If the time has come and / or search for inspiration, sit comfortably, we will watch cartoons. And not just cartoons, but the most beautiful and unusual (in my opinion, of course) full-length cartoons of the last twentieth.

This list began by chance, on some piece of paper, and was replenished for a long time - I wanted to just not forget really standing cartoons - such, after which the mood is changing, it remains a long feeling of "Wow!" - What is worth showing to your children, albeit immediately, as they are growing up, but gradually everything is necessary. Because in each of them is an extraordinary beauty, life and heartfelt. And now I can say that this list has already been useful for me. I choose for the mood and look - at the moments of searching for ideas, textures, the mood - the whole that we, people are creative, and in particular, drawing, habitually call inspiration.

In a selection of Russian, American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern paintings. Mix very popular and almost unknown. In order not to be created by the rating, the list was extremely chronologically.

I will be glad if my collection is replenished - share in the comments what inspires you!

And most importantly - pleasant viewing!

1. Claus (Spain, United Kingdom) 2019

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 1

Good New Year's cartoon with excellent modern and at the same time cozy graphics. The owner of the postal empire to teach the lazy siblos by the name of Jesbrie Mind, sends him to the extreme north to the city of Smirensburg. He must organize the post office there and for the year to process at least 6,000 letters. Arriving in place, the guy is in the combat zone: two family clans, so historically developed, nourish mutual hatred and holy honors a centuries-old tradition with every opportunity to mutate each other and do the dirtyness. Of course, in such an atmosphere not to the letters, and the post office has long turned into a chicken coop. Already practically desperate, Jebesman visits the forest hermit named Claus, and their acquaintance will post the beginning of amazing events.

2. Magic Park Jun (Spain, USA) 2019

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 2

As a child, Jun often dreamed, built a magical park with Mom and invented extraordinary stories in which his inhabitants fell. But the older the girl became, the less time she recalled his fictional friends. Then the heroine could not imagine that attractions and all their inhabitants really exist. That's just the park looks abandoned - many rides are destroyed, there is not a single visitor. And Jun need a plan to save her dreams.

3. Extras (Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg) 2017

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 3

After the arrest of the chapter of the family in the Afghan family, there were only women, not counting the one-year-old boy. Since in this country a woman has no right to be on the street without escorting her husband or father, the young Parvana argues the hair and disgusts the boy, so as not to give the family to die with hunger.

4. Tofu (China) 2017

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 4

Once upon a time the great teacher made ordinary beans intelligent, taught them the martial arts of immortal, and he himself raised on the sky. A few years later, a few follow the covenants of the teacher and practicing the art of immortal, because they say, dark monsters can come to you, and you can come for you. But tofu is not from weaklikov. Despite the admonition of his girlfriend Dusan, the guy is stubbornly engaged, so the townspeople and give it to the local madhouse. And there it turns out much more interesting than Tofu could, he meets one of the masters, about whom he read in the book.

5. Boss Molokosos (USA) 2017

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 5

This important story for adults and children is told on behalf of a seven-year-old Tim, in the family of which a newborn brother appears. Tim is strongly jealous of the baby to his parents and gradually, Tim notices that the baby is not an ordinary child at all, he owns leaderscam, already wears business costumes and sees a business task in everything. Is it possible, or is it all only part of the conspiracy?

6. Door keepers (China) 2016

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 6

In the world of Chinese deities crisis. People do not believe in the gods. One of the door keeper gowns descends into the human world to prove that he still stands something. But this leads to unpredictable consequences.

7. Life Zucchini (Switzerland, France) 2016

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 7

Robust boy Icar for nicknamed "Zucchini" remains alone after the death of his drinking mother. Syrotot is determined in the orphanage, where he meets the guys who also suffered from unbelieving parents. The combined is similar to the grief, they will finally begin to find out what happiness is. But will they be able after all the shocks that he happened to be taken out, again trust people and see the kindness in them? In the shelter Zucchini, at first accepted, like all newcomers, - with very caressing ridicule, - will meet people who would not throw him, be it in another place. He will get acquainted with Simon, Ahmed, Beatrice and no one like Camilla, which will have to save from the paws of distraught adults. This not a sad cartoon easily and simply tells about very difficult and ambiguous things.

