The first half of January is solid holidays that are certainly accompanied by generously 0 9EA54 E24E3FF8 Scovered tables. It is the Christmas holidays that are considered the most severe per year by the degree of load on the body.

How to facilitate the negative effect of alcohol, excess fat and sugar after a series of feasts? Lose weight without diets

When the holidays are suitable for the end, you can arrange the body unloading days, but some special diet do not need to be observed, I said the doctor of medical sciences, the leading scientific officer of the Food Ramne, Professor Arseny Martinchik.

"You just need to consume less calories, less fat, sugar, choose less fat dishes, less fatty varieties of milk, and unloading will come by himself," he said.

Back to the usual weight after the holidays will help unloading days at kefir or apples. In addition, a gastroenterologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Leila Bolatchiev, recommends to establish fractional food:

"Take food 4-5 times a day in small portions, eliminate or significantly limit the use of products that contribute to the impaired secretory and motor functions of the digestive organs. These include spices, marinades, smoked, animal fats."

Sport - Best Unloading

Doctors also advise not to forget that physical activity is the best assistant in the fight against overweight, so it is not worth spending all holidays lying on the sofa.

According to the doctor of the nutritionist of the State Research Center for the Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the candidate of medical sciences Ruzanna Yeganyan, an important rule in the fight against the holidays accumulated over the holidays is a constant motor activity.

"It is necessary to expand motor activity. If the weather allows, it is worth not to drive to the place of work, and go to the apartment is not to rise on the elevator, but on foot. If there is no opportunity to walk every day in the park or go to the gym, it is advisable to increase at least daily household activity . For example, in order to work on the way to visit, to the store and back to walk 30-40 minutes. This is at least, "said Yeganyan. RIA Novosti

All my greeting! How to lose weight after the New Year holidays? This question worries almost all women, and men too. There are many ways not only to lose weight, but also to clean the liver, stomach and the whole organism from all extra and harmful. The main thing to make the first steps to start losing weight

First steps to harmony

Observe the diet in the new year it turns out not to all. And it's a shame not to try everything that is cooked with such love. It seems to many that after the holidays will not be much difficult to reset overweight. But this is not true, you will have to work pretty.

Therefore, without losing time, we begin to "take" for your shape! The first step in this direction is a moral mood.

First, forgive yourself for the fact that they have moved a little bit and no longer scold. Experts have proven that your appetite will be played even more if you constantly feel the feeling of guilt. And we know that many women are hurting their resentment and stress with something delicious.

how to lose weight after the New Year holidays

Leave pleasant New Year's moments in memory and go to the next step. Next step - Turn up patiently and slowly drop weight. Immediately lose weight is always bad for health. First, determine how much kilograms you added. If only 2-3 kg, the week you can reset them. If 5-6 kilograms, then it will be possible to restore the form only for 2 weeks.

So, the first steps are made. Next you need to clean your body. The simplest thing is to drink a glass of slightly hot water in the morning. You can add lemon or honey. The water isoet the intestinal walls and will output all toxins outward. But one water will not be enough. It is necessary not one cleansing enema with a chamomile decoction.

Then you should move to the organization of proper nutrition.

From what is better to refuse during unloading

The main dish for breakfast for several days should be oatmeal on water, preferably without salt and sugar. If you can't eat without salt, add a bit of honey.

For lunch, prepare cream soup, porridge (buckwheat or peashed), light stew from vegetables and grain. Use meat in the form of bone broths. For dinner, a cup of kefir and 5-6 pieces of sparkling prunes.

And eat less than the next vegetables.

1. Belococcal cabbage

Despite the mass of useful properties, this vegetable should not be the basis of a detox. This is quite difficult to master the product and for some people it is simply "explosive." This vegetable can provoke meteorism, belching, rumbling and bloating. All these symptoms will switch to no effect from cleansing.

