hour!

Properties of Nengeton liquid
If there is a liquid in the hands - it solidifies it
Properties of Nengeton liquid
If the liquid is left alone - it flows

And you can also try

"Overflow" liquid


If you slowly tilted the bowl, then the liquid flows as sour cream. But if it sharply tilt - she does not flow at all. Therefore, children invented


To surprise dad. Vitya showed him a bowl with a pegless white driver and said that she would catch her head now. And did not have time to protest, as Vitya overturned a bowl with water over his head - and nothing happened, the liquid simply did not break out! Even I, who already knew that it should happen, ash! What to talk about the most uninitiated in the secret of the focus of a person! It will be necessary to remember this focus - we will show on some kind of children's holiday;)

Liquid slowly flows down, but it is impossible to break it, neither
If the container with the liquid is sharply turned over, then it does not flow at all

It is also impossible

Throw liquid from a bowl

. She is not sprinkled at all! If you take a ball and throw it in a bowl - he will just fit into it and there will be no expected burst! It is so contrary to our household ideas about the properties of fluids that I still sent children to play the floor - what if something they still splash on the carpet? ))) But nothing splashed, of course)

Experiments with Nengeton Liquid
If something to throw something to the liquid - the burst will not be.

By the way, any droplets that children still fell from a bowl, remove very easy. After all, they do not penetrate the surface, and so lie with completely dry lumps. They just collect their hands and throw back to the bowl, where they immediately turn into the water.

Another curious game -

Watch how toys like in liquid

. If they sharply "stupid" over the surface, then they are easily "overgrowing" a bowl right along the water of Aki do not :) But if they are taking off in one place, they immediately begin to sink. And in a few seconds, completely immersed in a quagna, from which they are later very difficult to pull out. For example, this alien in the water knee is easier to raise together with the mission than to fly away from it. Katya until the latter was afraid that her kitty we would not find there)))

And now we felt on our own experience, as it happens when the swamp or the swollen sands sucks. Here it is as it turns out! Of course, we have already seen similar effects on the video, where people ran through the Nengeton fluid, but one thing to see on the video, and another to feel like their fingers.

Experiments and experiments with Nengeton liquid
Any items in the liquid are listed as in the swamp.

Impressions and new sensations of the sea! This is not to pass any photos as words. Just dig starch with water, and you will understand everything yourself! If you have not done yet - go and do right now!

I will not explain for a long time that such a Nengeton liquid is, I will say in my own words - this is such a substance that is in calm in liquid state, but it becomes solid at the slightest speeds, if an official description is interesting, you can read on Wikipedia . Today I will make such a liquid and tell about my impressions.


To prepare a liquid, we need potato or corn starch and water, only two ingredients, well, and preferably electronic scales to accurately measure proportions.

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"

Usually, the starch and water in the proportions 3 to 2 are recommended for the preparation of Nengeton fluid in proportions, I will not deviate from these numbers, so I take the remaining starch and weigh it, it turned out exactly 80 grams.

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"

It means for the preparation of the solution, it will be required about 26 grams of water, measuring and thumping into the tank and starch.

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"

Now all the ingredients must be mixed, but it turned out not so simple, because as soon as I poured the water in starch, with the slightest exposure to a spoon, the substance became stone and had to mix very slowly.

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"
Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"
Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"

In general, the amount of water that I was imagined in my opinion is not enough, the mass turned out to be too viscous, but the sensations are not ordinary, if you sharply take the mixture, then it turns into something hard, but if you don't do anything, it quietly flows and dissolves in total weight. On the video below, you can look at this miracle:

In general, I further decided to add some water, but apparently moved, it turned out too liquid :). Therefore, added a little starch, mixed and turned out less that it is necessary. The liquid could be stirred by a finger, if you do not apply any effects, there is practically no resistance, but as soon as you do sharp movements, it turns into something hard and even a fist is impossible to break through. Below you can see the animation, a very unusual miracle happened :) The daughter was just delighted with such a toy.

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"

I hope the information was interesting, thanks for all for your attention! :)

Mixed corn starch and water - got "Nengeton liquid"
Nengeton liquid
Nengeton liquid: YouTube

Do you like to experiment with children? Then Nenyuton liquid will delight the whole family. This substance, depending on the speed, is simultaneously liquid, and viscous. How to cook a miracle liquid? Details in the article.

Nengeton liquid: what it is, the composition

From the school course it is known: water is a liquid that is poured from the vessel when the slope. But the Nenyuton substance does not obey the laws of physics. Proof of this - Handgam, or "Lizun" for hands.

Here are some interesting facts about Nengeton fluid:

  • If the composition is quick in hand, it becomes solid. During inaction, the substance becomes liquid again.
  • With a slow tilt of the vessel, the liquid flows as sour cream. But, if the container is sharply turned over, nothing will be shed.
  • The content cannot be splashing out of the container. Drops on the surface turn into dry lumps.
  • Objects are visited in the substance, as in the quagger. But if they quickly move them on the surface, moving as luck.
Nengeton liquid: how to make
Photo: ugc

Why is this happening? When squeezing, the starch particles are connected and harden. In calm state, the movement of molecules is not limited, so the mass remains liquid.

The viscosity of the substance depends on the speed of exposure: the stronger the effort, the harder mass.

How to make Nengeton liquid? The wonder-mixture consists of two ingredients - water and starch. The viscosity of the composition depends on the amount of proportions.

An unusual means for conducting experiments is a great way to take children and adults.

How to make a nengetone liquid at home

To create a substance, take such ingredients as:

  • Starch (corn or potato) - 900 g;
  • Water - 900 ml.
Nengeton liquid: how to make
Photo: ugc

Prepare deep tank for mixing.

The number of components can be taken any. The main thing is to adhere to the proportion of 1: 1.

This preparation sequence is:

  1. Put the starch in the container.
  2. Follow the water, gradually mixing the ingredients. Let the children are stirred manually by studying the properties of the substance.

Experiment! Try to skip fluid through your fingers, and it will flock. Immerse your hands and try to pull sharply - it will not come out. They will boot like in a swamp, and the container will rise with their hands.

Nengeton liquid: how to make
Photo: ugc

These are the unusual properties of the Nengeton fluid. The composition does not obey the laws of Newton at all, so they are interested in experiments and fascinating.

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