8. On the other side of the ocean (China) 2016

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 8

Not all existing worlds are open to our gaze. They are inhabited by excellent creatures that people do not meet. These creatures control the occurrence of the seasons, tides, full moon and other phenomena that determine the life of a person. Chun is a creature from such a universe. When she was sixteen, she turned into a dolphin and went to look at the world of people. But suddenly the heroine fell into the storm and almost died. From death, the boy was saved from her attendance of his own life. Most of all in the world, Chun wants to return his life to him, and for this she needs to protect the soul of the boy, turning into a tiny fish ...

9. Ballerina (France, Canada) 2016

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 9

1879 year. Felis is an orphan, which spent most of his life in the shelter. Most of all she dreams of becoming a ballerina, but for this you need money, which she has never had. Its gone to persuasion of a better friend, she runs out of the shelter, and they go to Paris, where everything seems to come true, even the most insane dreams. But everything turns out not as simple as friends thought. To get to a prestigious ballet school with the Grand Opera, we had to be called by another name and give yourself for the daughter of secured parents. And on the very first day, Felis becomes a universal laughing. Will she be able to fly from study on the first week to cope with all the trials and make a dream?

10. Cubo. Legend of Samurai (USA) 2016

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 10

Kubo - the orphan and the heir of the great kind, but when the spirits of the past, who wishes revenge returned, was decided to be only a strange couple of keepers - a beetle and a monkey. And now for Cubo, the only chance for salvation is to find the magic armor of the father, the famous samurai. The amazing beauty of the metaphor about how our parents always stay next to us.

11. Zverstoplelis (USA) 2016

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 11

In the crushing, modern animal city, there is a place to all. For giraffes, buildings were built with high ceilings. Where mice live - microscopic high-rise buildings, square and train! In the area with a hot climate, the Sugara Square lives inhabitants of the tropics, and for white polar bears there is Tundratown, where they feel like in their plate! Like any city, the zlyoshopolis is very dynamic and populated by a different public, because in the city there is everything you need for a full life: shops, libraries, beauty salons. The main heroine of Judy Hops is a young cheerful bunny that recently entered the service at the police station must be very tried to earn respect for colleagues for whom she is a cute fluffy creature with beautiful ears. To do this, it is immediately taken for the most difficult, confusing case, and its assistant will be the Pisa Nick Wilde, who should be imprisoned for his practitioners. It is exactly what Judy knows about all the non-residential affairs of Nick and serves as a guarantee that the foxes are not going anywhere and will help to reveal a conspiracy, because of which all residents of the crushing may suffer ...

12. Snow Battle (Canada) 2015

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 12

The cartoon action takes place in a small Canadian town. Children of this city, as elsewhere, are looking forward to when the first snow will fall out, promising so much fun and laughter. Finally, the whole of the kids divided into two teams to spend a real snow duel. The fortress was built, plans were developed, assigned awards. What can the children enraged innocent children's fun? Where does the game ends and is the real war begins?

13. Little Prince (France) 2015

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoons of the 21st century, photo № 13

The world is impossible without fantasy and adventure. At least this believes a good-natured older Aviator, next to which one very pedantic mother recently settled with her diligent daughter. The life of the girl is subordinate to the strict curriculum in which time on friends is provided only by the next summer. However, this thoroughly built plan cracked on the seams, when a strange neighbor is broken into the girl with his incredible stories about a small Prince and distant stars. It remains only to fix the plane, and on the road! So begins a great journey of the girls - complete dangers, magic, humor and real friendship.

14. House (USA) 2015

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 14

Having captured the earth, Race Aliens Buv immediately begins to engage in its improvement and reorganization. "Do not mention it!" - They declare excavation collected on time in separate reservations. The relevant and risky girl named the gift, miraculously escaped from the aliens, meets on its path of the most annoying-optimistic Bouw named about, rejected by his alien brethren. This, it would seem that, an incompatible pair to find a gift to Mama, save our planet and return the balance into human-alien relationships. It is good that they have a flying car!