2. Potatoes (as well as Batt)

When aggravating gastritis, as well as during recovery after poisoning, it is simply indispensable. But in the cleansing diet it should not be used. Here everything is simple: this vegetable is pretty heavy, starchy. And when we lose weight, on the contrary, we focus on the lungs to unload the gastrointestinal tract and spend less energy to digest.

3. Pumpkin

It is very soft according to the properties, useful for hemorrhoids, gives energy to kidney and liver, is a prophylactic agent against cancer. But you need to remember that it is unnecessarily sweet. Therefore, the benefit of this vegetable is better to receive on ordinary days.

4. Tomato

Some acidic products, for example, pomegranate are very useful for unloading, when the task is to strengthen the digestion. Tomato, despite the sour taste, does not have cleansing qualities. He, on the contrary, can weaken the digestion.

5. Mushrooms

They are sweet, cool and heavy by properties, and therefore in the detox basket this vegetable is better not to put. Remember: Mushrooms are one of those products that are very hardly digested. Even the potatoes are leaned easier than mushrooms. .

The remaining vegetables in the prepared form to one degree or another are suitable for unloading days. The best of them are zucchini, zucchini, spinach, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, swallow, carrots. On such a diet you can sit 1-2 days, and then go to normal mode.

Performing these recommendations really quickly reset a couple of kilograms per week if you are not too sunk.

Effective discharge receptions

how to lose weight after the New Year holidays

Many nutritionists recommend to unload the body after the holidays using simple and affordable techniques:

  • If there are a lot of oily food, then drink mineral water with lemon. It will clearly clean the body from fats. Water with lemon juice, drunk 15-30 minutes before meals, helps to normalize the selection of gastric juice, relieve heartburn, remove the belch and gas formation in the intestine. And it will also help to saturate the body with vitamin C.
  • Take food with small portions 5-6 times a day.
  • Exclude from the menu what they moved over the days of the holiday. Give preference to protein products and vegetables.
  • During edema, salt in the body should be rid of salt, resorting to rice or cabbage unloading.
  • Get rid of nausea, headaches, dehydration can help acidic cabbage, citrus, oatmeal on water, boiled poultry meat, fermented milk products. All of them will help you save the body from toxins.
  • Drink water, not less than 1.5-2 liters per day.

Food on the first day after the new year:

  • Breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese, apple, tea without sugar;
  • Lunch: banana, apple or other fruit, a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch: 100 g chicken breast breast breast, 200 g of vegetable stew, black tea, green or herbal;
  • Second snack: Apple or banana, cup of kefir; Dinner: fruit salad, green tea without sugar.

Men's men's menu

Broccoli soup

To return to the form, you must compile the correct menu:

Breakfast . After awakening, drink a glass of warm water. After half an hour, breakfast with a fruit cocktail with low-fat yogurt. Or prepare oatmeal with honey. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese or dried bran bread with vegetable salad. From drinks - coffee with milk or green tea.

Dinner . The best option will be light vegetable soup. Meat dishes will have to be avoided. On the second, the fish of non-fat varieties cooked for a couple and vegetables are suitable. You can cook boots from zucchini, carrots or beets. On the third - compote from prune or dried fruit.

Dinner . The last meal must consist of vegetables or lactic acid products. You can cook vegetable stew, not including potatoes. The best stew will work out of such vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, beans, you can add mushrooms. Before bedtime, it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir.

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Specialists also recommend performing such tips:

  • For half an hour before meals drink a glass of warm water.
  • Do not go immediately after meals. You should wait at least 30 minutes and more.
  • Do not go for the night, you should do a glass of kefir. Include a handful of prunes in dinner.
  • Exclude fat and sweet, flour and potatoes from the menu.
  • Drink clean water at least 2.0 liters.
  • For snack use dried fruits and prunes. Such a snack will save you from constipation, clean the intestines.
  • If after the holidays it sobs the stomach, then drink the chamomile decoction more often.
  • Spend an unloading day at kefir or apples, but not immediately after the holidays, and when you set up normal nutrition.

How to return to the diet again

If diet is broken for holidays, you should not panic. Nothing wrong with that. Just do not throw immediately fulfill a tough diet, like a kilogram of apples per day. Water will leave, and accumulated fat - no. Therefore, the unloading day immediately after the holidays, it should not be applied. The stomach is very annoyed, he is so bad, and you want to arrange a hard unloading.

If the weight was recruited recently, that is, for the holidays, he will leave for a week, if you start to eat and burn calories, doing swimming, or walking. Physical exertion should also be given gradually. And arrange an unloading day only after two weeks of normal nutrition.

Do not think that in 10 days you scored a lot of fat, so they got greatly recovered. Perhaps this is a banal tissue swelling. So you need to establish a drinking mode. And also try drinking natural diuretics, such as chamomile tea. He will quickly lead an extra moisture.

Usually after holidays, the stomach increases in size and does not want to decrease. Perhaps, the intestine sweat occurred from different foods. Take advantage of a simple exercise that will return the tummy to the same place.

slimming point

It is necessary not to press the point much, which is located at a distance of 4 fingers up from the navel.

For 2 minutes, salt this point clockwise, then 2 minutes counterclockwise. Do not press a lot, the massage should be easy. If it is completed correctly, the salivation will increase, and sour taste will appear in the mouth.

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Remove excess water, eliminate pain in the stomach will help such a massage:

  • Find a point that is located at the height of the 2nd finger above the navel.
  • Slightly push it.
  • Start massaging it clockwise for 2-3 minutes.
  • Then the same counterclockwise.

Promote intestinal activity, eliminate the severity in the stomach and intestines will help such a manipulation:

  • Under the navel position 4 fingers.
  • The desired point will be under the maizin. It should be mastered 2-3 minutes clockwise and the same counterclockwise.
  • If the massage was done correctly, then save the abdomen.

Liver "asks" help

On holidays, the liver was so pronounced, which also "asks" help. To restore this body after the New Year's feasures, it is necessary to stimulate the production and extinguishing of bile.

Toxins accumulated from the liver will go from the liver. To do this, in the menu you need to include products that enhance the extinguishing of bile.

  1. It is all salads with a bitter taste (arugula, cress-salad);
  2. Cauliflower, broccoli contribute to the splitting of alcohol residues;
  3. Green and onions;
  4. Clean the liver will help avocados, coarse, turnips, carrots.
  5. Unfiltered and unrefined vegetable oils add to salads.

Calculation of the liver will help collect from herbs such as chamomile, St. John's wort, mint, calendula, clover, birch leaves, yarrow. Take a few herbs, brew, let it brew, drink 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day like tea.

Very useful for the liver artichoke extract. It contributes to the development of bile and reduces cholesterol. It can be bought in a pharmacy.

The restoration of the liver work will help ramopesh, as well as funds: "Essentialy", "Phosphogli", "Hepaben", "Carsil", "Ovetol", "Silimar".

The choice of the drug should be done after consulting a doctor.

Best Lady Diet

For the new year, everyone buy tangerines. What holiday without this citrus? But not everyone knows that the tangerine diet will help quickly lose weight. If you do not have allergies to this fruit, you should try.

Fragrant fruits of small-calorie, while containing a lot of vitamins, such as A, C, K, B1. Yes, and replenish the body by trace elements, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus is very useful. The fiber, which is so rich in tangerines, as a broom will be in the intestine, eliminating it from all harmful substances.

Arrange a diet for 3 days to restore the shape and gain solar energy.

Menu for one day:

  • Breakfast: a cup of coffee without sugar, 1 fruit.
  • Lunch: One "cool" egg, 3 mandarin.
  • Lunch: Cash casserole with tangerines, fruit salad of apples and oranges.
  • Afternoon school: 200 ml of tangerine juice (freshly s).
  • Dinner: 200 ml of yogurt, 1 mandarin.

Between meals should drink water and green tea.