15. Far to the north (France, Denmark) 2015

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 15

1892, St. Petersburg. Sasha 15 years old, she is a fragile girl from the aristocratic family, but Sasha dreams of the Great North and is very worried about the fate of the grandfather of Alukina, a famous scientist and researcher of the Arctic, who still has not returned from the last expedition to the North Pole. Several groups have already been sent to his search, but all to no avail, and the search was stopped. Sasha, of course, the love of grandparents were passed to research and discoveries, so an excellent idea came to her head, where to seek his head. Only parents do not approve the idea of ​​the girl, the thought of the journey seems to them a frivolous and dangerous. Then Sasha runs out of the house and his own hires the ship to completely duplicate the grandfather's trip and try to find it herself.

16. Avril and Fake Mir (France, Canada, Belgium) 2015

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 16

Since the end of the 19th century, the world went on another way. 1941 year. In France, Napoleon VI and steam technologies, because for many years all over the world outstanding scientists are missing, and the electricity has not been discovered. When Avril was small, her scholar parents tried to get the elixir of immortality, but also disappeared the mysterious way. From the family of the girl there was only a speaking cat, and since then she is trying to recreate the same elixir.

17. Family Monsters (USA) 2014

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 17

He was not lucky to be born in a luxurious castle or even in an ordinary house. In any case, he thinks so. He does not even recognize that he is a man. Together with the people of the box - funny monsters, carrying cardboard boxes instead of clothes, the orphan boy lives in underground catacombs and sincerely considers himself one of them. But every night he can raise with friends on the dark city and inspire the fear to ordinary residents. But why is his box with time getting close to him? Why are people so afraid of innocent and friendly boxes? One day he will meet a charming and hype, which, together with him, will help the entire city in this amazingly beautiful and slightly confusing history.

18. Prophet (Qatar, France, Lebanon, Canada, USA) 2014

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 18

Almutra after the death of his father, he learned to speak, she delivers everyone to a lot of trouble and often steal the goods from local merchants. The only friends of Almitra are seagulls, she even somehow communicates with them, making screams similar to the bird. Her mother of Camila helps on the household Mustafa - Poet, artist and a political figure, which is held under house arrest. The touching story about the friendship of an adult and a girl in need of a father. One of the lyrical inserts in the cartoon is drawn by Tumm Moore ("Song of the Sea", "Mystery Kells")

19. Sun of the Sea (Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France) 2014

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 19

An unusually beautiful story based on ancient legends, with a stunning draw of Tomma Mura and penetrating the very heart of Irish melodies. Waiting for his daughter's birth, Mom Ben sang his beautiful vintage songs and said that he would be the best elder brother in the world. And then she disappeared, leaving her husband and son little siresche - the main character of this amazing story. Ben's father and sirshi looks after a lighthouse, and immersed in longing for missing wife, cannot provide proper care to children. Ben is constantly annoyed to Sirsha, who did not have learned to speak to his six years, and she constantly falls into any trouble. The last straw, which was overwhelmed by the grandmother's patience, which came from the city to visit grandchildren, becomes a night incident, when Sirsha alone went swimming in the cold ocean and was cold. The father agrees to entrust the upbringing of children to Grandma, and she takes them into the city. In the same evening, children run back. Ben hurries to his beloved ps, and the sires of inexorably pulls to the ocean. After all, she is from the kind of Selki, and when the world of spirits doomed to disappear, only to change everything to her. And of course she will need a brother's help.

20. Cold Heart (USA) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 20

Unusual for Disney cartoon tie. There will be no bet on eternal happiness next to the beautiful prince. Here everyone himself is responsible for fate and must make difficult decisions. And the biggest support becomes nursing love. When the ancient prediction comes true, and the kingdom is immersed in the embrace of the eternal winter, three fearless heroes - Princess Anna, the brave Christoff and his faithful deer Sven - go to the mountains to find the Sister Anna, Elza to save her, and with her and all the kingdom . On the way, they are waiting for many exciting surprises and exciting adventures: a meeting with mystical trolls, acquaintance with a charming snowman named Olaf, the mountain peaks are twisted Everest and magic in every snowflake.

21. University of Monsters (USA) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 21

Mike and Sally are the most experienced kids in Monsterportolis, but it was not always. When young and green in every sense Mike entered the University of Monsters, he was not yet familiar with Sally. In this school, the monsters of all colors and sizes were found in this class: to scare children - this is a real art, affordable not everyone (especially those who are afraid of children). And now Mike on the way to his dream: he received a pass with his photo and a place in the university dormitory. And in the neighbors he got a shaggy green-purple healthy Sally, different from the very shirt itself, as much as possible.

22. Solana and Ludwig Snow Adventures (Norway) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 22

Merry and curious San and his friend - Pessimist and Melancholic Ludwig - live in a small village along with the inventor of the Lodor Felgen. The calm life of the heroes overshadows only one thing - on the Christmas Eve in the village still did not fall behind. Reodor, wanting to please friends, creates the most powerful snow gun in the world. But, unfortunately, there is a person who wants to use the car for mercenary purposes is the editor of the local newspaper Freman. To increase sales of your publication, Freeman promises readers a record number of snow - and, of course, for this it will need the invention of the mod. The editor with his actions causes a real snowstorm, and then Solana and Ludwig decide to throw him a challenge to stop the raging element and return Christmas.

23. Garden of graceful words (Japan) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 23

In this cartoon, all colors, states and overflows of rain, drawn with incredible love and reliability will meet. A young man named Takao walks school in the park only in rainy days, and meets there a mysterious girl, who also comes only when it rains. Their random meetings and short conversations are repeated again and again, gradually opening the heart of heroes, and the end of the rainy season is in front.

24. Heart Mechanics (France, Belgium) 2013

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 24

Jack was born in Edinburgh, in the "coldest day in the world", and his heart instantly glaced. The boy abandoned by mother adopts an obstetric-wizard, Doctor Madeleine. She inserts a clock in his chest, which helps the heart beat, but you can not fall in love with Jack - such a fervent feeling fragile heart mechanic will not stand. However, the learning Jack involuntarily breaks the ban, seeing a little street singer on a walk ...

25. Boy and World (Brazil) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 25

A minor child, losing one parent, is trying to find another. He does not intend to be an orphan with a living father. He has a certain plan, where and how to find it. For this, the hero makes a huge job. He finds out where the father has seen lately. Plans to find him and thinks that it is for him that it is important when building this route. Looking for an opportunity to find those people who can help him as soon as possible. For his age he is very promising. The hero has big ambitions and grand potential. The boy believes that he will certainly manage to find his father, but he is not sure that he will be glad to see him. Although the boy is small, but he reflects as an adult. It understands that such a term that they arrived in separation can affect their relationships. Despite the fear of being rejected, he still decides on his march. His little way has already begun. He never worried so much due to the circumstances. I did not think that he would be so difficult in his search on time and consistently not to violate the established plan. The world of adults is alien to him, but he is not afraid of anything. Believes that everything can be good. We just want to want.

26. For thirty lands (Denmark, Sweden) 2013

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 26

John's ribbons had a happy childhood. He grew up in a friendly family and did not know anything. Once together, the family of Johan moved to a new place of residence and began to coat there. The family was considered exemplary. But at night, the first king flew on their dwelling and dragged the Mother of the main character in his lair. Of course, the bunny with her father immediately rushed to her searches. The path was very difficult, since they will have to go there, where there can be no way back, but the bold yohan does not suffer difficulties.

27. Ernest and Celestina: Adventures Mouse and Bear (France, Belgium, Luxembourg) 2012

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 27

A gentle and touching cartoon painted by watercolor will enjoy all lovers of classical hand drawn animation. Big friendship begins with small ... She is a small mouse, he is a huge bear. She is a child, he is an adult. She dreams of being an artist, although according to the rules of his world should be a dentist, he is a musician and a poet, a leading mindless life and never having a piece of bread for tomorrow. They live in different worlds: for the inhabitants of the mouse kingdom there is nothing more wild than make friends with a "big bad bear", and his neighbors are unlikely to understand, why drive with the mouse. But friendship and kinship shower is akin to real magic. And what kind of couple is the case before conventions, differences in the amount, historical prejudices and cultural barriers?