You can eat all 3 days for this recipe, and you can add apples, oranges, even 1 time to enable the boiled breasts in the menu, if it is very difficult to withstand such a restriction in food.

Many managed to throw 2 kg in 3 days. Often it is not recommended to use this diet, but a unloading day can be arranged 1 time per week.

6 products that interfere with Lose weight

For fashionable diets there is a whole industry - in almost any supermarket now you can find the department of sorrow products promising health and weight loss. What are you really worth it? And is it worth spending money on them? Here are 6 products whose favor is to revise.

1. Nuts and seeds

They contribute to weight gain and soothe the nervous system. If the digestion is at least slightly weakened (constipation, heaviness, belching, heartburn), then nuts can only worsen the situation, because they are very difficult to digest.

2. Vegetable milk

To understand the properties of vegetable milk, you need to consider the properties of that product from which it is done.

  • Coconut milk increases weight, as coconut is very sweet.
  • Almonds - will also prevent weight loss, because all nuts are heavy, calories and maslists, and almonds are no exception.
  • Oatmeal is also severe, as well as OVES itself.
  • A little easier soy and rice.

3. Pinics

Date and dates syrup are often used as a sugar substitute. Of course, the dates are better than white sugar. But still: according to the properties they are very sweet and heavy.

They are really better than, for example, baking. But you should not count that thanks to them you can lose weight.

4. Avocado

Almost all products from which oil is produced, do not help to lose weight. It is oily, cool and heavy. Do not recommend it for breakfast, add to morning smoothies. But at lunch, avocado will digest faster and will not add gravity.

5. Coconut oil and coconut flour

All FUDBHERS, all nutritionists write about these products. But still there is a catch: the coconut is sweet and go to these products in order to lose weight there is no point - they are heavy and can increase weight no less actively than wheat flour, although they have no gluten.

6. Bready

By itself, this food is light, a little calorie, but still it does not reduce weight. Because it is a dry product, it is not able to speed up the metabolism, help to lose weight too.

We have a much more useful to eat a little buckwheat, movies, pearlovm or rice bass with stew vegetables and seasonings than a pack of bread. Or drink fresh broth. After all, our main task is to strengthen the metabolism.

Create: All these products may be present in your diet, but only as a supplement, and not as the basis.

Finally: I am sure that the advice, how to lose weight after the New Year holidays will be useful to many "victims". The main thing is to tune in to success and everything will work out!

How to lose weight after the New Year holidays?Elizabeth PianoAndrei Semesov

Relieve ballast: how to quickly lose weight after the New Year holidays

Return to the usual regime does not always help get rid of "festive" kilograms.

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New Year holidays have already ended, which means it's time to put yourself in the form! It is unlikely that someone is glad to a couple of extra kilograms scored due to Olivier and the Klezk. Together with the nutritionist and personal trainer Andrei Sememesov We understand how to return the "last year's" figure.

Without alcohol and juice: what products should be avoided during a diet

To lose weight it was easier, the nutricyologist recommends limiting five categories in the diet.

Can the weight go in itself?

It would seem why to limit yourself in food and increase the number of loads, if the "festive" kilograms are dialed because of the exceptional situation? After all, it will take! In fact, the body will not be able to return to the previous state, even if you restore the usual diet.


Andrew: There are chances that a couple of extra kilograms "sticks out." Why is this happening? The body before the holidays kept the weight unchanged, because the person adhered to a certain familiar diet. On holidays, a person is gaining 1-2 kg, and the body later begins to "carry them" on themselves. He simply does not perceive them negatively. For him, these kilograms are a reserve for a black day, in case of hunger. Therefore, there will have to make efforts to return to the form.

Daily minimum: how to pass 10 thousand steps every day

With these ways and do not notice how to drop the norm.

How to get rid of "festive" kilograms?

The nutricyologist allocates two main ways of weight loss after the holidays:

  • reduce the usual diet;
  • Increase physical activity.