28. Brave Heart (USA) 2012

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 28

Estimation of the centuries of myths and legends envelop the mysterious vesty scenic sangs of the Scottish Mountains. Skilled Lane Merida has to choose his way in life on their own, and one day she refuses to follow the ancient traditions of the kingdom, challenging the powerful Scottish clans and their leaders: Non-spot Lord McGaphin, sullen Lord Macintoshu and Varvolova Lord Dingvlla. Careless deeds Merida threaten to plunge the Kingdom in Chaos, and then it goes for advice to an eccentric hermit, which instead of help imposes a dangerous spell on Merida. The young princess to rely only on his own bravery to overcome the powerful magic and defeat the most terrible beast from those that are found in the mountain valleys.

29. Sugar Suicide (France, Canada, Belgium) 2012

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 29

Despite the gloomy and strange name, here the audience is waiting for a real musical comedy, carrying a deep thought, hidden for the Mishur Events. In a small town, where the inhabitants simply disappear from boredom, despondency and longing, and life is incredibly sad and unbearable, throughout many generations, a store that trades everything necessary for committing suicide is thriving. Everything is wonderful until the owner of this store is born in the family of the owner of this store - a lovely and funny kid.

30-32. Monsters on Vacation (USA) 2012, 2015, 2018

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 30

Count Dracula for himself and his own beloved daughter built a well-covered hotel with third-party eyes, where Monsters from all over the world arrive to stay from home care, everyday bustle and, of course ... people. But the ubiquitous American tourists fall here.

33-35. Smurfs (Belgium, USA) 2011, 2013, 2017

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 31

Tiny blue men, lovely lucky lifestyle, living in bright houses in the forest, do not give rest those who live in the neighborhood of evil and unfortunate sorcerer Gargamel. . And in addition, it turns out an excellent and incredible potion, the last hope of a sorcerer on the former power and a happy life. Now Gargamel is going to catch all the smuffles to one. Falling from him, tiny sniffs get straight into our world, namely to the Central Park of New York. Little brave samples will have to find the way home and not get into the paws of Gargamel.

36. Brave Leafi (South Korea) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 32

Children's colorful full-length cartoon, shot in South Korea, will help to look at both adult spectators, because the story told here will teach not pay attention to public opinion and listen to his heart exclusively. The chicken named Lifi lives on the poultry farm, her eggs take away every day and do not give them to sit. The chicken knows little about the device of the world, and it is considered frivolous everything, with whom she faces, and, as he laid a chicken, she does not know how to fly and is not adapted to free life. But instinct leads her forward, and it runs out of the incubator. Lifi will live in the forest, the baby will grow, but will remain for all the other, "nearby" - and for those who have come with life on the bird yard, and for those who are familiar freely live in the forest. But it was the Leafi who comes to his own way to teach them all something very important.

37. Smeshariki. Start (Russia) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 33

The first and most touching full-length cartoon about Smeshariki. Not similar to either on the series, nor for subsequent full-length cartoons. Once in search of truth, justice and good, our friends are sent to a huge megapolis, where everything is completely different as they have at home. Smeshariki sincerely believe that they can save the world. But here there are a huge number of other people's sinks, the houses here to the sky, the transport looks frightening, much is too difficult and incomprehensible, and in general it seems, no one is going to save anyone. What is noteworthy, this cartoon parods not only real life, but also many well-known and favorite films. And there will be many wonderful songs. And the cartoon is equally like both children and adults.

38. Wrinkles (Spain) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 34

The film tells about the history of friendship between two elderly people - Emilio and Mighel, who are neighbors in the ward in the nursing home. Emilio is diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's disease. Miguel and his friends help him avoid a terrible participation - not to be on the ominous top floor of the nursing home, also known as the floor of hopeless cases. The implementation of their wild plan gives strength and fills their daily boring pastime by humor. And although for some of them life approaches an end - this is just the beginning of something new ...

39. Rabbi Cat (France) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 35

A funny comedic cartoon telling a story that could never happen, but it is still funnier and more fun. The story of life in French Maghreb (Algeria) of the beginning of the last century, with its soft exotic and tolerance: Muslims, Jews, Christians coexisted peacefully. Here lives rabbi sfar with his daughter, a noisy parrot and a mischievous cat. And they all quietly, peacefully, but once the cat rabbi eats a parrot and ... begins to talk. And lies at every step, gradually tamping others. Rabbi decides to train his Torah, and the cat insists on studying the Kaballa and asks him to hold him Bar Mitsv. Rabbi consults with another rabbi, and they decide that the cat cannot be a Jew. But the cat itself, as always, knows better. Delivery of parcels from Russia only complicates the situation ...

40. Monster in Paris (France) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 36

The appearance of deceptive, and a wonderful soul and varying nutro be hidden for a personal terrible creature. 1910. A terrible monster resembling a giant insect, hits fear for the whole France. The shy film mechanic and the tireless inventor starts hunting for him. In this pursuit, they get acquainted with the star Cabaret, a crazy scientist and his smart monkey and, finally, the monster himself, which is not completely terrible. Now harmless, like flea, the monster is looking for their new friends to protect against the harmful chief.

41. Picture (France, Belgium, Canada) 2011

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 37

The artist created only several characters completely finished. The amazing beauty of the landscape and many of the most different sketches remained understed. Once all the characters come to life and begin to ask with eternal issues, issues of their creation and existence. How are the pictures are created? Where do ideas come from? Where is the author, and why did he leave them? We must certainly find the artist and ask him to draw a picture, especially since the enmity between the defined characters and sketches begins to go too far. So solves a small lol and accidentally clench from the canvas in the real world.

42. Legends of Night Guards (USA, Australia) 2010

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 38

The world, in which no people left, they rule the owls ... good ... evil ... as always! In the magic forest - the Kingdom of Sov Tito - on the Great Tree of Ha`hul, where reasonable owls live in harmony, there are gloomy times. The kingdom is exposed to terrible danger from the neighboring brutal rulers, and this danger threatens to destroy the usual universe. Stunning animation, where owls are so different and so similar to people.

43. Illusionist (France, United Kingdom) 2010

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 39

Cartoon Woven from parts, shrill filled with philosophy and humans, but at the same time it is very bright and lyric. We are transferred to the Scots of the 50s, which very recently had various benefits of civilization. The country was flooded with all sorts of youth rock bands, electricity was finally stretched for remote islands, new limitless perspectives opened in front of the Scottled. Against the background of a rapidly changing world, trying to remain afloat an aging illusionist, whose old-fashioned focuses are not interested in public for a long time. He goes to a distant village, where his focuses, like electricity, are still considered real magic. There he meets a cute and naive girl who becomes true and almost the only sincere fan. Will an elderly magician find a new place in the changed world, can a girl keep faith in a miracle in a big city, and how much heat and light they will be able to give each other in this qualitable world?

44-46. How to Train Your Dragon (USA) 2010, 2014, 2019

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 40

Vikings, harsh, dashing and fearless, live on rocky islands, are famous for the whole world by their volitional character and military abilities. And it was necessary to bother the son of the leader of the tribe, not so militant, not so Likhim, and even in addition to make friends with one of the sword enemies - a dragon. The world of icing turns off his legs when he suddenly meets toothless, who will help him and other Vikings to see the world's usual world from a completely different side ...

47. Mystery Kells (France, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Hungary) 2009

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 41

The first full-length cartoon Tomma Mura. It was here that the artist first tried many stylistic techniques, which will subsequently become his business card and will fully turn into the "Song of the Sea". From viewing you can get a stunning visual enjoyment. IX century. The ancient abbey of Kells was hidden in the Irish outback, the authoritarian abbot leads them. Predicted nephew named Brendan - the boy is nice and capable. He is 12 years old, and along with other monks diligently worries over the strengthening of the walls of the abbey to protect against Viking raids. A new life is waiting for Brendan with the arrival of Brother Eidan, the famous illustrator master and keeper of an unusual unfinished book with illustrations. Brother Aidan takes a boy under his wing and devotes him to the art of illustration, awakening incredible interest and amazing talent.