Andrew: I wanted for a mixed approach with a roll in favor of extensive exercise. Add motor activity is not as hard as it seems. If you go on day 5-6 thousand steps, try 12 thousand steps within two weeks. Put the car further than usual, leave the tram for two stops earlier, go in the evening for a walk.

How to normalize nutrition?

The expert does not advise you to extend myself with diet. To all should be suitable and with a sober head. One option to move from mayonnaise salads to the correct nutrition is to order ready-made rations. Director and Founder of Healthy Delivery Service Befit Anastasia Gryshina Talked about the advantages of this approach.

Photo: Befit.

Diversity. Proper nutrition does not mean monotonous. In the Arsenal Befit about 600 dishes and regularly appear new. When making a menu, seasonality and customer requests are taken into account. So, in the fall, you can try pumpkin soup, and in the winter - stew. At the same time, the diet changes weekly, so that food does not have time to get bored.

Power Designer. The Befit service allows you to add and exclude the ingredients to your choice, for example, if you are allergic or you do not want a certain product. In addition, you can evaluate particularly liked meals and delete from the diet to those not to taste.

Photo: Befit.

Fresh food. The ingredients for their dishes Befit are purchased daily and carefully follow the quality of products. The billets are stored in a special room, where they support a constant temperature +5 ... + 7 degrees, which allows you to keep the products with fresh. And after cooking, the dishes are cooled, package and immediately ship for delivery.

Buns can be: how to make fitness bread at home

Sometimes to give up bread more difficult. But it is not necessary to exclude it.

Menu for different purposes. You can choose a diet that is suitable for your tasks: weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle set. There are also programs for vegetarians and vegans, without meat dishes or only fish. And if you doubt, you can contact the BEFIT operator - it will help you choose the most suitable menu.

10 habits that will help to lose weight after the New Year holidays

We admit, the last two weeks, many of us were not limited to themselves, absorbed cookies, mayonnaise salads and wrote all this by sparkling (despite the warnings of nutritionists). However, if you follow the advice of our experts, the chance will soon get to their narrowed jeans all the same. Tell me what to do.

Do not judge yourself strictly

We all know that most of the holidays are a meeting with family and friends and endless treats that cannot be not tasteful. And this is normal. In order to enjoy holidays and be too busy to train, there is nothing shameful. Please accept the fact that you have broken, and move forward, - says Michel Mei, doctor medicine, author of the book "Eat what you love, love what you eat."

Do not hurry

One of the biggest mistakes is to try to lose weight too quickly. Nutritionists warn: Fast weight loss can lead to a variety of health problems, including nutrient deficit, stones in a bustling bubble and a weakened immune system (and these are just some of them).

Normal for the body is considered such a weight loss rate, when a month takes only 2-4 kg of weight, not fat. Instead of experimenting with extreme diet, it is better to change lifestyle and approach to nutrition.

Do not starve

Passing of food receptions only slows down the metabolism. All you need to do is change the diet. Instead of festive dishes that were full of refined carbohydrates and fat, turn on green vegetables, whole cereals and protein (chicken or fish) in the diet. After overeating over the past two weeks, I want to arrange unloading days. But it will only wake up your appetite, - Says Louis J. Aronn, Doctor of Medical Sciences, author of the book "Lose weight without hunger and torment."

And another advice: the next day after the feast is breeding in protein (eggs, cottage cheese or yogurt).

Do not eat white products

Remove white bread, crackers and bagels from your diet. When your body is not accustomed to excess salt and sugar, it keeps a lot of water. Once you get rid of excess water, the energy level will increase again. Good news: You will feel the difference in less than 48 hours! - Say experts.

Sweet residues?

Of course, the temptation to do an olivier or herring under the fur coat is great (when remnants from the festive table still lie in the refrigerator, you can forget about discipline). Therefore, nevertheless mayonnaise salads, cakes and pastries, as well as canned products better eliminate.

Do not perform feats in the gym

In January, many buy annual cards in a fitness room and recorded personal training. But in fact, experts are confident that it is worth approaching the sporting lifestyle more thoughtfully.

One of the biggest mistakes that people do are sports to the loss of the pulse in the first week of the year. If you occasionally looked into the hall over the past six months and now you plan to plow without a break for five days a week, then this is a bad idea, - says the coach.

Power training

Although cardiotranslations help to lose weight, in many ways, power training more efficiently, it is they help to work out relief, strengthen the power of the will and increase flexibility. Moreover, in terms of the effectiveness of a decrease in fat percent in the body, no other type of physical activity compares with the training in which weighing is used, - Say experts.

Take up to ten

Studies show that a sharp feeling of hunger lasts only ten minutes. Therefore, before one to succumb to temptation, drink a glass of water and wait a bit.

And, of course, eat on average five times a day. Light, frequent food intakes will help curb appetite, increase energy, improve mood and even accelerate metabolism, since the digestion process burns calories, - Say experts.

Look for nutritious low-calorie alternatives to sweet, fatty treats. Try frozen grapes instead of sweets or plunge fresh strawberries in low fat sauce instead of milk chocolate.

Wash out

Scientists have proven that the lack of sleep contributes to the weight gain. Insecurity causes a splash of cortisol. This stress hormone signals the body of energy saving to feed the body in waking hours. 500 grams of fat are approximately 3,500 kilocalories. You can dial them in just nine days of lack of sleep.

Do not be nervous

The study conducted at the University of Yale University showed that women whose blood was enhanced by cortisol, stressful food stress. The combination of cortisol and insulin encourages the body to accumulate fat to prepare for possible starvation (and this is exactly what you do not need). Yoga, meditation or simple breathing exercises will help to get rid of stress.

How to lose weight after the New Year holidays: Tips of nutritionists

In the New Year holidays, many have come for annual "rake" - overeating. Delicious salads that need to have a few days, heaps of presented candy, and for someone - the end of the Christmas post and abundant talk. The result is one - a collected weight, from which it is not very pleasant to start labor weekdays. How to cope with him effectively and painlessly - the Tsargrad told experts

The working week in our edition began with the exchange of impressions from the New Year holidays and mutual complaints of the part of the kilograms scored during this time. Journalists are also people, nothing human is alien to them, so after a busy work, many have decided to relax, sleep and leave. Now they are sadly bypass the side of those lucky who, who, without dialing for the holidays, not a gram, quietly crumbles with cookies, and think as if as soon as possible and as painlessly lose weight.

What to do with superfluous kilograms after the holidays: Recommendations of the nutritionist and advice of people outside

Surely we think about this not only we, because the segless tradition is to cook a lot and there is a new year and Christmas has long been fixed in all our society. Nutritional doctors told Tsargrad about several ordinary advice, following which you correctly drop the kilograms gained for holidays.

Do not scold yourself

I put on the scales and seeing there is an unexpectedly high digit, many women begin to complex and scold themselves. However, such an approach is not enough that will not bring any benefit, it also aggravates your position, experts say.


When a woman begins to scold, her corticosteroid hormones stand out. They are perceived by the body as a signal of the start of "hostilities". And the body begins to gain weight - about the reserve. At this moment, a person can score about 250-300 grams of adipose tissue,

- told Tsargrad in an interview with a nutritionist, doctor of medical sciences Alexey Kovalkov.

He noted that a person can score a maximum of 150 grams of fat per day. Where then kilograms? It turns out that they are formed not only fat, but also the food that has scoring the intestines. She is not digested there and simply goes out, and therefore the main task is to free the intestines. For this, Kovalkov advises to make light laxatives, and there are bran, as they irritate the intestinal walls, improving his motility.

Movement - Life

Also for the liberation of the intestine from the food stuck there is useful for a walk more and move. From the movement improves the intestinal peristalsis, that is, wave-like cuts of its walls, helping to cope with the contents.