48. Mary and Max (Australia) 2009

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 42

Cartoon for a fairly adult audience. It covers in its plot a huge time interval, permeated with touching moments. It started still in the seventies of the last century, when our main character - a little girl named Mary chose a random surname from the telephone directory. At the time of the start of events, Mary was only eight years, but even to this age heroine has already managed to feel solitude and disappointment. A random surname was a forty-year-old Max - a man living on a completely different continent. He, as well as Mary, managed to finally be disappointed in everything and extremely alone. That is why there is a frank correspondence between a small girl and an adult man. Heroes without constraint and framework describe their lives, past and future, dreams and desires, plans and opportunities. For many years, Mary and Max become real friends. What else adds a cart of Sharma is that it was removed according to real events.

49. Nine (USA, Germany) 2009

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 43

In the terrible war, humanity was destroyed by mechanical monsters. Before you die, a professor who invented smart cars, sewed nine rag dolls, putting human souls in them. Nine heroes. Nine characters. Only together, helping each other, they are destined to survive. Survive to fulfill your mission ...

50. Up (USA) 2009

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 44

The 78-year-old Grurson Karl Fredriksen believes that the world develops too rapidly, and life began to bypass him. To keep the promise given to his deceased wife, he decides to fulfill his dream of a great adventure, tied thousands of balloons to their home and rushing into the Debresses of South America. Not flying and polvi, the traveler discovers that he grabbed with him extremely talkative and incorrectly cheerful 8-year-old boy named Russell.

51. Fish Pono on Rock (Japan) 2008

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 45

The only cartoon Hayao Miyazaki, who fell into my selection. Incredibly beautifully drawn underwater world and the world is real. The little thing is increasingly becoming more and more often with the sea depths closer to the shore to watch people. And one day her negligence leads to the fact that she catches and puts the second head character in the bank - a small boy by name of the coasquer. New friends quickly get used to each other, and Ponly begins to desperately wish to become a man. And, being a daughter of a sorcerer and a goddess, she wait for the fulfillment of her desire, even if it would lead to what events would lead. Now the best friends will have to find a way to return everything back, because the balance of nature is broken, and the world may wait for a global catastrophe. Now the heroes will have to choose that they are more important for them - their friendship or the very unaware.

52. Valley (USA) 2008

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 46

VALL · And - a robotic garbagers, from year to year she diligently works on empty land, cleaning our planet from the mountains of garbage, which were left behind people after themselves. He does not represent that incredible events will occur very soon, thanks to which he will meet friends, will rise to the stars and will even be able to change the best owners for the best owners who completely forgot his native land.

53-55. Kung Fu Panda (USA) 2008, 2011, 2016

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 47

The cartoon is overflowing in love and has long been melted on quotes. Salvation of the Valley of the world and all its inhabitants from the invincible and ruthless master Tai Lung should lie on the shoulders of the dragon warrior, elected among the best of the best, which becomes ... clumsy, lazy and eternally hungry panda by. He will have a long and difficult path to the tops of the skill of Kung Fu side by side with the legendary warriors: Tigers, Monkey, Bogomol, Vijuku and Zhurav. According to the mystery of an ancient scroll and will become a warrior of a dragon only if he can believe in itself ...

56. Coralina in the country of nightmares (USA) 2008

Inspire - 64 stunning cartoon 21st century, photo № 48

Coralina Jones, a little girl who, together with his parents, moves to a new home. She herself was against moving, and she did not like it in a new place. New neighbors - rather strange eccentric personities, new friends are difficult to find here, and the parents of the coraline are forever busy, because of what she can not even talk to. She falls into another world hidden behind the secret door. This world is its alternative life, full entertainment, with attentive parents, homemade baking, well-groomed garden and beautiful neighbors. But one day she realizes that her real parents for her practitioning threatens a deadly danger. Coraline will have to find a way out of the world filled with ghosts into real life.

57. Fairy tale about Fedota-Sagittarius, deleted, well done (Russia) 2008

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 49

There is such a fairy tale of Leonid Filatov, which many accurately read themselves and their little children. The cartoon is made on his way, modern enough, but the text of the original work, talented and full of sparkling humor, is completely saved and reproduced.

58. Dragon Hunters (France, Luxembourg, Germany) 2008

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 50

This beautiful and lost world is the myriad of small solar islands soaring in space and interconnected magic bridges. Residents of this good universe have long been forgotten a rule: "Eat the enemy first or he will eat you." As long as the terrible and insatiable creatures are invading this world - dragons!

59. 5 centimeters per second (Japan) 2007

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 51

Takaki Tono and Akari Sinohara, two very close friends and classmates, are forced to part when the Akari family moves to the small town of Ivafun in Torty's prefecture because of its family's work. Despite the separation, they continue to maintain contact by mail. When Takaki finds out that his family moves to Tangassima Island, he decides to meet Acary for the last time. For years, they continue their own way, their distance is gradually increasing and their contact disappears with each other. Nevertheless, they continue to remember each other and the time they spent together, guessing whether they would have the opportunity to meet again.

60. Bride's corpse (USA, United Kingdom) 2005

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 52

Cartoon Tim Berton. The action takes place in the Victorian era. Bourgeois of low origin and the impoverished aristocrats want to mutually benefit their children of Victor and Victoria. Fortunately, young people really fall in love with each other. Victor is very worried before the wedding and runs away into the forest to learn the words of the wedding vow, and during the rehearsal of the dress, as it seems to him, on the bitch of the tree a ring, puts him on a finger of a dead bride. Now Victor turns out to be in the underground world, and the dead bride considers him his legitimate husband.

61. Momoko hears the song Flagshat (Japan) 2003

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 53

Ricky and Momoko - Gemini. Until a certain point, they develop at one rate, but one day Momo Dreams. And now her life is a struggle with death. Her brother Riki is growing, goes to an ordinary school, Momoo remains small growth, and more and more time spent in the hospital, she is disabled, and despite the living and bright mind, she has to go to school for mentally retarded children. One day, a special exchange program is launched between schools - disabled children and ordinary children has to spend a lot of time together, find out each other and overcome their own prejudices. This sad, gentle and touching story about what can happen with each of us when a collision with people, unlike ourselves and our fears themselves.

62. Monsters Corporation (USA) 2001

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 54

At the main enterprise, known to every inhabitant of a monstroopolis as a "Monster Corporation", is produced, similar to our electric current. For the manufacture of this important product, factory workers use unusual raw materials. Slicky reptile in a drain tank, a huge shaggy monster, giant wars under the bed - they all exist. Under the cover of darkness through special doors, they penetrate the bedrooms of the earth babies to scare the kids. The screams of horror, alarmed crying of unfortunate baby - that's what feeds the energy of the whole city of monsters. However, the scary themselves are very afraid of children. They seriously believe that every child is fatally poisoned, so they fear to be struggled to his body or clothes. Returning from the next routing into the real space, the monsters carefully lock all outputs. It is believed that if the human child accidentally breaks into the country of eternal twilight, then a destructive catastrophe will come here. But once in Montreptopolis through an unlocked door, the charming girl gets.

63. Shrek (USA) 2001

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 55

If you are an unlike OGR, living in a swamp, leaving the fear of peasants, not woven friendship with any people or fabulous creatures, you will definitely get a cheerful talkative downtown who will turn your life from the legs on the head. And there already, in order to return his usual peace, you can get involved in any adventure - and with the Lord deal to conclude, and with the Donut, to save the princess from the fire dragon.

64. Emperor's adventure (USA) 2000

Inspire - 64 amazing cartoon 21st century, photo № 56

As it should be a royal person, the emperor Cusco is a very busy person, and also a snob, a robbery and almost soulless spoiled egoctric. But his last lesson threatens to turn around with big troubles: Cusco decided to build a water park for himself, having previously having demolished one of the villages of the kingdom. This plan would certainly have been implemented in life if the trouble did not happen already with the emperor himself: the enemies turned him into Lama! But they were not over the victims of this: the only person who could help the emperor to return to the throne and in his own body, is a resident of a village dedicated to demolition. The road home for Cusco promises to be very long.