Generally moderate physical activity is one of the best funds for discharge of excess weight. A nutritionist, doctor of medical sciences, Mikhail Ginzburg, drew attention to it:

I would advise starting with such things that always help when weight loss. The first is walking, recreation walking, and the second is a good full sleep.

Unloading day - is needed or not?

Therefore, whether a unloading day is needed after the satisfying holidays, the opinions of the experts were divided. So, Alexey Kovalkov recommends to arrange one such day and eat in this time by proteins and grapefruit:

On this day, you eat nine egg proteins - boiled or fried, only preferably without oil, on the Teflon frying pan - and evenly eaten these proteins during the day. Plus four grapefruit - cut each into four parts and one piece is eaten for one piece.

At the same time, Mikhail Ginzburg advises at all not to arrange a unloading day. It has its own explanation.

Very often it happens that a person after the holidays is closed on the scales, sees 2-3 new kilograms and thinks: now I will make a unloading day and everything will fix it. Firstly, this will not fix anything - during the unloading day, the body leaves no more than 200 grams of fat, even if it's a completely hungry day. Secondly, the body for the holidays is switched to the state of the accumulation of fat, and it is not so easy to translate it into the flow state. The first thing that will be - a sharp feeling of hunger, lack of food, loss,

He told Tsargrad in an interview.

So you decide - it is worth "unloaded" or not. If you felt all the holidays before the dump every day, then it's not necessary to quickly hungry after that.

the fruitPhoto:

What and as it is: three councils

However, Mikhail Ginzburg still shared three simple advice - how and what is to reset the accumulated.

  1. Limit consumption of fats and sugar. To do this, you can eat more low-fat food - cereal garnings, oddly enough - bread, as well as more vegetables and partly fruit.
  2. There is more often. You can take small lunch boxes to work. Slow by something light, low-fat - yogurt with flakes, better than fearful, or muesli.
  3. Increase the amount of dietary fiber. This is usually vegetables, coarse bread and cereals like oatmeal.

We hope that these tips will help you cope with the New Year's "gift" in the form of excess weight and return to the form quickly and without much difficulty.

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Choose the right food for unloading

Choose the right food for unloading

So, the first thing to do after the end of the New Year's feast, which, as a rule, begins with a late dinner on December 31, smoothly flows into the late breakfast and with small breaks for a short sleep, ends closer to the night of January first, - sleep. Our body requires a full-fledged vacation after a long feast, so you need to take a bath or at least a warm shower. Then look into a warm bathrobe, carry out the room and go to bed. After the body replenishes the stock of energy and fully rest, it will be possible to start unloading.

To set up the body on the recovery process and cumshots after the gastronomic New Year's excesses and alcohol use, you need to start drinking as much purity as possible. Also an excellent assistant in the "Return in King" will be herbal teas. You can brew a rose hips with mint in the thermos, insist 3-5 hours and drink the resulting drink with lemon.

As for food and cooking dishes after the holidays, it is unlikely to immediately reduce their quantity and calorie content. Moreover, even if it happens, the body, and without that stressful state, will take it as a signal to replenish stocks.

For unloading, it is recommended to prepare soups on water or vegetable broth, vegetable salads with vegetable oil with lemon juice. The salad of radish is very useful, as well as the brush salad (cabbage, apple, carrots and beets, refilled by olive oil and lemon juice).

Simply brilliant "regenerating agents" - strong chicken broth and sourdough from 2.5% fat. Chicken broth - a nutritional dish that restores strength well and promotes weight loss. Oncestable prostone perfectly copes with the remains of food in the intestine and contributes to its cleansing.

However, not only competently built food helps return to the system, there is another excellent way to resuscitate your body after a protracted Christmas fenders is a sport. In advance, acquire a subscription to the fitness club so that you begin training already immediately after the holidays. The physical activity will help to accelerate the metabolism and to withdraw all the body as soon as possible.

Pass the test Do you comply with the rules of healthy eating?Do you comply with the rules of healthy eating? Do you know the principles of healthy nutrition? Pass the test and find out the whole truth about your diet!

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